Blood Scions - Shadow of the Demon Lord

Blood Scions examines dhampirs, the half-human vampires that lack the flaws in their creators’ form and pose a dire threat to an unsuspecting world.

Kingdom of Skulls | Lands in Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Kingdom of Skulls: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Kingdom of Skulls | Lands in Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGA dire realm ruled by the dreaded Dark Lady, the Kingdom of Skulls controls a bleak landscape infested with ghouls, undead, and Gog’s vile descendants. Few have ever dared approach this land, let alone venture beyond its borders, but in these desperate times, some believe that escape from the annihilation promised by the Destroyer of Worlds might be found in this most unlikely of places.

Kingdom of Skulls details one of the most inhospitable realms on Urth, revealing the mysterious Dark Lady, her lands, and the people who live under her fearsome rule. Whether you intend to use this Lands in Shadow supplement as a setting for an adventure or as the backdrop of an entire campaign, Kingdom of Skulls presents a grave threat to the crumbling ruins of civilization, one whose time might very well be at hand.

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Nessus: City of Decay | Lands in Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGNessus: City of Decay

Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

City of Decay details the tragedy that befell Nessus, the First City, revealing the wonders and wealth the city held before its catastrophic collapse. In these pages, you’ll find details on the city as it stands now, covering the various locations of import, along with notable peoples, adventure ideas, and more to make this strange and haunted place the perfect backdrop for your adventures and campaigns. Although many believe Nessus to be beyond hope or in its death throes, the First City has not yet surrendered to the long night.

This entry into the Lands in Shadow series offers everything you need to present the city in your Shadow of the Demon Lord games, as well as presenting several new characters, foes, and tools for building the ruins and infesting them with terrors to vex your groups. As well, City of Decay reveals details on the Order of Light, the religion from which the Cult of the New God sprang!

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City of Blood: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

City of Blood | Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGYou hear the roar of the crowd before you can see any but the tallest towers. Closer, you see the city’s new outer walls, still half-built and swarming with workers sweating in the swampy humidity. Humans, dwarfs, orcs, and others besides, slaves and free, clamber over scaffolding as the black stone walls rise. Another cacophonous roar splits the air as you pass through the gate, its basalt exterior decorated with reliefs and statues of men and women, gladiators, spilling each other’s blood. The city is near deserted, its buildings of gloomy basalt and brilliantly painted wood and plaster facades empty except for patrolling guards and nervous would-be thieves. Everyone else, human and nonhuman, men, women, and children, are gone, gathered at the giant arena of the Crucible for the grand carnival of violence.

The distant crowd screams again. Welcome to Qif, the City of Blood.

City of Blood, the latest installment in the Land in Shadow series, lays bare the secrets of one of the most violent city-states on the continent, offering a tour through its blood-stained streets and glimpses of the daily carnage of the fighting arenas. Whether you’re coming for a visit or an extended stay, Qif is not a place for the faint of heart.

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