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Dungeon of the Damned: Gallery of Groans — An Adventure for Novice Characters

Descend into the abyss with Dungeon of the Damned, a chilling new campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Eleven levels of claustrophobic darkness await, teeming with unspeakable horrors, ingenious traps, and the promise of a bone-chilling truth at the bottom. This first chapter unveils the dungeon’s ominous entrance, its shadowed history, and the secrets lurking within the first level.

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Eye of the Serpent: An Expert Adventure for Weird Wizard

It’s a simple job: break into the temple, find the Eye of the Serpent, and get out. A job such as this one is nothing a typical group of seasoned adventures couldn’t handle. And no one should feel guilty about robbing this temple. The cultists who worship there make people nervous, especially when their sons and daughters seem to be caught up with this new, weird religion, all swept up in the promises of false gods. In and out: what could be simpler than that?