Playing Shadow of the Demon Lord? Here, you’ll find information to help you play and run your new favorite roleplaying game.

Pregenerated Characters

Need a character in a pinch? In this PDF, you’ll find a complete set of novice characters.

Sample Novice Characters

NPC Generator

The NPC Generator! helps you rapidly create characters for use in the game.


Demon Lord Errata111917

Character Sheets

A selection of great characters sheets for you!

Character Sheet!

Character Sheet Printer Friendly!

Fillable and Printer Friendly!

Printer Destroying and Fillable!

A4 Sheet

A4 Sheet, Printer Friendly


Killer sheet by Filip Stojak


A selection of the great maps used in the main book, Tales of the Demon Lord,  the adventure, Survival of the Fittest, and Kingdom of Sails.












Survival Map