Find out the latest news and releases for Shadow of the Demon Lord and Godless from Schwalb Entertainment.

Scions of Nature

Scions of Nature covers origins, communities, and options for Hamadryad characters to face off against the imminent darkness.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard Quick Play Live Play 2

Enjoy Episode 2 of Sage Dan Heinrich’s Weird Wizard live play with Adrian, Shawn, Paige, and Ben as they navigate the Quick Play adventure. 

Shadow of the Weird Wizard Quick Play Live Play

We did an impromptu play through of the quick play rules for Shadow of the Weird Wizard, loosely following the adventure that is included and even more loosely following the rules :). We hope that everyone finds the video as fun to watch as we had playing the game!

Game Design Round Table

Rob met up with some dear friends in the gaming business, Chris Pramas, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Jerry LeNeave and spent the hour talking about what goes into building games, testing, and more.

Horror of Fangstone Mine

Horror of Fangstone Mine is an adventure for expert characters, the fifth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga.