Welcome to Disciples of the Demon Lord! This new program offers a digital platform for people to create adventures for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Have a great adventure idea? You can now publish it. Everything you need to produce the adventure is available at DriveThruRPG. With the tools we have provided, you can unleash the full horror of your creativity onto the world. We’re thrilled to open up Shadow of the Demon Lord to the community who has embraced the game. And, we can’t wait to see what you come up with to speed Urth to its end. You can find out more information about the Disciples program here and here.

New Releases

The first releases for the Disciples of the Demon Lord program include Salt and Sacrifice by Jerry LeNeave and Ben Menard, a tight light adventure that features carnivorous fish people and human sacrifice. Also, we have Cold Wind to Valhalla by Nat Webb, an investigation into the murder of a notable citizen. Going with the release, Webb has also dropped the City of Lorden Gazetteer, which details the city.


The Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles

An 11-adventure Campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles -- Adventures for Freeport | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThe Queen of Gold presents eleven connected adventures that form a complete campaign. You can run the adventures in the order they are presented in this book, or pick out the adventures you like most.

Set in the world of Shadow of the Demon Lord, characters will rise from meager origins to the heights of power as they struggle with evils coming from beyond the world’s edge, a malevolence from which there is no escape. Like other adventures designed for Shadow, this campaign has no expectations for survival or even success, and it’s entirely possible for the group to be the catalyst that brings about the end of all things. But that’s how it goes when you’re standing before the maw of the endless Void that is about to consume the world—and everyone’s looking to you to stop it.

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Dead by Dawn: A Starting Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Dead by Dawn: A Starting Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGEven as the darkness from the Void casts its shadow across Urth, there are other dangers found lurking in the gloamings of the world. Some perils seek to entrap the innocent. Some are never defeated, their evils only delayed for a time. And at least one hungers for blood and meat to sustain its immortality. Tonight, this horror sets out to feed its vile hunger with fresh flesh.

A love letter to every story about holding down a bad position against even worse people, whether the attackers are human or not quite, Dead by Dawn is an adventure written for a group of three to five starting characters. In it, the player characters must find a way to survive an onslaught of undead, driven by a malevolent nature spirit to attack a nearby inn. The characters just have to survive until sunrise.

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If you loved Godlessyou’ll love In a Pig’s Eye, Last One Standing, and Dancing in the Ruins: three adventures set in the world of fire and blood. You can find detailed information on each adventure here.

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Last One Standing Novice Godless Adventure for Godless Role Playing Game

Dancing in the Ruins Novice Godless Adventure for Godless Role Playing Game

The Witching Wood: Starting Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Witching Wood: A Demon Lord Adventure for Starting CharactersThe vale was meant to be their safe retreat, but they didn’t count on the woods. Five years ago, pilgrims established the tiny village of Respite in the idyllic Orborous Vale on the western edge of the Dark Forest, a stretch of evil wood found in the Northern Reach. At first, the land was good to them and fruitful, yielding rich harvests and allowing their livestock to flourish. The sun rose every morn with great beauty and life-giving warmth, and all was good and peaceful for the fifty or so souls that called Respite home—so long as they did not venture into the shadowed wood just beyond their border.

As the years passed, however, all that began to change, though the village elders could no longer point to a single event to mark the shift. The soil thinned and ceased to yield the abundance it once had. Now, the village’s crops molder on the vine, their root vegetables emerge from the ground spindly and bleeding, and their blighted herb plants taste like ash and vomit. Flowers wither to brown and black within moments of being cut. Goats give bloody milk floating with pus, and their weak cows sometimes bear calves with too many limbs or a second head. Now, the village treads perilously close to starvation, and tempers are rising. Some believe the New God has abandoned them, while others blame the misfortunes on a nearer threat.

Mayor Rickard Bailey and the elders of the Dawn Seekers have long forbidden anyone to venture into the wood. Only the strongest members of the village venture beneath the looming branches among the scintillating shadows, armed with what weapons they can muster to trap and hunt game in the uncertain darkness. Rumors and village tales abound about strange creatures that dwell in the wood, and the children of Respite are warned to mind themselves, or else a terrible witch will come for them.

The villagers are more right than they know.

The Witching Wood is an adventure for starting characters. In it, the characters must come together to find the source of the troubles besetting Respite and drive it away. If they succeed, the crucible of shared experience combines them into a group and sets the stage for even greater adventures.

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