Dungeon of the Damned-Looted Vaults

Descend into the abyss with Dungeon of the Damned, a chilling new campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Eleven levels of claustrophobic darkness await, teeming with unspeakable horrors, ingenious traps, and the promise of a bone-chilling truth at the bottom. This first chapter unveils the dungeon’s ominous entrance, its shadowed history, and the secrets lurking within the first level.

A Father's Love : Novice Characters

A Father’s Love is an adventure for novice characters that answers the question, “What wouldn’t a father do to restore his children to life,” and reveals the consequences for doing so.

Best Left Buried

Best Left Buried offers dangerous adventure to a group of novice characters. The undead have come crashing out of the wastes again and again, and each time the defenders throw them back. But as the people of Scarfell—a speck of a town built in the foothills west of the Iron Peaks—are about to learn, even the lands’ dedicated defenders might not be enough.

Imbroglio: A Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG adventure for novice characters

Imbroglio is a story where the characters might take sides, try to hold ground with the decreasing pool of neutral bystanders, or try to face down the demonic forces at work.