Shadow of the Weird Wizard enemies
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Enemies in Weird Wizard

From the start, I wanted to make it easy to use enemies in combat, while providing interesting options to make battle scenes more memorable. Some enemies might be fought in numbers, such as the green gorger, or fought alone, such as the dragon that appears after.
Norther Reach Part 2 | Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Northern Reach Part II: Lands in Shadow

Northern Reach Part 2 takes a closer look, revealing strange places, characters of dubious quality, and myriad other awful things suited for a game of such unflinching brutality.
Shadow of the Weird Wizard magic
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Traditions and Spells in Weird Wizard

As I tinkered with the magic system in Weird Wizard, I found that I wanted to make spells and other magical effects expressions of specific paths, rather than having chunky traditions.
Shadow of the Weird Wizard Combat
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Using Tokens in Weird Wizard

I discovered that having access to several different token pools, with no way for those pools to interact, created a fair amount of mental load. In the final iteration, I have distilled nearly all tokens into combat tokens and magic tokens. This way, the options for player expression and cool bonuses stay varied without becoming overwhelming.
Shadow of the Weird Wizard Sprites
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Shadow of the Weird Wizard: Ancestries

When you crack open Shadow of the Weird Wizard, you might be surprised to find that the only option for ancestry in the character creation chapter is human, especially when the cover shows an assortment of interesting characters swarmed by goblins. But have no fear...
Shadow of the Weird Wizard
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A Closer Look at Paths in Weird Wizard

I never had doubts about carrying the path system forward into Weird Wizard from Shadow of the Demon Lord. Let's take a closer look at how they work.
Shadow of the Weird Wizard Preview© Schwalb Entertainment 2023
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Reintroducing the Weird Wizard

Shadow of the Weird Wizard represents the sum of my experience designing for three editions of Dungeons & Dragons, one edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and all that I have learned from creating other games under my company's banner. We're crowdfunding it in June, so find out more about the system here!