Shadow of the Demon Lord sourcebooks come loaded with new options for players and Game Masters. Offering a mixture of setting details and rules expansions, you can find out more about the world of Urth and the people living in it, while also gaining new options for creating survivors in a world sliding into madness and destruction.

Demon Lord’s Companion

Demon Lord's Companion for Shadow of the Demon LordFight the Shadow or Fall!

As the Demon Lord’s influence creeps across the land, it touches more people, awakening in them crippling dread, tempting them to commit unspeakable acts, or to rise up and take a stand and fight back against the spreading darkness. In the end times, all must choose a side, to save the world or watch it burn.

The Demon Lord’s Companion reveals new options for players and Game Masters alike, providing a host of new options such as:

  • Faun and Halfling ancestries
  • Six expert paths including the psychic and mountebank
  • A dozen master paths such as the blackguard, martial artist, and demonologist
  • Alchemical Items, Forbidden Items, Marvels of Engineering, and new Potions
  • New rules for creating gear and using vehicles
  • Alchemy, Demonology, Telekinesis, and more new traditions of magic
  • Magical places, relics, creatures, and more!

An essential addition to the Shadow of the Demon Lord line of products, the Demon Lord’s Companion is bound to take your games into darker and stranger places!

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Tombs of the Desolation

Tombs of the Desolation: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon LordDread the Desolation!

The Desolation stretches beyond the Northern Reach, a blighted place, poisoned by dark magic and infested with undead. Fools and heroes alike test their mettle against the dangers this land poses, forcing them to contend with blood-thirsty vampires or dust storms of apocalyptic proportions. This sourcebook reveals one of the most dangerous places in the lands of Rûl, providing new options for players and Game Masters alike, such as:

  • Revenant, Salamander, and Vampire ancestries
  • New paths including the Prince of Darkness and Slayer of the Dead
  • The Blood tradition and new spells for existing traditions
  • Details about the Desolation and surrounding lands
  • New relics and creatures like the Cauldron of Death and the Desiccated One
  • A new adventure!

Tombs of the Desolation reveals more details about the world of the Demon Lord, giving you all the tools you need to tell stories set in a desert wasteland!

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Terrible Beauty

Terrible Beauty: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon LordHeed the Call of the Faerie Queen!

All across Urth stand doorways to hidden places. These are the realms of the faerie, entire worlds of magic and wonder, fear and horror. No friends to mortals, the faeries abandoned Urth long ago, leaving their homelands to humankind to do with as it wished. Now, with the Demon Lord’s shadow casting a pall across the land, the faeries have begun to return from their self-imposed exile, to join the fight against the darkness and purge the world of the evil that grips it. Terrible Beauty presents tools for players and Game Masters to introduce faerie stories, mechanics, and themes into Shadow of the Demon Lord campaigns. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The elf, hobgoblin, and pixie ancestries.
  • An assortment of new paths such as the Avowed expert path and the eternal guardian and troll hunter master paths.
  • The Fey tradition, and new spells for existing traditions.
  • Overviews of several sample faerie kingdoms.
  • New relics such as the Vorpal Sword and a new enchanted object table.
  • New creatures ranging from the fair nymph to the foul jabberwock.
  • A complete adventure for expert characters.

Terrible Beauty opens new doors to adventure and horror in a dying world, and the options presented here will leave your game forever changed!


Exquisite Agony

Exquisite Agony: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGWhat Wonders You Will See!

Somewhere far below Urth’s surface lies a place of shadow and fire, a realm of exquisite agonies and terrible delights. Hell awaits all who bear corruption’s stain on their souls, for it is a boundless repository for the damned, a place where every wickedness, every deviance, every sin is on full display along with the consequences for those actions. The devils, Hell’s denizens, profit from mortal misdeeds and go to incredible lengths to lead mortals astray. While they readily destroy lives and laugh with glee at the rivers of tears and blood they create, they need the world as much as mortals do—for without it they too would be doomed. A shadow has fallen on Urth, a grim darkness cast by the Voice in the Void, and the devils wring their hands with worry. Some, perhaps, might set aside their appetites for evil to join forces and take a stand against the impossible foe.

Exquisite Agony offers a bevy of tools for players and Game Masters to bring Hell into their campaigns. Inside you’ll find:

  • An overview of Hell, including important locations and the movers and shakers that rule this place
  • Rules for make deals with devils and the rewards for serving them
  • Guidelines for summoning devils from Hell to gain their favors
  • An assortment of horrid creatures, such as the malebranche, the butcher, and the disgusting zeboul
  • New background details, marks of darkness, and the cambion ancestry for players.
  • New paths such as the apostate and witch hunter
  • An assortment of new spells to expand the core traditions
  • A complete adventure for novice characters

Exquisite Agony gives you everything you need to drench your campaigns in the horror only devils can create. With the options in this book, your campaign will to descend to new depths of darkness and despair.

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Uncertain Faith

Uncertain Faith: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Secrets of the Gods Revealed!

For as long as humankind has lived on Urth, people have looked outside themselves for explanations of why they exist and what purpose they ultimately serve. They find the gods in the sky, in the earth, and even in the creatures around them. Uncertain Faith delves into the secrets of the major cults found in and around the Empire, providing players and Game Masters alike with new information to realize these organizations in play. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The Old Faith, including eight sects devoted to the Old Gods.
  • The Honored Dead of the Dwarfs
  • Witchcraft
  • The Cult of the New God
  • The Dark Gods of Blood and Iron
  • A variety of lesser religions, including the cults of the Demon Lord
  • An assortment of new spells
  • Thirteen new relics
  • An adventure for novice characters

The information contained in this supplement brings to life the cults and religions described in Shadow of the Demon Lord, giving you everything you need to serve or oppose these powerful institutions. Do you have the faith to face the gods?

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A Glorious Death

A Glorious Death: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGFind Your Doom in the Frozen Wastes!

South, beyond the Empire’s borders, lies a land trapped in ice and snow, a land where people in whom the blood of giants flows, where strange monsters come boiling up from the depths of the earth, spawned by the ichor of gods. It is a place of violence, struggle, and death. It is also a place where heroes are forged on the anvil of adversity. Now you can take on the role of the mighty jotun and find the destiny the gods have written for you. A Glorious Death examines the frozen wastes, the perils it contains, and the peoples living there. In this sourcebook, you’ll find:

  • Rules and story information for playing jotun characters.
  • New expert and master paths including the juggernaut and skald.
  • An assortment of new spells such as call the great raven and bloody revelation.
  • A detailed look at the lands of the frozen wastes, covering the Blasted Lands, the Ice Watch Isles, and mysterious Blötland.
  • New relics and dreadful new creatures like the kraken and the lindorm.
  • “Kill Them All,” an adventure for master characters.

A Glorious Death pulls back the curtain to reveal a war torn landscape in which people live and die for the amusement of the Dark Gods. This supplement gives you everything you need to bring these lands to life!

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Hunger in the Void

The Void Hungers

The world of Urth and the entire universe stand in the shadow of a dread power, a force of destruction beyond imagining. The Demon Lord, also called the Hunger in the Void, the Devourer in the Dark, and the One Foretold, draws nearer to the world, causing plagues and blights, war and upheaval, all of which harken the end times. In this supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord and its obscene legions are revealed in all their awful glory. In these 80 foul pages, you’ll find:

  • Campaign models incorporating the various shadows of the Demon Lord
  • Details on eight vile cults sworn to serving the Demon Lord
  • Rules for joining and serving these cults, including the priest of the Demon Lord novice path
  • A selection of horrible spells used by the servants of darkness
  • Expanded information on the beastmen, including rules for creating beastmen characters
  • Extensive rules for building and customizing demons
  • Statistics for the dreaded demon princes, the chief servants of the Demon Lord
  • Rules for exploring the Void and what sorts of terrible things one might find there
  • The incarnation ancestry, body snatchers who descend to the world to fight against the Hunger in the Void

The Hunger in the Void shines a light on the most terrifying creatures and most dangerous threat in the game. For the terrible secrets it reveals and the bevy of new and unnerving options it offers, The Hunger in the Void is an essential supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord.

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Godless: A World of Fire and Blood

Godless: A Setting for Shadow of the Demon LordDrown in Fire and Blood!

After the Cataclysm sundered our world, reducing cities to ruins and bringing nations to their knees, a new threat unfurled its wings to cast a shadow upon our reality. In this spreading gloom caper demons, warped creatures, and horrifying monsters, all of which tear down what’s left of the world in preparation for the coming of their dark master, the dreaded Demon Lord.

Godless is a new setting expansion for Shadow of the Demon Lord, giving you all the tools you need to transform our own planet into the World of Fire and Blood. This book contains:

  • Guidance for using Shadow’s ancestries in this new setting, plus a new take on the clockwork: the transcendent!
  • More interesting things, training elements for novice paths, and strange new religions
  • New expert paths such as the preacher and road warrior
  • An assortment of spells useful for surviving in such a bleak setting
  • New weapons, armor, gear, and vehicles
  • New rules for building items from salvage, using automatic weapons, and handling desperate battles fought from speeding vehicles
  • Extensive advice for transforming our planet into your very own World of Fire and Blood
  • New relics such as the Boomstick and new creatures such as the steel skeleton and the unseen

With Godless, you have everything you need to adapt Shadow of the Demon Lord for play in a post-apocalyptic environment, letting the players create characters who scavenge the landscape for parts, food, and fuel, while fighting off hideous mutants, invaders from other realities, and, of course, demons. With this book, you’ll be able to explore a brand new world in the grip of the dreaded Demon Lord!

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Forbidden Rules

Forbidden Rules: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon LordForbidden Rules introduces a set of variant and optional rules to change the way you play Shadow of the Demon Lord. Inside this sourcebook, you’ll find:

  • Variant dice rules such as having the players roll all the dice, flat damage, no attack rolls, and bell curve rolls
  • New marks of darkness and fortune points to give players more control over the game
  • Damage reducing armor and simplified weapons and armor
  • Wounds
  • Variant healing and simplified dying and death
  • Social combat rules
  • Initiative
  • New actions in combat
  • Abstract combat rules and rules for chases
  • Random attributes and characteristics
  • Skills
  • The adept novice path
  • Power points for casting spells
  • Rules for determining what happens between adventures
  • Basic rules for playing characters beyond level 10!
  • And much more!

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