Shadow of the Demon Lord provides tons of options to players and Game Masters. To help you navigate them, we’ve provided you with several helpful tables. So whether you’re hunting for the perfect spell to cast, considering what path to choose next, or searching for some delightful horror to spring on your group, these tables are for you. You’ll find ancestries, paths, spells, and creatures here. As new content becomes available, the lists will expand.


HumanShadow of the Demon Lord
ChangelingShadow of the Demon Lord
ClockworkShadow of the Demon Lord
DwarfShadow of the Demon Lord
GoblinShadow of the Demon Lord
OrcShadow of the Demon Lord
FaunDemon Lord Companion
HalflingDemon Lord Companion
RevenantTombs of the Desolation
SalamanderTombs of the Desolation
VampireTombs of the Desolation
ElfTerrible Beauty
HobgoblinTerrible Beauty
PixieTerrible Beauty
SkinchangerTooth and Claw
CentaurRiders of the Wind
GhoulFlesh of the Fallen
GnomeChildren of the Restless Earth
CambionExquisite Agony
JotunA Glorious Death
FomorHunger in the Void
WargHunger in the Void
BugbearHunger in the Void
IncarnationHunger in the Void
ChangelingStolen Lives
HumanOnly Human
DwarfFor Gold and Glory
HumanVictims of the Demon Lord
ChangelingVictims of the Demon Lord
ClockworkVictims of the Demon Lord
DwarfVictims of the Demon Lord
GoblinVictims of the Demon Lord
OrcVictims of the Demon Lord
WoadSong of the Woad
GoblinSnot and Stitches
OrcBorn to Kill
ClockworkGhosts in Machines
Serpent PersonSotDL Freeport Companion
UndineSotDL Freeport Companion
FaunBetween Two Worlds
HalflingUncommon Courage
FerrenDemon Lord's Companion 2
HamadryadDemon Lord's Companion 2
MolekinDemon Lord's Companion 2
NagaDemon Lord's Companion 2
SylphDemon Lord's Companion 2
YerathDemon Lord's Companion 2
DarklingScions of the Betrayer
ArachneCurse of the Spider Wood
DhampirBlood Scions
Grave ThrallKingdom of Skulls
GhostBetween Life and Death


Animated CorpseUndead1Shadow of the Demon Lord
BanditHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Commoner or ProfessionalHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CultistHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
FomorBeastman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
GoblinFaerie1Shadow of the Demon Lord
HalflingHalfling1Shadow of the Demon Lord
HorseAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Lash CrawlerMonster1Shadow of the Demon Lord
PatrollerHuman1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small AnimalAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny AnimalAnimal1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny MonsterMonster1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Void LarvaDemon1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Acolyte of the New GodHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Animal SwarmAnimal5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Apprentice WitchHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Apprentice WizardHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Burrowing CentipedeAnimal5Shadow of the Demon Lord
GremlinFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
HobgoblinFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Initiate of the Old FaithHuman5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ManesSpirit5Shadow of the Demon Lord
PoltergeistSpirit5Shadow of the Demon Lord
RedcapFaerie5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small ConstructConstruct5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small MonsterMonster5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ZombieUndead5Shadow of the Demon Lord
BrigandHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
ChangelingFaerie10Shadow of the Demon Lord
DwarfDwarf10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fungal MiteFungus10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Grave ThrallUndead10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hired KillerHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large SpiderAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium AnimalAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium ConstructConstruct10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium MonsterMonster10Shadow of the Demon Lord
MercenaryHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
OrcOrc10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Organ FilchHarvester10Shadow of the Demon Lord
PickpocketHuman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shrieking EelAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tiny DemonDemon10Shadow of the Demon Lord
TroglodyteTroglodyte10Shadow of the Demon Lord
Vampire BatAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
WargBeastman10Shadow of the Demon Lord
WarhorseAnimal10Shadow of the Demon Lord
AmphisbaenaMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Barrow WightUndead25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bloody BonesFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
BoneguardUndead25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ClockworkClockwork25Shadow of the Demon Lord
CockatriceMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dread MotherMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ElfFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Emerald DarterAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
GhoulMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
HoodMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large AnimalAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
LizardmanLizardman25Shadow of the Demon Lord
NisseFaerie25Shadow of the Demon Lord
PhantomSpirit25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rot MaidenFungus25Shadow of the Demon Lord
ShadowSpirit25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow WeaverMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
SkinchangerMonster25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Small DemonDemon25Shadow of the Demon Lord
SprigganPlant25Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tomb Scarab SwarmAnimal25Shadow of the Demon Lord
VeteranHuman25Shadow of the Demon Lord
BearAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
BoggartMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
ChainboundUndead50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dire WolfFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
DryadFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fungal HulkFungus50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Ghastly ChorusUndead50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Great CatAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
GriffonAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
HarpyFaerie50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hell SwineAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
High CultistHuman50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge AnimalAnimal50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large ConstructConstruct50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large MonsterMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
LurkMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Muttering MawMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OculusMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OgreOgre50Shadow of the Demon Lord
OozeOoze50Shadow of the Demon Lord
ReenConstruct50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Stone WormMonster50Shadow of the Demon Lord
StranglevinePlant50Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tear ThiefHarvester50Shadow of the Demon Lord
BroodlingMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
CatoblepasMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
DrakeMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Earth GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
EttinOgre100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flame GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge ConstructConstruct100Shadow of the Demon Lord
GiantGiant100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge MonsterMonster100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Living TarOoze100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Medium DemonDemon100Shadow of the Demon Lord
MinotaurBeastman100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Water GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wind GenieGenie100Shadow of the Demon Lord
WraithSpirit100Shadow of the Demon Lord
BarghestFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
BasiliskMonster250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bone MachineUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
FuryFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Horned OgreOgre250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Jack-o’-lanternFaerie250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Killing MistUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
Large DemonDemon250Shadow of the Demon Lord
LeshyPlant250Shadow of the Demon Lord
ManticoreMonster250Shadow of the Demon Lord
PrometheanConstruct250Shadow of the Demon Lord
TrollTroll250Shadow of the Demon Lord
VampireUndead250Shadow of the Demon Lord
DragonMonster500Shadow of the Demon Lord
GolemConstruct500Shadow of the Demon Lord
GorgonMonster500Shadow of the Demon Lord
HagFaerie500Shadow of the Demon Lord
Huge DemonDemon500Shadow of the Demon Lord
Cartul DroneMonster5Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul IncanterMonster50Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul SoldierMonster25Tales of the Demon Lord
Cartul QueenMonster100Tales of the Demon Lord
Iron TitanConstruct250Tales of the Demon Lord
Mob of Animated CorpsesUndead5Tales of the Demon Lord
ArachneMonster10Demon Lord Companion
BestiaBestia50Demon Lord Companion
BrownieFaerie10Demon Lord Companion
CentaurCentaur5Demon Lord Companion
MogMonster25Demon Lord Companion
RocAnimal250Demon Lord Companion
SpecterSpirit250Demon Lord Companion
Spider AssassinConstruct1Demon Lord Companion
Slime BrutePlant100Demon Lord Companion
AnubinBeastman25Tombs of the Desolation
CyclopsGiant100Tombs of the Desolation
Death LordUndead500Tombs of the Desolation
Desiccated OneUndead10Tombs of the Desolation
Dust DevilGenie25Tombs of the Desolation
ForsakenUndead25Tombs of the Desolation
Giant ScorpionAnimal100Tombs of the Desolation
Great Horned BeetleAnimal100Tombs of the Desolation
LamiaMonster250Tombs of the Desolation
MummyUndead100Tombs of the Desolation
MurkMonster50Tombs of the Desolation
RevenantRevenant50Tombs of the Desolation
SalamanderElemental5Tombs of the Desolation
Sand Mite SwarmAnimal10Tombs of the Desolation
SeveredUndead1Tombs of the Desolation
Skeletal SteedUndead5Tombs of the Desolation
Vampire BroodUndead50Tombs of the Desolation
Whisper CactusPlant1Tombs of the Desolation
Winter DrakeMonster250Heart of Winter
Cold WormMonster250Heart of Winter
Fragmented PsycheSpirit500With My Last Scream
K8A1Monster100Beware the Tides of Karshoon
Swamp TrollTroll50Wretched
The GunyainPlant250Terrible Beauty
AsraiFaerie5Terrible Beauty
BansheeSpirit500Terrible Beauty
Bean-NigheFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Cu SithFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Elf HighbornFaerie50Terrible Beauty
Elf Knight-ErrantFaerie25Terrible Beauty
Elf RevelerFaerie5Terrible Beauty
FachenFaerie10Terrible Beauty
FaunFaun1Terrible Beauty
ImpFaerie25Terrible Beauty
JabberwockMonster500Terrible Beauty
KoboldFaerie5Terrible Beauty
LaresSpirit5Terrible Beauty
Merrow MaleFaerie10Terrible Beauty
Merrow MaidFaerie10Terrible Beauty
NymphFaerie250Terrible Beauty
PixieFaerie5Terrible Beauty
SatyrFaerie25Terrible Beauty
UnicornFaerie100Terrible Beauty
The Demon's DaughtersConstruct500Oblivion's Edge
Child of the Second GatheringFaerie1The Flute of Farewell
Worm SwarmMonster25The Feast of the Father
Mob of CommonersHuman10The Feast of the Father
Mind WormMonster100The Feast of the Father
Centaur ArcherCentaur10Riders of the Wind
Centaur ChampionCentaur25Riders of the Wind
Centaur Wind-CallerCentaur10Riders of the Wind
GnomeElemental1Children of the Restless Earth
AngelFaerie50Exquisite Agony
BehemothDemon750Exquisite Agony
BogieFaerie5Exquisite Agony
ButcherFaerie25Exquisite Agony
CambionCambion5Exquisite Agony
ChimeraMonster750Exquisite Agony
DevilkinFaerie5Exquisite Agony
FamiliarFaerie5Exquisite Agony
GargoyleFaerie50Exquisite Agony
GauntSpirit10Exquisite Agony
HogmanMonster1Exquisite Agony
IfritFaerie500Exquisite Agony
Incubus/SuccubusFaerie750Exquisite Agony
LemureSpirit25Exquisite Agony
MalebrancheFaerie100Exquisite Agony
SeraphimFaerie50Exquisite Agony
ShedimFaerie25Exquisite Agony
TermagantFaerie250Exquisite Agony
TormentorFaerie100Exquisite Agony
ZeboulFaerie100Exquisite Agony
Memory MistUndead250Freeholds of Nar
Animated BeastUndead25Slaves in Death
Animated SteedUndead1Slaves in Death
Animated HulkUndead50Slaves in Death
Corpse MobUndead10Slaves in Death
Winged HorseAnimal50A Glorious Death
TrowDwarf5A Glorious Death
JotunJotun25A Glorious Death
Son of WinterHuman5A Glorious Death
FossergrimFaerie100A Glorious Death
Ice GenieGenie100A Glorious Death
Mountain GiantGiant1000A Glorious Death
Cold OneMonster10A Glorious Death
Ancient DragonMonster1000A Glorious Death
FenrirMonster100A Glorious Death
KrakenMonster1000A Glorious Death
LindormMonster250A Glorious Death
White WormMonster250A Glorious Death
Sea SerpentMonster250A Glorious Death
WyvernMonster250A Glorious Death
DraugrUndead50A Glorious Death
EinherjarSpirit50A Glorious Death
ValkyrieSpirit250A Glorious Death
BoggleMonster10Odd Monsters
BragMonster25Odd Monsters
BugganeMonster50Odd Monsters
Finger of the Black HandHuman25City of Death
DirgeSpirit10Weight of the Underworld
Grim ReaperSpirit750Weight of the Underworld
Void Larva MobDemon10Hunger in the Void
Brother/Sister of ShadowHuman1Hunger in the Void
Father/Mother of ShadowHuman10Hunger in the Void
Knight of the One True GodHuman50Hunger in the Void
Blessed ChildHuman5Hunger in the Void
NamelessHuman25Hunger in the Void
Philosophers of the Glistening PrinceHuman5Hunger in the Void
Reaver of the Skull KingHuman25Hunger in the Void
Seeker of the Wandering StarHuman25Hunger in the Void
Sister of the Blue HandHuman25Hunger in the Void
Fomor MobBeastman10Hunger in the Void
Fomor WarriorBeastman10Hunger in the Void
Fomor Void CallerBeastman25Hunger in the Void
Warg BerserkBeastman50Hunger in the Void
Warg HunterBeastman25Hunger in the Void
BugbearBeastman50Hunger in the Void
Bugbear HeadhunterBeastman100Hunger in the Void
Void BullBeastman250Hunger in the Void
Demon PrinceDemon1000Hunger in the Void
Salamander ZealotElemental25The Man Who Fell to Urth
RoveenMonster10The Man Who Fell to Urth
Cult EnforcerHuman5One Perfect Moment
Titanic MonsterMonster500Of Monstrous Mien
The Screaming ThingMonster10Of Monstrous Mien
EchinemonMonster10The Knife Before You
Steel SkeletonConstruct50Godless
Flesh StealerHarvester25Godless
Road PirateHuman5Godless
HoglerMutant5In a Pig's Eye
FootmanHuman10Dancing in the Ruins
Titanic ConstructConstruct500Forgeborn and Magicmade
Huge ConstructConstruct100Forgeborn and Magicmade
Large ConstructConstruct50Forgeborn and Magicmade
Medium ConstructConstruct10Forgeborn and Magicmade
Small ConstructConstruct5Forgeborn and Magicmade
Tiny ConstructConstruct1Forgeborn and Magicmade
Flesh TailorHarvester50Horrific Parasites
Humour DrinkerHarvester100Horrific Parasites
Organ FilchHarvester10Horrific Parasites
Tear ThiefHarvester50Horrific Parasites
Fomor JuvenileBeastman1Forbidden Fruits
Kuorne OctePlant25Forbidden Fruits
ViolatorPlant50Forbidden Fruits
Bearer of FaithHuman5Kingdom of God
Hammer of JusticeHuman25Kingdom of God
Keeper of LoreHuman1Kingdom of God
Knight of the TempleHuman25Kingdom of God
Black TemplarHuman100Kingdom of God
Peaceful SisterHuman1Kingdom of God
Poor BrotherHuman5Kingdom of God
Sword of AstridHuman25Kingdom of God
Witch HunterHuman50Kingdom of God
LizardmanLizardman25Foulest Reptiles
Lizardman ShamanLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
DragonmanLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
Horned DevilLizardman50Foulest Reptiles
IndigonLizardman10Foulest Reptiles
OgreOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
BoogeymanOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
EttinOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
Horned OgreOgre250Ghastly Gourmands
OniOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
StalloOgre100Ghastly Gourmands
VodyanoyOgre50Ghastly Gourmands
Press-GangerHuman1Death in Freeport
Orc PirateOrc5Death in Freeport
Yellow Shield ArcherHuman5Death in Freeport
Yellow Shield Foot SoldierHuman5Death in Freeport
Degenerate Serpent PersonSerpent Person5Death in Freeport
Temple AttendantHuman5Death in Freeport
DrakeMonster100Of Fire and Venom
DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Bloodsipper DrakeMonster250Of Fire and Venom
Death DragonMonster1000Of Fire and Venom
Gaping GorgerMonster100Of Fire and Venom
Rime DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Sea DragonMonster500Of Fire and Venom
Hulking OrcOrc25Terror in Freeport
CultistHuman5Terror in Freeport
Brotherhood CultistsHuman5Terror in Freeport
AcolyteHuman1Terror in Freeport
AssassinHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
BeggarHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
UrchinHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
FreeporterHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
LobstermanHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
LongshoremanHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
MerchantHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
PirateHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Pirate CaptainHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Celebrant of the Pirate GodHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Devotee of the Sea GodHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
SailorHuman1SotDL Freeport Companion
Sea Lord's GuardHuman10SotDL Freeport Companion
Guard SergeantHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Freeport Watch SergeaneHuman25SotDL Freeport Companion
Accursed HandUndead1SotDL Freeport Companion
Alchemist's FaultMonster250SotDL Freeport Companion
BlemmyaeMonster10SotDL Freeport Companion
Brass MonkeyConstruct5SotDL Freeport Companion
BurnlingGenie10SotDL Freeport Companion
ChiaoHuman5SotDL Freeport Companion
Deadwood TreeUndead100SotDL Freeport Companion
Deep OneDeep One10SotDL Freeport Companion
Devil LizardFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
Dream ChildSpirit25SotDL Freeport Companion
Fire SpecterUndead25SotDL Freeport Companion
FleshrakerFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
ScalewingAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
IrontoothAnimal25SotDL Freeport Companion
BlackwingAnimal50SotDL Freeport Companion
Ghost EaterMonster5SotDL Freeport Companion
Infernal AutomatonConstruct50SotDL Freeport Companion
MalkinFaerie5SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous ClamAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous CrabAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Swarm of Monstrous JellyfishAnimal10SotDL Freeport Companion
Monstrous LeechAnimal10SotDL Freeport Companion
NereidFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
PicacouatlFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
Pit-BriarPlant50SotDL Freeport Companion
PwalgDemon25SotDL Freeport Companion
Reef EelAnimal5SotDL Freeport Companion
Serpent PersonSerpent Person10SotDL Freeport Companion
Valossan MysticSerpent Person10SotDL Freeport Companion
Degenerate Serpent PersonSerpent Person5SotDL Freeport Companion
Shadow SerpentSpirit50SotDL Freeport Companion
SharkmanBeastman50SotDL Freeport Companion
Skin CloakUndead10SotDL Freeport Companion
Spirit LizardFaerie10SotDL Freeport Companion
TaviMonster5SotDL Freeport Companion
ThanatosUndead100SotDL Freeport Companion
UndineElemental1SotDL Freeport Companion
VulpineFaerie25SotDL Freeport Companion
X'svalDemon250SotDL Freeport Companion
Deep DwellerMonster250Madness in Freeport
Unhinged HauntSpirit100Madness in Freeport
Avatar of YigUndead250Madness in Freeport
Brotherhood GuardHuman25Madness in Freeport
Priest of the Unspeakable OneHuman50Madness in Freeport
ManacleHuman25City of Chains
ChainHuman25City of Chains
Bronze EliteHuman100City of Chains
Caliban MobHuman25Caecras
Gray CloakHuman25Caecras
Orc Bone GuardOrc100Caecras
Orc GothiOrc25Caecras
Orc OverseerOrc5Caecras
Orc RenegadeOrc25Caecras
Orc SergeantOrc50Caecras
Orc TrooperOrc50Caecras
Tower WizardHuman250Caecras
RakeshameHuman5Beyond the World's Edge
Rakeshame ChiefHuman10Beyond the World's Edge
Rakeshame ListenerHuman10Beyond the World's Edge
GabalanMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
NephilimSpirit500Beyond the World's Edge
Drowned OneUndead1Beyond the World's Edge
DevourerUndead25Beyond the World's Edge
MospalMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
Bestia ChiefBestia250Beyond the World's Edge
Bestia ShamanBestia50Beyond the World's Edge
UncleanHuman5Beyond the World's Edge
SirenFaerie5Beyond the World's Edge
Sea GiantGiant10Beyond the World's Edge
SysthrenMonster50Beyond the World's Edge
CthonicMonster250Beyond the World's Edge
ApparitionSpirit1Beyond the World's Edge
Living IdolConstruct500Beyond the World's Edge
Shen TribesmanHuman1Beyond the World's Edge
GhastMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
VremenMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
KrinMonster5Beyond the World's Edge
Krin PriestMonster25Beyond the World's Edge
GugMonster250Beyond the World's Edge
Corpse FlowerUndead5Dead by Dawn
GiantGiant100Forces of Nature
Rune-Carved GiantGenie1000Forces of Nature
Troll-KinGiant500Forces of Nature
Flock of Soiled SeagullsAnimal25Saving Face
Jet SquidAnimal25Saving Face
AngelFaerie (Devil)50Quintet
ButcherFaerie (Devil)25Quintet
DevilkinFaerie (Devil)5Quintet
GargoyleFaerie (Devil)50Quintet
SharkmanBeastman50Queen of Gold
VulturemanBeastman25Queen of Gold
Fallen OneFaerie10Necessary Sacrifices
MakraMonster100Necessary Sacrifices
SatchelkinMonster25He Sees You When You're Sleeping
KrampusDemon250He Sees You When You're Sleeping
TroglodyteTroglodyte10Wretched and Unclean
God-KillerTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
Slave of AshrakalTroglodyte10Wretched and Unclean
Pale BrideTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
Dark SpeakerTroglodyte50Wretched and Unclean
AbominationTroglodyte100Wretched and Unclean
Serpent of the Witch-KingUndead500Wretched and Unclean
AtomyFaerie0Wee Folk
Swarm of AtomiesFaerie5Wee Folk
BauchanFaerie10Wee Folk
BrownieFaerie10Wee Folk
DuergarFaerie10Wee Folk
FenodereeFaerie25Wee Folk
Fir DarrigFaerie25Wee Folk
FuathFaerie25Wee Folk
GremlinFaerie5Wee Folk
HobyahFaerie10Wee Folk
Jack'o'-lanternFaerie250Wee Folk
KilmoulisFaerie5Wee Folk
NisseFaerie25Wee Folk
PookaFaerie10Wee Folk
RedcapFaerie5Wee Folk
SpriteFaerie5Wee Folk
SplitterConstruct10False Lives
DrillerConstruct10False Lives
HammererConstruct25False Lives
HaulerConstruct50False Lives
LoaderConstruct5False Lives
SmelterConstruct10False Lives
ClockworkClockwork25False Lives
CherubClockwork5False Lives
GladiusClockwork250False Lives
AssembledClockwork25False Lives
Tick-TockClockwork25False Lives
ColossusConstruct1000False Lives
GolemConstruct500False Lives
LegionClockwork50False Lives
PrometheanConstruct250False Lives
Grave RegentUndead1000Lords of the Barrows
Wight ChampionUndead250Lords of the Barrows
Prophet of DecayUndead50Lords of the Barrows
Wight WitchUndead50Lords of the Barrows
Barrow WarriorUndead25Lords of the Barrows
DeathlessUndead500Lords of the Barrows
OathboundUndead100Lords of the Barrows
Barrow GrimUndead10Lords of the Barrows
Blight SteedUndead25Lords of the Barrows
ButcherbirdUndead5Lords of the Barrows
DarklingFaerie (Devil)1Scions of the Betrayer
Hellbound DarklingFaerie (Devil)250Scions of the Betrayer
Darkling ManhunterFaerie (Devil)50Scions of the Betrayer
AngelFaerie (Devil)50Occult Philosophy
Animated CorpseUndead-1 stepOccult Philosophy
Mob of CorpsesUndead10Occult Philosophy
Animated PlantPlant10Occult Philosophy
Animated TreePlant100Occult Philosophy
ApparitionSpirit1Occult Philosophy
Arion ChargerAnimal100Occult Philosophy
BrownieFaerie10Occult Philosophy
Tiny ConstructConstruct1Occult Philosophy
Mob of Small DemonsDemon100Occult Philosophy
Faceless ServantConstruct1Occult Philosophy
Fire ImpConstruct10Occult Philosophy
Storm GenieGenie100Occult Philosophy
Grim ReaperSpirit1000Occult Philosophy
Incarnation of NaturePlant1000Occult Philosophy
Iron GuardianConstruct750Occult Philosophy
Mob of ManesSpirit25Occult Philosophy
Titanic MonsterMonster500Occult Philosophy
Mob of Medium MonstersMonster25Occult Philosophy
Ore ThrallConstruct25Occult Philosophy
Mob of PhantomsSpirit100Occult Philosophy
Primal ChampionAnimal250Occult Philosophy
SlimeOoze10Occult Philosophy
SpecterSpirit250Occult Philosophy
SpriteFaerie5Occult Philosophy
Stalwart DefenderConstruct100Occult Philosophy
UnicornFaerie100Occult Philosophy
WyvernMonster250Occult Philosophy
WelterkinFaerie5Malicious Mischief
MenhyadFaerie50Malicious Mischief
PerookaFaerie10Malicious Mischief
ReenConstruct50From Beyond This World
Reen VivisectorConstruct250From Beyond This World
Reen SpellbreakerConstruct500From Beyond This World
Reen Drone CommonerConstruct1From Beyond This World
Reen Drone MercenaryConstruct10From Beyond This World
Reen Drone PatrollerConstruct5From Beyond This World
Troll-KinTroll250Curse the Light
Cave TrollTroll100Curse the Light
Giant TrollTroll1000Curse the Light
Graven TrollTroll500Curse the Light
Swamp TrollTroll50Curse the Light
BroodlingMonster100We Are Legion
Ash GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Blood GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Corpse GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Dust GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Magma GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Metal GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Mineral GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Mud GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Pitch GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Salt GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Smoke GenieGenie100Genius Loci
Steam GenieGenie100Genius Loci
AzraelGenieGenius Loci
Weeper (Incarnated Form)Orc100Genius Loci
GnomeElemental1Genius Loci
Gnome Tunnel GuardElemental5Genius Loci
Gnome Stone CallerElemental5Genius Loci
Gnome Stone SavantElemental50Genius Loci
SalamanderElemental5Genius Loci
Salamander FlametongueElemental50Genius Loci
Salamander FiretailElemental25Genius Loci
Salamander CatastrophistElemental100Genius Loci
SylphElemental1Genius Loci
Sylph MonkElemental10Genius Loci
Sylph Storm WitchElemental50Genius Loci
UndineElemental1Genius Loci
Undine SeacallerElemental10Genius Loci
Undine SeadancerElemental100Genius Loci
Jellied ThrallTroglodyte10Demonic Excretions
BlobOoze500Demonic Excretions
Chromatic GooOoze50Demonic Excretions
Creeping GumOoze100Demonic Excretions
Disorder BruteOoze500Demonic Excretions
Mirror MistOoze10Demonic Excretions
NightcreeperOoze10Demonic Excretions
Shuddering TarOoze100Demonic Excretions
MisbegottenMonster25Black Sun Dawn
Misbegotten MobMonster100Black Sun Dawn
Rathran CruxHuman250Black Sun Dawn
Crux MatronUndead250Black Sun Dawn
Black Sun ThrallHuman5Black Sun Dawn
Cabalist of the Black SunHuman250Black Sun Dawn
Black Sun SingerMonster5Black Sun Dawn
CrungMonster50Black Sun Dawn
HoodMonster25Black Sun Dawn
MegpeeConstruct10Black Sun Dawn
ScranMonster1Black Sun Dawn
TatterdemalionConstruct1Black Sun Dawn
Black Sun Disciple LeaderHuman10Black Sun Dawn
Black Sun DiscipleHuman1Black Sun Dawn
Carnivorous ApeAnimal10Curse of the Spider Wood
Constrictor SnakeAnimal10Curse of the Spider Wood
CrocodileAnimal10Curse of the Spider Wood
Drop SpiderAnimal25Curse of the Spider Wood
Gloom CreeperMonster50Curse of the Spider Wood
Net Weaver SpiderAnimal25Curse of the Spider Wood
Orange LeaperAnimal1Curse of the Spider Wood
Raptor WaspAnimal5Curse of the Spider Wood
Razor Fish SwarmAnimal25Curse of the Spider Wood
Red-throated Scale BeastAnimal100Curse of the Spider Wood
SawbeakAnimal1Curse of the Spider Wood
Spider SwarmAnimal10Curse of the Spider Wood
ViperAnimal5Curse of the Spider Wood
Warrior Ant SwarmAnimal25Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne High PriestMonster250Curse of the Spider Wood
UnderpriestMonster10Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne ChampionMonster100Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne Spider GuardMonster5Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne Shadow CrawlerMonster25Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne PeasantHuman1Curse of the Spider Wood
Arachne AbominationMonster5Curse of the Spider Wood
ZoyuuMonster100Men of Gog
Plague ZombieUndead10Men of Gog
ImmortalUndead250Men of Gog
UncrownedUndead500Men of Gog
Blight WyvernMonster250Men of Gog
NosferatuUndead250Men of Gog
DreamstealerUndead25Men of Gog
MindkillerUndead50Men of Gog
BelbatorDemon750Men of Gog
JhujetaDemon250Men of Gog
PyronDemon250Men of Gog
BlighterHuman100Men of Gog
Demon-BinderHuman100Men of Gog
Disciple of the Witch-KingHuman1000Men of Gog
Dread CabalistHuman250Men of Gog
Exquisite OneHuman100Men of Gog
FallenHuman1Men of Gog
God-HunterHuman100Men of Gog
Gog DeathseekerHuman25Men of Gog
ReviledHuman250Men of Gog
Revenant AssassinRevenant100Men of Gog
Revenant KnightRevenant100Men of Gog
Revenant NecromancerRevenant50Men of Gog
MogMonster25Men of Gog
Mog CroakerMonster10Men of Gog
Great MogMonster50Men of Gog
Avatar of the Machine GodConstruct1000Heart of the Machine God
GrandpaHuman1Little Horror House on the Prairie
Beulah and MaybellHuman5Fine Country Folk
AbominationHuman5Fine Country Folk
SeraphimFaerie (Devil)50Fine Country Folk
ClypperMonster25Fine Country Folk
SemonMonster25Fine Country Folk
Inred YokelHuman1Fine Country Folk
Made-BetterMonster5Fine Country Folk
Mee-Ma's FavoriteHuman10Fine Country Folk
Cyclopes GangerHuman5Cabaret of the Grotesque
Fat KypenHuman25Cabaret of the Grotesque
Red PhilipFaerie50Cabaret of the Grotesque
Void Larvae MobDemon10Cabaret of the Grotesque
Demon-Spawned OgreMonster100Cabaret of the Grotesque
Crimson KingHuman500Cabaret of the Grotesque
Blind ButcherUndead100Call of the Necromancer
Abalard HenryHuman100Call of the Necromancer
EightFaerie10Call of the Necromancer
SevenFaerie10Call of the Necromancer
Fifty-FiveFaerie10Call of the Necromancer
MenhyadFaerie50Call of the Necromancer
Moon-in-the-DewdropFaerie100Call of the Necromancer
FenodereeFaerie10Call of the Necromancer
Elf KnightFaerie25Call of the Necromancer
Faerie SteedFaerie10Call of the Necromancer
Immature Brood QueenMonster10A Mother's Burden
LucianUndead500A Land Divided
Lady CatHuman100City of Thieves
CoinHuman5City of Gold
Captain GloomHuman25City of Gold
QuintaHuman100City of Blood
BoastmanHuman25City of Blood
Orc BrawlerHuman25City of Blood
HardbitClockwork100City of Blood
Pit BeastMonster50City of Blood
ClastaMonster50Nessus: City of Decay
Verity FlentHuman10Nessus: City of Decay
Ruin WatcherHuman10Nessus: City of Decay
Radiant DiscipleHuman10Nessus: City of Decay
ApparitionSpirit1Nessus: City of Decay
Bone QueenHuman250Nessus: City of Decay
Yerathi DroneYerath1Nessus: City of Decay
Yerathi ScoutYerath1Nessus: City of Decay
Yerathi SoldierYerath1Nessus: City of Decay
Yerathi ConsortYerath10Nessus: City of Decay
Dark ElfFaerie100A Land of Dreams and Darkness
Forest CroneFaerie50A Land of Dreams and Darkness
MandrakeFaerie1A Land of Dreams and Darkness
BulgaFaerie25A Land of Dreams and Darkness
DokkaSpirit50A Land of Dreams and Darkness
Estaban's GhostSpirit25A Land of Dreams and Darkness
Father JustinHuman50City of Gods
All-Faiths SoldierHuman25City of Gods
CherishedHuman10City of Gods
The MatronHarvester100City of Gods
Lady Eryn BeatraHuman100City of Dreams
SlaidOrc250March Lands
Urgan the Child EaterBeastman500March Lands
HazidelCentaur50Kingdom of Skulls
Dark LadyHuman1000Kingdom of Skulls
Amra, Prince of WarUndead750Kingdom of Skulls
Anri, Prince of PlaguesUndead750Kingdom of Skulls
The UnbornHuman250Kingdom of Skulls
Black RoseUndead500Kingdom of Skulls
XoxOgre250Kingdom of Skulls
GorgolHuman50Kingdom of Skulls
Bone KnightUndead5Kingdom of Skulls
HarbingerUndead50Kingdom of Skulls


1. NoviceMagicianShadow of the Demon Lord
1. NovicePriestShadow of the Demon Lord
1. NoviceRogueShadow of the Demon Lord
1. NoviceWarriorShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertClericShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertDruidShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertOracleShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertPaladinShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertArtificerShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertSorcererShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertWitchShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertWizardShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertAssassinShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertScoutShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertThiefShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertWarlockShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertBerserkerShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertFighterShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertRangerShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertSpellbinderShadow of the Demon Lord
2. ExpertShamanDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertWardenDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertElementalistDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertPsychicDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertMountebankDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertSageDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertMysticDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertSwashbucklerDemon Lord Companion
2. ExpertPrince of DarknessTombs of the Desolation
2. ExpertAvowedTerrible Beauty
2. ExpertConsumerFlesh of the Fallen
2. ExpertCollectorFlesh of the Fallen
2. ExpertApostateExquisite Agony
3. MasterAbjurerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterAeromancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterApocalyptistShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterArcanistShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterAstromancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterBardShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterBeastmasterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterChronomancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterConjurerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDestroyerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDivinerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterEnchanterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterGeomancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterHealerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterHexerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterHydromancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterIllusionistShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterMage KnightShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterMagusShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterNecromancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterPyromancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterRunesmithShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterSavantShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterShapeshifterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterStormbringerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTechnomancerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTenebristShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterThaumaturgeShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTheurgeShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTransmuterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTravelerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterWoodwoseShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterAcrobatShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterAvengerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterBladeShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterBruteShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterCavalierShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterChampionShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterChaplainShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterConquerorShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDeath DealerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDefenderShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDervishShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDiplomatShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDreadnaughtShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterDuelistShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterEngineerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterExecutionerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterExorcistShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterExplorerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterGladiatorShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterGunslingerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterInfiltratorShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterInquisitorShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterJack-of-all-TradesShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterMarauderShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterMiracle WorkerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterMyrmidonShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterPoisonerShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterSentinelShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterSharpshooterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterTemplarShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterWeapon MasterShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterZealotShadow of the Demon Lord
3. MasterAlchemistDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterDemonologistDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterEntropistDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterMediumDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterMind-BenderDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterPsychokineticDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterReaverDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterBlackguardDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterCorsairDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterMartial ArtistDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterSapperDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterSeekerDemon Lord Companion
3. MasterBlighterTombs of the Desolation
3. MasterDust WalkerTombs of the Desolation
3. MasterSlayer of the DeadTombs of the Desolation
3. MasterBeguilerTerrible Beauty
3. MasterCat SithTerrible Beauty
3. MasterEternal GuardianTerrible Beauty
3. MasterHarbingerTerrible Beauty
3. MasterKeeper of the FlameTerrible Beauty
3. MasterMorriganTerrible Beauty
3. MasterMuseTerrible Beauty
3. MasterNightstalkerTerrible Beauty
3. MasterSpellweaverTerrible Beauty
3. MasterTroll HunterTerrible Beauty
3. MasterGreater SkinchangerTooth and Claw
3. MasterHorse ArcherRiders of the Wind
3. MasterNamerPower in a Name
3. MasterDiabolistExquisite Agony
3. MasterWitch HunterExquisite Agony
1. NovicePriest of the Old FaithUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of Father DeathUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the Horned KingUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the MaidenUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of Old Man WinterUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of RevelUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of SummerUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the SeerUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the World MotherUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the Honored DeadUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of WitchcraftUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the New GodUncertain Faith
1. NovicePriest of the Dark GodsUncertain Faith
2. ExpertGothiUncertain Faith
2. ExpertJuggernautA Glorious Death
3. MasterCryomancerA Glorious Death
3. MasterSeerA Glorious Death
3. MasterSkaldA Glorious Death
3. MasterWarrior SpiritA Glorious Death
3. MasterDoppelgangerStolen Lives
1. NovicePriest of the Demon LordHunger in the Void
2. ExpertGrudge BearerFor Gold and Glory
1. NoviceAdeptForbidden Rules
4. LegendaryParagonForbidden Rules
2. ExpertGrease MonkeyGodless
2. ExpertPreacherGodless
2. ExpertRaiderGodless
2. ExpertRoad WarriorGodless
3. MasterBone PickerGodless
3. MasterDaredevilGodless
3. MasterGunslinger (Variant)Godless
3. MasterPyromaniacGodless
2. ExpertOccultistPaths of Power
2. ExpertSorcererPaths of Power
2. ExpertSpellbinderPaths of Power
2. ExpertWarlockPaths of Power
2. ExpertWizardPaths of Power
2. ExpertAgentKingdom of God
2. ExpertFlagellantKingdom of God
2. ExpertRed CloakKingdom of God
3. MasterAnchoriteKingdom of God
3. MasterSin-EaterKingdom of God
2. ExpertSpiritsingerSong of the Woad
2. ExpertDevotee of the Goblin KingSnot and Stitches
2. ExpertRavagerBorn to Kill
2. ExpertBerserkerPaths of Battle
2. ExpertFighterPaths of Battle
2. ExpertKnightPaths of Battle
2. ExpertPaladinPaths of Battle
2. ExpertRangerPaths of Battle
3. MasterDragonslayerOf Fire and Venom
2. ExpertCelebrantSotDL Freeport Companion
2. ExpertCourtierSotDL Freeport Companion
2. ExpertDrowned OneSotDL Freeport Companion
2. ExpertMarinerSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterMonster HunterSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterMusketeerSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterMystic NavigatorSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterPit FighterSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterSea CaptainSotDL Freeport Companion
3. MasterSurvivorSotDL Freeport Companion
2. ExpertBounty HunterCity of Chains
2. ExpertSaboteurCaecras
2. ExpertTrooperCaecras
3. MasterMage of the TowerCaecras
2. ExpertHellionBetween Two Worlds
2. ExpertSatyrBetween Two Worlds
2. ExpertJesterUncommon Courage
2. ExpertAuspexDemon Lord's Companion 2
2. ExpertSilhouetteDemon Lord's Companion 2
2. ExpertWangateurDemon Lord's Companion 2
2. ExpertWardscribeDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterCenobiteDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterFencerDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterHalberdierDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterInvokerDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterLegalistDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterMetallurgistDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterSleuthDemon Lord's Companion 2
3. MasterTormentorDemon Lord's Companion 2
1. NoviceArmigerBred for Battle
1. NoviceBarbarianBred for Battle
1. NoviceBrawlerBred for Battle
1. NoviceEnforcerBred for Battle
1. NoviceGallantBred for Battle
1. NoviceHunterBred for Battle
1. NoviceMonkBred for Battle
1. NoviceSoldierBred for Battle
1. NoviceSpellguardBred for Battle
1. NoviceVeteranBred for Battle
1. NovicePriest of the DevilScions of the Betrayer
2. ExpertForktongueScions of the Betrayer
2. ExpertAscendantOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertBrewmasterOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertBlizzard MageOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertDemonbinderOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertEdgewalkerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertExemplarOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertFar SeerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertLorekeeperOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertMagisterOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertManipulatorOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertNaturalistOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertNightmareOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertPreserverOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertPsalmistOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertPyroclastOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertRunewrightOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertShadowmancerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertSkindancerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertSoulcatcherOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertSpellsingerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertSpiritcallerOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertTempestOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertThrallbinderOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertVanguardOccult Philosophy
2. ExpertWorld-BreakerOccult Philosophy
3. MasterAlienistOccult Philosophy
3. MasterAnnihilatorOccult Philosophy
3. MasterAnointedOccult Philosophy
3. MasterArdentOccult Philosophy
3. MasterBeastOccult Philosophy
3. MasterBlood MagusOccult Philosophy
3. MasterBone CollectorOccult Philosophy
3. MasterBuilderOccult Philosophy
3. MasterChrononautOccult Philosophy
3. MasterDaemonhostOccult Philosophy
3. MasterDawnstriderOccult Philosophy
3. MasterDegenerateOccult Philosophy
3. MasterDevastatorOccult Philosophy
3. MasterDualistOccult Philosophy
3. MasterEternalOccult Philosophy
3. MasterFirebrandOccult Philosophy
3. MasterForgebornOccult Philosophy
3. MasterGhoststriderOccult Philosophy
3. MasterGravenOccult Philosophy
3. MasterIndistinctOccult Philosophy
3. MasterInevitableOccult Philosophy
3. MasterLibrarianOccult Philosophy
3. MasterMachinistOccult Philosophy
3. MasterMagebladeOccult Philosophy
3. MasterMindwitchOccult Philosophy
3. MasterMorphOccult Philosophy
3. MasterOrb MasterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterPhantasmistOccult Philosophy
3. MasterPhaseshifterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterPlaguistOccult Philosophy
3. MasterPuppetmasterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterReviverOccult Philosophy
3. MasterShadeOccult Philosophy
3. MasterShroudOccult Philosophy
3. MasterSoulboundOccult Philosophy
3. MasterSkydancerOccult Philosophy
3. MasterSpellmasterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterSpellsingerOccult Philosophy
3. MasterSpellsniperOccult Philosophy
3. MasterStoneheartOccult Philosophy
3. MasterTaskmasterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterTree ShepherdOccult Philosophy
3. MasterTricksterOccult Philosophy
3. MasterUnchainedOccult Philosophy
3. MasterVoid ThrallOccult Philosophy
3. MasterWarderOccult Philosophy
3. MasterWarmageOccult Philosophy
3. MasterWatcherOccult Philosophy
3. MasterWavebenderOccult Philosophy
4. ParagonParagonOccult Philosophy
1. NovicePriest of the Spider QueenCurse of the Spider Wood
2. ExpertChosen of the Spider QueenCurse of the Spider Wood
2. ExpertDemon BeastCurse of the Spider Wood
2. ExpertEnvenomerCurse of the Spider Wood
2. ExpertSpider SavantCurse of the Spider Wood
2. ExpertAtrocityMen of Gog
2. ExpertDeadwalkerMen of Gog
2. ExpertDemon-in-FleshMen of Gog
2. ExpertGod-HunterMen of Gog
2. ExpertHerald of EndingsMen of Gog
2. ExpertSoulthiefMen of Gog
2. ExpertUrthboundMen of Gog
1. NovicePriest of the Radiant OneNessus: City of Decay
1. NoviceCultist of the Dark LadyKingdom of Skulls
2. ExpertCorpse CallerKingdom of Skulls
2. ExpertHarrowerKingdom of Skulls
2. ExpertSilencerKingdom of Skulls
2. ExpertChroniclerCalled to Serve
2. ExpertCrusaderCalled to Serve
2. ExpertDaughter of the MoonCalled to Serve
2. ExpertGuardianCalled to Serve
2. ExpertHoly MatronCalled to Serve
2. ExpertHorned OneCalled to Serve
2. ExpertIce ApostleCalled to Serve
2. ExpertJusticiarCalled to Serve
2. ExpertMaleficantCalled to Serve
2. ExpertRevelerCalled to Serve
2. ExpertRuinerCalled to Serve
2. ExpertSolemn OneCalled to Serve
2. ExpertSummer ChildCalled to Serve
2. ExpertWisdomCalled to Serve
2. ExpertCommandoNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertEmissaryNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertLawbreakerNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertMaskNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertMastermindNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertTinkerNatural Born Scoundrels
2. ExpertCutterPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertDoomseekerPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertExaltedPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertFracturedPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertHighlanderPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertMagnatePaths of Purpose
2. ExpertNomadPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertOutlanderPaths of Purpose
2. ExpertPhilospherPaths of Purpose


Stir the AirAirUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wind BlastAirAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Evoke GaleAirAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
FlenseAirAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
GlideAirUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Still the AirAirUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
ThunderclapAirAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
FlingAirAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bestow FlightAirUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Create CycloneAirAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bind Wind GenieAirUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ComprehensionAlterationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Distort AppearanceAlterationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Enhance SensesAlterationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Spider ClimbAlterationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Underwater AdaptationAlterationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bolster AttributeAlterationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bolster DefenseAlterationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Alter SizeAlterationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
RegenerationAlterationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
MalleabilityAlterationUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Awaken PotentialAlterationUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arcane ArmorArcanaUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Magic DartArcanaAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arcane ShieldArcanaUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arcane SightArcanaUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Unerring DartsArcanaUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Empowered MagicArcanaUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Explosive DartsArcanaAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arcane LightningArcanaAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Destroy MagicArcanaUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Harness MagicArcanaUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arcane RetributionArcanaAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Augmented AttackBattleAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
CelerityBattleUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Close WoundsBattleUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mighty AttackBattleAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Resounding AttackBattleAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Arc of DeathBattleAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mountain FallBattleAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Battle ProwessBattleAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Meteoric AssaultBattleAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wall of SwordsBattleAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Strike Like LightningBattleAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Burning BeamCelestialAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
LightCelestialUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
FlashCelestialAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Persistent LightCelestialUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rainbow BurstCelestialAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
DawnCelestialUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
SunraysCelestialAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
RadiationCelestialAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
StarfallCelestialAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
NovaCelestialAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
SunbeamCelestialAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Chaos BoonChaosUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Erratic BoltChaosAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Capricious DevastationChaosAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fold SpaceChaosUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Iridescent ShieldChaosUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Color of MagicChaosAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
FlickerChaosUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Chaotic LanceChaosAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wild MagicChaosUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mirror FieldChaosUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
SingularityChaosAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure Useful ItemConjurationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Direct ConjurationConjurationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure FeastConjurationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure Small MonsterConjurationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure WeaponConjurationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure SteedsConjurationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure Medium MonsterConjurationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure Large MonsterConjurationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure WallConjurationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure ShelterConjurationUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Conjure Huge MonsterConjurationUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
HexCurseAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
PoxCurseAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
FrightenCurseAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
HobbleCurseAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
PainCurseAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
VulnerabilityCurseAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
WeaknessCurseAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
DreadCurseAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
SwineCurseAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
ToadCurseAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
PetrifyCurseAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
BreakDestructionAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
RuinDestructionAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DissolveDestructionAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
RendDestructionAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
SunderDestructionAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Entropic PowerDestructionUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
ErodeDestructionAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
DetonateDestructionAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
EvaporateDestructionAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
DestroyDestructionAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
DisintegrateDestructionAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
EavesdropDivinationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
EpiphanyDivinationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
AugurDivinationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
ForetellDivinationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
PsychometryDivinationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
ReadingDivinationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Truth EarDivinationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
See the FutureDivinationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
LocateDivinationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
VisionDivinationUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
ClairvoyanceDivinationUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Earth SpikeEarthAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shape Earth and StoneEarthUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Stone ArmorEarthUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Stone BladesEarthAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
TremorEarthAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
AvalancheEarthAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mold Earth and StoneEarthUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
EruptionEarthAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Nail to the GroundEarthAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
EarthquakeEarthAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bind Earth GenieEarthUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
BewitchEnchantmentAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
PresenceEnchantmentUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
CharmEnchantmentAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CommandEnchantmentAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
QuestionEnchantmentAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CompelEnchantmentAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mind BondageEnchantmentAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
CowerEnchantmentAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Implant SuggestionEnchantmentAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
AllureEnchantmentAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
EnslaveEnchantmentAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Control FlameFireUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flame MissileFireAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fire BlastFireAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
MeteorFireAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flame WardFireUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fiery VolleyFireAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flaming ShroudFireUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
FireballFireAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
ImmolateFireAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wall of FlamesFireAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bind Flame GenieFireUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Black TongueForbiddenUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
HarmForbiddenAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
ObedienceForbiddenAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hateful DefecationForbiddenAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tongue RipForbiddenAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Ravenous MaggotsForbiddenAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Vision's EndForbiddenAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Desire's EndForbiddenAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Part Bone from FleshForbiddenAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Soul ExchangeForbiddenAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Horrid JoiningForbiddenAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
ClamorIllusionUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DisguiseIllusionUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
FigmentIllusionUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
ThimblerigIllusionUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
VertigoIllusionAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
GlamerIllusionUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
InvisibilityIllusionUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
DecoyIllusionUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
PhantasmIllusionUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
MirageIllusionUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Illusory DoubleIllusionUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Life SenseLifeUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Minor HealingLifeUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
CureLifeUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fount of LifeLifeUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Light HealingLifeUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Moderate HealingLifeUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Vitality BurstLifeUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Greater CureLifeUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Major HealingLifeUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Total HealingLifeUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
ResurrectLifeUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Magic AcornsNatureAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Oak HideNatureUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Healing BerriesNatureUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
OvergrowthNatureUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
ShillelaghNatureUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Ensnaring VinesNatureAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fiery PineconesNatureAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
BramblesNatureUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Forest WalkNatureUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wrath of NatureNatureAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Form of the Oak GuardianNatureUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hide from UndeadNecromancyUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Spectral GraspNecromancyAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Animate CorpseNecromancyUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Grave GraspNecromancyAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Harvest SoulNecromancyAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bone SplintersNecromancyAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shrieking SkullNecromancyAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Cannibalize MagicNecromancyAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Well of Dark PowerNecromancyUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Seal the Underworld's GatesNecromancyAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Army of the DeadNecromancyUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Beast WithinPrimalUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hide from AnimalsPrimalUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Beast TonguePrimalUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Befriend AnimalPrimalAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call Small AnimalPrimalUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call Medium AnimalPrimalUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dire BeastPrimalUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call Large AnimalPrimalUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
PouncePrimalAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call of the WildPrimalUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call Huge AnimalPrimalUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Magic LockProtectionUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Secure SiteProtectionUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
EvadeProtectionUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Force FieldProtectionUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
SanctuaryProtectionUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
VigilanceProtectionUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
VigorProtectionUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Protection from SpellsProtectionUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Protective FieldProtectionUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
InvulnerabilityProtectionUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Globe of NegationProtectionUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rune of FindingRuneUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Translate AnythingRuneUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Brand of DoomRuneAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Glyph of FireRuneAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Runic ShieldRuneUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Glyphic PrisonRuneAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rune of ConcealmentRuneUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Sigil TrapRuneUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rune of MightRuneUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Runic WeaponRuneUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rune of PowerRuneUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Nightfall BladeShadowUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wall of DarknessShadowUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DarknessShadowUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
DarksightShadowUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow DartShadowAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow MonsterShadowUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow StrideShadowUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Black Bolts of the UnderworldShadowAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow MagicShadowUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Dark PortalsShadowUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
EnervationShadowAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Project VoiceSongUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of FriendshipSongAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of CourageSongUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of InspirationSongUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of ValorSongUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of CaptivationSongAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of HealingSongUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of RibaldrySongAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of DreadSongAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of SlumberSongAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Song of HeroesSongUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
FogStormUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
ShockStormAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Forked LightningStormAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Freezing FogStormAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Call LightningStormAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Poisonous FogStormAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
HailstormStormAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Lightning BoltStormAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Acid RainStormAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Leaping LightningStormAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Jury-RigTechnomancyUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Magic WrenchTechnomancyAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bolt ThrowerTechnomancyAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CaltropsTechnomancyUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Sparking ShieldTechnomancyUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
FlamethrowerTechnomancyUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
GrenadesTechnomancyAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flying BladesTechnomancyAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
MendTechnomancyUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Powered SuitTechnomancyUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Magic itemTechnomancyUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
DismissTeleportationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
FetchTeleportationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DivisionTeleportationAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hole of GloryTeleportationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
SwapTeleportationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
RemoveTeleportationAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
ShortcutTeleportationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Boundless StepTeleportationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
FuseTeleportationAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
PortalsTeleportationUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
TravelTeleportationUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Create Holy SymbolTheurgyUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DenounceTheurgyAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
BlessingTheurgyUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
CensureTheurgyAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Hallowed GroundTheurgyUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
God HammerTheurgyAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
RevelationTheurgyUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Divine AidTheurgyUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wrath of GodTheurgyAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
AvatarTheurgyUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Fire from HeavenTheurgyAttack5Shadow of the Demon Lord
DelayTimeAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
SwiftnessTimeUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Minor ParadoxTimeAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Rewrite MomentTimeUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
SlowTimeUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
PrecognitionTimeUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Time JumpTimeUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
AccelerateTimeUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
DecelerateTimeAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Twain SelfTimeUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Time TravelTimeUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Flowing FormTransformationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
MaskTransformationUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Animal ShapeTransformationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bounding StepTransformationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
MurmurationTransformationUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Improved Animal ShapeTransformationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Object FormTransformationUtility2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Mist FormTransformationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Speed HealingTransformationUtility3Shadow of the Demon Lord
MetallicusTransformationUtility4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Greater Animal ShapeTransformationUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
FreezeWaterAttack0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Produce WaterWaterUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
DrownWaterAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Ice BlastWaterAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Wellspring of LifeWaterUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
GeyserWaterAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
WaveWaterAttack2Shadow of the Demon Lord
Sphere of WaterWaterAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tidal ForcesWaterAttack3Shadow of the Demon Lord
Cold SnapWaterAttack4Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bind Water GenieWaterUtility5Shadow of the Demon Lord
Sense MagicMagicianUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Spellbound WeaponSpellbinderUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Witch FireWitchAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
ExorcismExorcistAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Command UndeadNecromancerAttack1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Animate ObjectTechnomancerUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Temple of FaithTemplarUtility0Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow FormTenebristUtility1Shadow of the Demon Lord
Bound SpiritShamanUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Binding StrikeWardenAttack1Demon Lord Companion
Ward the LandWardenUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Guardian of NatureWardenUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Acidic GlobAlchemyAttack0Demon Lord Companion
Identify SubstanceAlchemyUtility0Demon Lord Companion
Brew PotionAlchemyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Brew RemedyAlchemyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Brew Superior GlueAlchemyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Acid DartsAlchemyAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Brew Liquid SmokeAlchemyUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Brew Alchemist's PoisonAlchemyUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Brew Wondrous ConcoctionAlchemyUtility3Demon Lord Companion
LiquefyAlchemyAttack4Demon Lord Companion
Philosopher's StoneAlchemyUtility5Demon Lord Companion
Killing TouchDeathAttack0Demon Lord Companion
Protection from DeathDeathUtility0Demon Lord Companion
InjureDeathAttack1Demon Lord Companion
Life DrainDeathAttack1Demon Lord Companion
StasisDeathUtility1Demon Lord Companion
DecayDeathAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Poisonous BreathDeathAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Feast of SoulsDeathAttack3Demon Lord Companion
Leprous TouchDeathUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Death FogDeathAttack4Demon Lord Companion
Stop HeartDeathAttack5Demon Lord Companion
Claws of DarknessDemonologyAttack0Demon Lord Companion
Demonic GuidanceDemonologyUtility0Demon Lord Companion
Compel DemonDemonologyAttack1Demon Lord Companion
Favor of the Demon LordDemonologyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Offering of BloodDemonologyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Call Lesser DemonDemonologyUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Whispers from the VoidDemonologyUtility2Demon Lord Companion
PossessionDemonologyAttack3Demon Lord Companion
Shadow of the VoidDemonologyUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Call DemonDemonologyUtility4Demon Lord Companion
Shadow of the Demon LordDemonologyAttack5Demon Lord Companion
Spirit BaneSpiritualismUtility0Demon Lord Companion
Spirit of VengeanceSpiritualismAttack0Demon Lord Companion
Bear SpiritSpiritualismUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Control SpiritSpiritualismUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Wolf SpiritSpiritualismUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Eagle SpiritSpiritualismUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Spirit of TormentSpiritualismAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Spirit of HealingSpiritualismUtility3Demon Lord Companion
SéanceSpiritualismUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Howl of the WendigoSpiritualismAttack4Demon Lord Companion
Hateful SpiritsSpiritualismAttack5Demon Lord Companion
Forceful PushTelekinesisAttack0Demon Lord Companion
Mind over MatterTelekinesisUtility0Demon Lord Companion
CrushTelekinesisAttack1Demon Lord Companion
Dancing WeaponTelekinesisUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Telekinetic ShieldTelekinesisUtility1Demon Lord Companion
HoldTelekinesisAttack2Demon Lord Companion
LevitateTelekinesisAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Force BarrierTelekinesisUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Force WaveTelekinesisAttack3Demon Lord Companion
Force BubbleTelekinesisAttack4Demon Lord Companion
Telekinetic OutburstTelekinesisAttack5Demon Lord Companion
Sense ThoughtsTelepathyUtility0Demon Lord Companion
Share ThoughtsTelepathyUtility0Demon Lord Companion
Mental StaticTelepathyAttack1Demon Lord Companion
MessageTelepathyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Mind StabTelepathyAttack1Demon Lord Companion
Read MindsTelepathyAttack2Demon Lord Companion
RepulsionTelepathyAttack2Demon Lord Companion
Emotional BarrageTelepathyAttack3Demon Lord Companion
Erase PresenceTelepathyAttack3Demon Lord Companion
HuskTelepathyAttack4Demon Lord Companion
Mind BlastTelepathyAttack5Demon Lord Companion
Corpse SightNecromancyUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Ley LineNatureUtility1Demon Lord Companion
Animal SpyPrimalUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Destructive RuneRuneUtility2Demon Lord Companion
ProphecyDivinationUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Recall SoulNecromancyUtility2Demon Lord Companion
Entrapping PentagramProtectionUtility3Demon Lord Companion
Secrets of the LandNatureUtility3Demon Lord Companion
AtonementTheurgyUtility5Demon Lord Companion
BlightBlighterAttack1Tombs of the Desolation
BleedBloodAttack0Tombs of the Desolation
Restore HumorsBloodUtility0Tombs of the Desolation
Blood to WaterBloodAttack1Tombs of the Desolation
TransfusionBloodAttack1Tombs of the Desolation
Boiling BloodBloodAttack2Tombs of the Desolation
HemorrhageBloodAttack3Tombs of the Desolation
Heat WaveAirAttack1Tombs of the Desolation
Shimmer WallAirUtility1Tombs of the Desolation
Bind Dust DevilAirUtility3Tombs of the Desolation
Sun HammerCelestialAttack4Tombs of the Desolation
Curse of the Tomb KingsCurseAttack3Tombs of the Desolation
QuicksandEarthAttack3Tombs of the Desolation
LicheNecromancyUtility6Tombs of the Desolation
Elemental AdaptationProtectionUtility1Tombs of the Desolation
DesiccateWaterAttack2Tombs of the Desolation
MisdirectFeyAttack0Terrible Beauty
Shrink ObjectFeyUtility0Terrible Beauty
FadeFeyUtility1Terrible Beauty
DrunkennessFeyAttack1Terrible Beauty
Will-o'-WispFeyAttack1Terrible Beauty
SlumberFeyAttack2Terrible Beauty
Faerie GoldFeyUtility2Terrible Beauty
BewilderFeyAttack3Terrible Beauty
Erase MemoryFeyAttack3Terrible Beauty
HallucinationsFeyAttack4Terrible Beauty
Twisted CrownFeyUtility5Terrible Beauty
Beget ChangelingFeyUtility6Terrible Beauty
Create FlameFireUtility0Terrible Beauty
Seeking MissileBattleAttack0Terrible Beauty
Phasing MissileBattleAttack1Terrible Beauty
Moon BridgeCelestialUtility2Terrible Beauty
Create Secret DoorConjurationUtility2Terrible Beauty
Cursed AppleCurseUtility3Terrible Beauty
BlissEnchantmentAttack3Terrible Beauty
Kindred SoulIllusionUtility1Terrible Beauty
Circle of StonesNatureUtility3Terrible Beauty
Call SteedsPrimalUtility4Terrible Beauty
ImprisonProtectionAttack5Terrible Beauty
Remove CurseProtectionAttack5Terrible Beauty
Song of RevelsSongAttack3Terrible Beauty
Enthralling SongSongAttack5Terrible Beauty
Hidden SpaceTeleportationUtility3Terrible Beauty
BanishTeleportationAttack3Terrible Beauty
Curse of LycanthropyCurseAttack5Tooth and Claw
QuicksilverTechnomancyUtility1Tooth and Claw
Unmask the MaskedTransformationAttack1Tooth and Claw
Restore MindTelepathyUtility6Unhinged Minds
Rock HenchmanEarthUtility2Children of the Restless Earth
Stone CallEarthUtility2Children of the Restless Earth
Secret of StoneEarthUtility3Children of the Restless Earth
Stone MergeEarthUtility4Children of the Restless Earth
Discover True NameDivinationAttack7Power in a Name
GeasCurseAttack3Exquisite Agony
TemptEnchantmentUtility0Exquisite Agony
EcstasyEnchantmentAttack1Exquisite Agony
Hellfire BoltFireAttack1Exquisite Agony
Hellfire BlastFireAttack3Exquisite Agony
FamiliarForbiddenUtility1Exquisite Agony
Horrid HungerForbiddenAttack1Exquisite Agony
Uncontrolled RageForbiddenAttack1Exquisite Agony
AvariceForbiddenAttack2Exquisite Agony
Unbridled LustForbiddenAttack3Exquisite Agony
Summon GargoyleForbiddenUtility4Exquisite Agony
Infernal AudienceForbiddenUtility5Exquisite Agony
Summon TormentorForbiddenUtility6Exquisite Agony
Heart's DesireIllusionUtility2Exquisite Agony
OublietteIllusionAttack4Exquisite Agony
DiagramProtectionUtility1Exquisite Agony
Notes of the Black HymnSongAttack5Exquisite Agony
Hole to the UnderworldSpiritualismUtility2Exquisite Agony
CastigateTheurgyAttack2Exquisite Agony
DamnationTheurgyAttack6Exquisite Agony
Restore BodyLifeUtility4Battle Scars
Unspeakable GraftForbiddenUtility4Battle Scars
ConsecratePriestUtility3Uncertain Faith
Suppress MagicArcanaUtility4Uncertain Faith
Heroic SurgeBattleUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke the AncestorsBattleUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke the Dark GodsBattleUtility1Uncertain Faith
Wall of LightCelestialUtility0Uncertain Faith
Invoke the Maiden in the MoonCelestialUtility1Uncertain Faith
HaloCelestialUtility2Uncertain Faith
JinxCurseAttack1Uncertain Faith
Invoke Father DeathDeathUtility1Uncertain Faith
Wrath of ThanatosDeathAttack5Uncertain Faith
Prayer of the SeerDivinationUtility1Uncertain Faith
SoothsayDivinationUtility3Uncertain Faith
Open PassageEarthUtility5Uncertain Faith
Invoke RevelEnchantmentUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke the Queen of SummerEnchantmentUtility1Uncertain Faith
BeguileEnchantmentAttack4Uncertain Faith
Incite MadnessEnchantmentAttack5Uncertain Faith
Maddening RevelFeyUtility2Uncertain Faith
Flames of PassionFireUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke the World MotherLifeUtility1Uncertain Faith
ReviveLifeUtility4Uncertain Faith
Healing PoulticeNatureUtility0Uncertain Faith
Invoke the Old FaithNatureUtility0Uncertain Faith
Face in the ForestNatureUtility2Uncertain Faith
Call SpriggansNatureUtility4Uncertain Faith
Awaken TreeNatureUtility5Uncertain Faith
Eye of the HunterPrimalUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke the Horned KingPrimalUtility1Uncertain Faith
Runic ArmorRuneUtility5Uncertain Faith
Grave VisageShadowUtility1Uncertain Faith
Gate to the UnderworldShadowUtility4Uncertain Faith
Spirit of the Horned KingSpiritualismUtility5Uncertain Faith
Dream WalkTelepathyUtility5Uncertain Faith
Invoke the New GodTheurgyUtility1Uncertain Faith
Ice ArmorWaterUtility1Uncertain Faith
Invoke Old Man WinterWaterAttack1Uncertain Faith
BlizzardWaterAttack5Uncertain Faith
Venomous DartAlchemyAttack0Do We Not Die?
Bolster HealthAlterationUtility4Do We Not Die?
Curse of the Emerald HandCurseAttack2Do We Not Die?
Undo ConstitutionDeathAttack1Do We Not Die?
Sense PerilDivinationUtility1Do We Not Die?
Serpent TongueForbiddenAttack1Do We Not Die?
Spectacular ExpulsionForbiddenAttack4Do We Not Die?
Poison IvyNatureAttack2Do We Not Die?
Venomous FangsPrimalUtility1Do We Not Die?
Sickening RuneRuneUtility2Do We Not Die?
Assassin SpiderTechnomancyUtility4Do We Not Die?
Venomous ShapeTransformationUtility1Do We Not Die?
Contaminate WaterWaterUtility1Do We Not Die?
Wind DiscAirUtility2Vine and Willow
Explosive ExhalationAirAttack2Vine and Willow
Cloak of AirAirUtility3Vine and Willow
Earth WaveEarthAttack2Vine and Willow
Earthy FountainEarthAttack2Vine and Willow
Voracious EarthEarthAttack4Vine and Willow
Flame to SmokeFireUtility1Vine and Willow
Ember SprayFireAttack2Vine and Willow
Fiery HenchmanFireUtility2Vine and Willow
Thorny SkinNatureUtility2Vine and Willow
Toxic GrowthNatureUtility4Vine and Willow
Bramble HedgeNatureUtility5Vine and Willow
Wild BeastPrimalUtility3Vine and Willow
Wrath of the WildPrimalUtility5Vine and Willow
DevolveTransformationUtility2Vine and Willow
CloudburstWaterUtility1Vine and Willow
Water BurstWaterAttack1Vine and Willow
Harden WaterWaterUtility3Vine and Willow
ParchWaterAttack5Vine and Willow
Animate SteedNecromancyUtility2Slaves in Death
Necromantic PowerNecromancyUtility2Slaves in Death
Animate Large CorpseNecromancyUtility3Slaves in Death
Animate Huge CorpseNecromancyUtility5Slaves in Death
Awaken GraveyardNecromancyUtility6Slaves in Death
Cunning ParryBattleUtility1A Glorious Death
Awesome StrikeBattleAttack2A Glorious Death
Harness MadnessBattleUtility2A Glorious Death
Combat MomentumBattleUtility4A Glorious Death
Laughter of the Dark GodsBattleAttack5A Glorious Death
Know thy DoomCurseAttack1A Glorious Death
BloodlustCurseAttack3A Glorious Death
Bloody RevelationDivinationUtility2A Glorious Death
Wellspring of EidrForbiddenUtility3A Glorious Death
Call Winged SteedsPrimalUtility5A Glorious Death
Rune of ImpactRuneUtility1A Glorious Death
Rune of PenetrationRuneUtility1A Glorious Death
Rune of IceRuneUtility2A Glorious Death
Rune of VitalityRuneUtility4A Glorious Death
Call EinherjarSpiritualismUtility5A Glorious Death
Call Great RavenSpiritualismUtility6A Glorious Death
Spirit WarriorSpiritualismUtility2A Glorious Death
Ice CageWaterAttack2A Glorious Death
Ice ShardsWaterAttack3A Glorious Death
Create Forbidden ItemAlchemyUtility2Hunger in the Void
Iron FlaskAlchemyUtility5Hunger in the Void
ThrowbackAlterationAttack4Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Skull KingBattleAttack1Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Wandering StarCelestialAttack1Hunger in the Void
Fomor DoomCurseAttack3Hunger in the Void
Vision of HorrorCurseAttack4Hunger in the Void
Bind DemonDemonologyAttack3Hunger in the Void
Demonic BlessingDemonologyUtility3Hunger in the Void
Draw Forth the Soul ScreamingDemonologyAttack5Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Nameless OneDestructionAttack1Hunger in the Void
Pleasure from PainEnchantmentAttack3Hunger in the Void
Shed the SkinFeyAttack5Hunger in the Void
Invoke the One True GodFireAttack1Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Glistening PrinceForbiddenUtility1Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Mother of MonstersForbiddenUtility1Hunger in the Void
Create ZombieNecromancyUtility2Hunger in the Void
Exacting ChainsProtectionAttack5Hunger in the Void
Invoke the Eternal ShadowShadowUtility1Hunger in the Void
Screaming ShadowsShadowUtility4Hunger in the Void
Void StepTeleportationUtility5Hunger in the Void
Void GateDemonologyUtility7Hunger in the Void
Demonic ApotheosisTransformationUtility5Hunger in the Void
Void BreachDemonologyUtility9Hunger in the Void
Fetch SoulNecromancyUtility2Ghosts in Machines
Bind Soul to MachineTechnomancyUtility6Ghosts in Machines
Lasting RuneRuneUtility0For Gold and Glory
Rune of ConcealmentRuneUtility1For Gold and Glory
Rune of ForceRuneUtility1For Gold and Glory
Wall of RunesRuneUtility3For Gold and Glory
ReinvigorateLifeUtility4Forbidden Rules
Process FuelAlchemyUtility2Godless
Tolerate RadiationAlterationUtility2Godless
Convert SalvageAlterationUtility3Godless
Stun PulseArcanaAttack5Godless
Bestow Know-HowDivinationUtility3Godless
Bestow MutationForbiddenAttack2Godless
Rune of VelocityRuneUtility1Godless
Stinging SmokeStormAttack1Godless
Create AmmunitionTechnomancyUtility0Godless
Create BatteryTechnomancyUtility0Godless
Create ToolsTechnomancyUtility0Godless
Armor-Piercing AmmunitionTechnomancyUtility1Godless
Illuminating AmmunitionTechnomancyUtility1Godless
Incinerating AmmunitionTechnomancyUtility1Godless
Explosive AmmunitionTechnomancyUtility2Godless
Assemble BikeTechnomancyUtility3Godless
Assemble VehicleTechnomancyUtility5Godless
Rocket TurretTechnomancyAttack5Godless
Purify FluidTechnomancyUtility2Godless
Construct Inferior ServantTechnomancyUtility1Forgeborn and Magicmade
Construct Minor ServantsTechnomancyUtility2Forgeborn and Magicmade
Construct ServantsTechnomancyUtility3Forgeborn and Magicmade
Construct Major ServantsTechnomancyUtility4Forgeborn and Magicmade
Construct Superior ServantsTechnomancyUtility5Forgeborn and Magicmade
EffervescenceAirUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Eagle EyesAlterationUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Denizens of the DepthsAlterationUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
FlareCelestialUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Ship in a BottleConjurationUtility5SotDL Freeport Companion
Captain's ChestConjurationUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
Magic FigureheadConjurationUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
ScareCurseAttack0SotDL Freeport Companion
StrangleDeathAttack3SotDL Freeport Companion
Call X'svalDemonologyUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
FindDivinationUtility0SotDL Freeport Companion
Mystic CompassDivinationUtility0SotDL Freeport Companion
SaltburstEarthAttack1SotDL Freeport Companion
BamboozleEnchantmentAttack1SotDL Freeport Companion
Part CrowdEnchantmentAttack2SotDL Freeport Companion
Call FirebirdFireUtility5SotDL Freeport Companion
Summon FleshrakerForbiddenUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
HungerForbiddenUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Reveal Secret FaceForbiddenAttack4SotDL Freeport Companion
Inscribe Yellow SignForbiddenUtility5SotDL Freeport Companion
Awaken MadnessForbiddenUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
Flash/BangIllusionUtility0SotDL Freeport Companion
Mundane RobeIllusionUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Ghost ShipIllusionUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
Create Accursed HandNecromancyUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Create Skin CloakNecromancyUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Summon Fire SpecterNecromancyUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Call Shrieking EelsPrimalUtility5SotDL Freeport Companion
BravadoProtectionUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Scales of the SnakemenProtectionUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Secure ObjectProtectionUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Fortify MindProtectionUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Scrimshaw of BattleRuneUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Song of SerenitySongUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Monkey SpiritSpiritualismUtility0SotDL Freeport Companion
Boar SpiritSpiritualismUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Osprey SpiritSpiritualismUtility3SotDL Freeport Companion
Stunning BoltStormAttack1SotDL Freeport Companion
Shape CloudStormUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Loaded DiceTechnomancyUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Gold BugTechnomancyUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Assemble War MachineTechnomancyUtility5SotDL Freeport Companion
Assemble BombardTechnomancyUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
Assemble Heavy CannonTechnomancyUtility7SotDL Freeport Companion
Maddening ScreamsTelepathyAttack1SotDL Freeport Companion
Slippery EvasionTransformationUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Body of EyesTransformationUtility2SotDL Freeport Companion
Cleanse WaterWaterUtility0SotDL Freeport Companion
Ink CloudWaterUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
WaterstrideWaterUtility1SotDL Freeport Companion
Vise of the DeepWaterAttack4SotDL Freeport Companion
Wall of IceWaterUtility4SotDL Freeport Companion
Control WaterWaterUtility6SotDL Freeport Companion
Aether SkinAlterationUtility1Pull of the Stars
Investiture of the BruteInvocationUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the StalwartInvocationUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the BetrayerInvocationUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the Fire PrinceInvocationAttack1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the Radiant ChampionInvocationAttack1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the DeceiverInvocationAttack2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the WarlordInvocationUtility2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of Desire in FleshInvocationAttack3Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the Moon MaidenInvocationUtility3Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the Horned OneInvocationAttack4Demon Lord's Companion 2
Investiture of the World MotherInvocationUtility5Demon Lord's Companion 2
Shape MetalMetalUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
UnbreakableMetalUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Barbed HideMetalUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
RustMetalUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
SharpenMetalUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
FusilladeMetalAttack2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Strength of SteelMetalUtility2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Cage of IronMetalAttack3Demon Lord's Companion 2
MagnetizeMetalAttack3Demon Lord's Companion 2
Repel MetalMetalUtility4Demon Lord's Companion 2
Flesh to IronMetalUtility5Demon Lord's Companion 2
Impose PredictabilityOrderUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Negate ChaosOrderUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
ConsistencyOrderUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Order's ShieldOrderUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
RationalityOrderUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
ImmobilityOrderAttack2Demon Lord's Companion 2
ConformityOrderAttack2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Even the ScalesOrderUtility3Demon Lord's Companion 2
StillnessOrderAttack3Demon Lord's Companion 2
DictumOrderAttack4Demon Lord's Companion 2
Mantle of LawOrderUtility5Demon Lord's Companion 2
Overcome AfflictionSoulUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Recall Past SuccessSoulUtility0Demon Lord's Companion 2
Negate HarmSoulUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Open the Third EyeSoulUtility1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Strike the SoulSoulAttack1Demon Lord's Companion 2
Shattering StrikeSoulAttack2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Walk the SkySoulUtility2Demon Lord's Companion 2
Phase ShiftSoulUtility3Demon Lord's Companion 2
VelocitySoulUtility3Demon Lord's Companion 2
Rend SoulSoulAttack4Demon Lord's Companion 2
Transcendent RecoverySoulUtility5Demon Lord's Companion 2
GolemAlchemyUtility10False Lives
PrometheanAlchemyUtility7False Lives
Shimmering WallAirUtility0Occult Philosophy
Uplifting StepAirUtility0Occult Philosophy
Heat WaveAirAttack1Occult Philosophy
Wind DiskAirUtility1Occult Philosophy
Buffeting WindsAirUtility2Occult Philosophy
Explosive ExhalationAirAttack2Occult Philosophy
Bedeviling WindsAirAttack3Occult Philosophy
Cloak of AirAirUtility3Occult Philosophy
SoarAirUtility4Occult Philosophy
SuffocateAirAttack4Occult Philosophy
Control WindsAirUtility5Occult Philosophy
VacuumAirAttack5Occult Philosophy
CacophonyAirAttack6Occult Philosophy
Mass FlightAirUtility6Occult Philosophy
SkyfallAirAttack7Occult Philosophy
Become the WindAirUtility8Occult Philosophy
Name of the WindAirUtility9Occult Philosophy
Fury of the HeavensAirAttack10Occult Philosophy
PreservationAlchemyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Venomous DartAlchemyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Fire BottleAlchemyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Reeking FogAlchemyAttack1Occult Philosophy
Corrosive TouchAlchemyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Oil SlickAlchemyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Spew PoisonAlchemyAttack3Occult Philosophy
ManikinsAlchemyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Brew Dragon FireAlchemyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Reanimate CorpseAlchemyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Beget OozeAlchemyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Monstrous TransformationAlchemyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Brew Longevity PotionAlchemyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Universal SolventAlchemyUtility6Occult Philosophy
PrometheanAlchemyUtility7Occult Philosophy
TransmutationAlchemyUtility8Occult Philosophy
Rapid AlchemyAlchemyUtility9Occult Philosophy
GolemAlchemyUtility10Occult Philosophy
Unlock PotentialAlterationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Warp FleshAlterationAttack0Occult Philosophy
MalformAlterationAttack1Occult Philosophy
Steal HearingAlterationAttack1Occult Philosophy
RivitalizeAlterationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Steal SightAlterationAttack2Occult Philosophy
ElasticityAlterationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Steal StrengthAlterationAttack3Occult Philosophy
Bolster HealthAlterationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Horrid GrowthsAlterationAttack4Occult Philosophy
DiminishAlterationAttack5Occult Philosophy
ResistanceAlterationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Suspend AnimationAlterationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Steal CapabllityAlterationAttack6Occult Philosophy
Awaken the GiantAlterationUtility7Occult Philosophy
Bestow PowerAlterationUtility8Occult Philosophy
Malefic MonstrositiesAlterationAttack9Occult Philosophy
DemigodAlterationUtility10Occult Philosophy
Helping HandArcanaUtility0Occult Philosophy
LegerdemainArcanaUtility0Occult Philosophy
Potent MagicArcanaUtility1Occult Philosophy
Sorcerous LendsArcanaUtility1Occult Philosophy
Arcane CoilsArcanaAttack2Occult Philosophy
Inevitable BladeArcanaUtility2Occult Philosophy
Flying DiscArcanaUtility3Occult Philosophy
Block MagucArcanaAttack3Occult Philosophy
Reverse SpellArcanaUtility4Occult Philosophy
Well of MagicArcanaUtility4Occult Philosophy
Arcane ConflagrationArcanaAttack5Occult Philosophy
Magical VortexArcanaUtility5Occult Philosophy
Absorb MagicArcanaUtility6Occult Philosophy
Cloud of MissilesArcanaUtility6Occult Philosophy
Arcane ReservoirArcanaUtility7Occult Philosophy
End all MagicArcanaUtility8Occult Philosophy
Darts of AnnihilationArcanaAttack9Occult Philosophy
Enrich MagicArcanaUtility10Occult Philosophy
Pressing StrikeBattleAttack0Occult Philosophy
Savage StrikeBattleAttack0Occult Philosophy
Certain StrikeBattleUtility1Occult Philosophy
Fangs of the SerpentBattleAttack1Occult Philosophy
Killing UrgeBattleAttack1Occult Philosophy
Avalanche StrikeBattleAttack2Occult Philosophy
Distant DoomBattleAttack2Occult Philosophy
Climb the MountainBattleAttack3Occult Philosophy
Iron GraspBattleAttack3Occult Philosophy
Drive Them Before YouBattleAttack4Occult Philosophy
Steely DefenseBattleUtility4Occult Philosophy
Paint the Field RedBattleAttack5Occult Philosophy
Reaper's HarvestBattleAttack5Occult Philosophy
Savage RebukeBattleAttack6Occult Philosophy
Cast Down from HeavenBattleAttack6Occult Philosophy
Whirlwind of DeathBattleAttack7Occult Philosophy
Battle FervorBattleUtility8Occult Philosophy
Surge of SlaughterBattleAttack9Occult Philosophy
God of WarBattleUtility10Occult Philosophy
IlluminationCelestialUtility0Occult Philosophy
Radiant ShieldCelestialUtility0Occult Philosophy
Sun ShardCelestialAttack1Occult Philosophy
Strobe LightCelestialUtility1Occult Philosophy
Tiny LanternsCelestialUtility2Occult Philosophy
Focused LightCelestialAttack2Occult Philosophy
Blinding BurstCelestialAttack3Occult Philosophy
RainbowCelestialUtility3Occult Philosophy
Crown of StarsCelestialAttack4Occult Philosophy
Sword of the DawnCelestialUtility4Occult Philosophy
Falling StarsCelestialAttack5Occult Philosophy
Permanent LightCelestialUtility5Occult Philosophy
Raiment of the SunCelestialUtility6Occult Philosophy
SunburstCelestialAttack6Occult Philosophy
Invisible SunCelestialAttack7Occult Philosophy
Blaze in the Northern SkyCelestialAttack8Occult Philosophy
Second SunCelestialUtility9Occult Philosophy
Call Down the HeavensCelestialAttack10Occult Philosophy
Chaos ShieldChaosUtility0Occult Philosophy
Chaotic EruptionChaosAttack0Occult Philosophy
RandomnessChaosUtility1Occult Philosophy
Unlikely TransformationChaosAttack1Occult Philosophy
Chromatic LanceChaosAttack2Occult Philosophy
Chaos UnleashedChaosUtility2Occult Philosophy
Chaos OrbChaosAttack3Occult Philosophy
Scintillating WormsChaosAttack3Occult Philosophy
Strange ChangesChaosUtility4Occult Philosophy
Unchained ProbabilitiesChaosUtility4Occult Philosophy
Chaos VortexChaosAttack5Occult Philosophy
Shape MagicChaosUtility5Occult Philosophy
Power of ChaosChaosUtility6Occult Philosophy
RemakeChaosUtility6Occult Philosophy
Scintillating BarrierChaosUtility7Occult Philosophy
Horde of MonstersChaosUtility8Occult Philosophy
True ChaosChaosUtility9Occult Philosophy
Undo RealityChaosAttack10Occult Philosophy
Conjure Tiny MonsterConjurationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Energy BurstConjurationAttack0Occult Philosophy
Conjure ServantConjurationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Flying KnivesConjurationAttack1Occult Philosophy
CreationConjurationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Sticky StrandsConjurationAttack2Occult Philosophy
Conjure Superior MonsterConjurationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Iron CageConjurationAttack3Occult Philosophy
Conjure ItemsConjurationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Forest of SpikesConjurationAttack4Occult Philosophy
Conjure ConveyanceConjurationUtility5Occult Philosophy
PassageConjurationUtility5Occult Philosophy
SimulacrumConjurationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Conjure CadreConjurationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Conjure Titanic MonsterConjurationUtility7Occult Philosophy
Mighty FortressConjurationUtility8Occult Philosophy
Conjure Monstrous HordeConjurationUtility9Occult Philosophy
True ConjurationConjurationUtility10Occult Philosophy
FailureCurseAttack0Occult Philosophy
Twisted WordsCurseAttack0Occult Philosophy
Mad LaughterCurseAttack1Occult Philosophy
SleeplessnessCurseAttack1Occult Philosophy
Curse of the Emerald HandCurseAttack2Occult Philosophy
Eternal StenchCurseAttack2Occult Philosophy
Curse of Maddening LoveCurseAttack3Occult Philosophy
RageCurseAttack3Occult Philosophy
Curse of the Endless DanceCurseAttack3Occult Philosophy
SickenCurseAttack4Occult Philosophy
Flesh-Bursting CurseCurseAttack5Occult Philosophy
TerrorCurseAttack5Occult Philosophy
Accursed LandCurseAttack6Occult Philosophy
PlaguebearerCurseAttack6Occult Philosophy
Eternal SlumberCurseAttack7Occult Philosophy
Curse of Eight TormentsCurseAttack8Occult Philosophy
Mouth of MadnessCurseAttack9Occult Philosophy
DoomCurseAttack10Occult Philosophy
Face of DeathDeathAttack0Occult Philosophy
ShroudDeathUtility0Occult Philosophy
Arrow of EndingsDeathAttack1Occult Philosophy
Undo ConstitutionDeathAttack1Occult Philosophy
Dead One WalkingDeathAttack2Occult Philosophy
Mantle of ThanatosDeathUtility2Occult Philosophy
Soul WrenchDeathAttack3Occult Philosophy
Underworld ScreamsDeathUtility3Occult Philosophy
Destroy SpiritsDeathAttack4Occult Philosophy
Warden of the UnderworldDeathUtility4Occult Philosophy
Toll the BellDeathAttack5Occult Philosophy
UnlifeDeathUtility5Occult Philosophy
Life SiphonDeathAttack6Occult Philosophy
Weight of YearsDeathAttack6Occult Philosophy
Angel of DeathDeathUtility7Occult Philosophy
InhumeDeathAttack8Occult Philosophy
UnmakeDeathAttack9Occult Philosophy
Kill Them AllDeathAttack10Occult Philosophy
Otherworldly Scream DemonologyAttack0Occult Philosophy
Written in BloodDemonologyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Mark of the BeastDemonologyAttack1Occult Philosophy
Minor DemonDemonologyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Bestow Mark of DarknessDemonologyAttack2Occult Philosophy
Blood HarvestDemonologyAttack2Occult Philosophy
Demon SeedDemonologyAttack3Occult Philosophy
Vision of NowhereDemonologyAttack3Occult Philosophy
Demonic MawDemonologyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Query the VoidDemonologyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Steal Form from SubstanceDemonologyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Unholy ChorusDemonologyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Create Demon SpawnDemonologyAttack6Occult Philosophy
Call Greater DemonDemonologyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Demonic HordeDemonologyUtility7Occult Philosophy
Into the VoidDemonologyAttack8Occult Philosophy
Call Titanic DemonDemonologyUtility9Occult Philosophy
Herald of the Demon LordDemonologyUtility10Occult Philosophy
BurstDestructionAttack0Occult Philosophy
SplinterDestructionAttack0Occult Philosophy
MaimDestructionAttack1Occult Philosophy
Snap BoneDestructionAttack1Occult Philosophy
Clear the PathDestructionAttack2Occult Philosophy
Ruinous PresenceDestructionAttack2Occult Philosophy
Crack the EarthDestructionAttack3Occult Philosophy
Path of RuinDestructionAttack3Occult Philosophy
FragilityDestructionAttack4Occult Philosophy
Tear AsunderDestructionAttack4Occult Philosophy
Brutal ConcussionDestructionAttack5Occult Philosophy
DemolitionDestructionAttack5Occult Philosophy
Cascading RuinDestructionAttack6Occult Philosophy
ObliterateDestructionAttack6Occult Philosophy
Bring It DownDestructionAttack7Occult Philosophy
AnnihilateDestructionAttack8Occult Philosophy
CataclysmDestructionAttack9Occult Philosophy
RazeDestructionAttack10Occult Philosophy
Precognitive AttackDivinationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Precognitive DefenseDivinationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Reveal FateDivinationAttack1Occult Philosophy
Sense PerilDivinationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Anticipate AttackDivinationUtility2Occult Philosophy
PathfinderDivinationUtility2Occult Philosophy
See the EndDivinationUtility3Occult Philosophy
The Past RevealedDivinationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Third EyeDivinationUtility4Occult Philosophy
True NatureDivinationAttack4Occult Philosophy
Avert FateDivinationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Thwart DangerDivinationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Fateful BondDivinationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Mind LibraryDivinationUtility6Occult Philosophy
PremonitionDivinationUtility7Occult Philosophy
ScryingDivinationUtility8Occult Philosophy
True FindingDivinationUtility9Occult Philosophy
Cosmic AwarenessDivinationUtility10Occult Philosophy
Earth WalkerEarthUtility0Occult Philosophy
Stone GauntletEarthUtility0Occult Philosophy
BreastworkEarthUtility1Occult Philosophy
EnsnareEarthAttack1Occult Philosophy
Earth WaveEarthAttack2Occult Philosophy
Stone CallEarthUtility2Occult Philosophy
Granite SoldiersEarthUtility3Occult Philosophy
Secret of StoneEarthUtility3Occult Philosophy
Stone MergeEarthUtility4Occult Philosophy
Voracious EarthEarthAttack4Occult Philosophy
Crystal ShardsEarthAttack5Occult Philosophy
MorassEarthUtility5Occult Philosophy
FissureEarthAttack6Occult Philosophy
Wall of StoneEarthUtility6Occult Philosophy
Major EarthquakeEarthAttack7Occult Philosophy
Become the MountainEarthUtility8Occult Philosophy
Name of the MountainEarthUtility9Occult Philosophy
Crack the WorldEarthUtility10Occult Philosophy
Convincing WordEnchantmentAttack0Occult Philosophy
DistractionEnchantmentAttack0Occult Philosophy
AttractionEnchantmentAttack1Occult Philosophy
LoathingEnchantmentAttack1Occult Philosophy
Awaken PassionEnchantmentAttack2Occult Philosophy
RevulsionEnchantmentAttack2Occult Philosophy
DolorEnchantmentAttack3Occult Philosophy
Unreasoning HatredEnchantmentAttack3Occult Philosophy
ForbidEnchantmentAttack4Occult Philosophy
LureEnchantmentAttack4Occult Philosophy
Awaken HorrorEnchantmentAttack5Occult Philosophy
ZealEnchantmentUtility5Occult Philosophy
Awaken the HeroEnchantmentUtility6Occult Philosophy
DevotionEnchantmentAttack6Occult Philosophy
EnnuiEnchantmentAttack7Occult Philosophy
Self-DestructEnchantmentAttack8Occult Philosophy
Charm the MultitudesEnchantmentAttack9Occult Philosophy
True LoveEnchantmentAttack10Occult Philosophy
PrickFeyAttack0Occult Philosophy
TripFeyAttack0Occult Philosophy
FumbleFeyAttack1Occult Philosophy
Guiding SpriteFeyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Repel IronFeyAttack2Occult Philosophy
Iron to WoodFeyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Conventicle of BrowniesFeyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Raiment of StarsFeyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Damn Your EyesFeyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Vengeance of the Wee Free MenFeyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Call UnicornFeyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Strange DelusionsFeyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Deep SleepFeyAttack6Occult Philosophy
Reflecting PoolFeyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Lords and LadiesFeyUtility7Occult Philosophy
Gift of ImmortalityFeyUtility8Occult Philosophy
Cave of DreamsFeyUtility9Occult Philosophy
Imagine a Hidden KingdomFeyUtility10Occult Philosophy
Choking SmokeFireUtility0Occult Philosophy
Manipulate FlameFireUtility0Occult Philosophy
Blazing ColumnsFireAttack1Occult Philosophy
Sword of FireFireAttack1Occult Philosophy
Fire WalkFireUtility2Occult Philosophy
IgniteFireUtility2Occult Philosophy
Cloak of CindersFireAttack3Occult Philosophy
See Through the FlameFireUtility3Occult Philosophy
Fire ImpsFireUtility4Occult Philosophy
Living InfernoFireAttack4Occult Philosophy
Circle of FireFireAttack5Occult Philosophy
Rain of FireFireAttack5Occult Philosophy
Blood of the EarthFireAttack6Occult Philosophy
WildfireFireAttack6Occult Philosophy
Swarm of FireballsFireAttack7Occult Philosophy
Become the ConflagrationFireUtility8Occult Philosophy
Name of FireFireUtility9Occult Philosophy
Call Down the MountainFireAttack10Occult Philosophy
Carve the FleshForbiddenAttack0Occult Philosophy
Face RipForbiddenUtility0Occult Philosophy
Seal the CavityForbiddenAttack1Occult Philosophy
Serpent TongueForbiddenAttack1Occult Philosophy
Ghastly VisageForbiddenAttack2Occult Philosophy
Grotesque FantasiesForbiddenAttack2Occult Philosophy
Unruly OrgansForbiddenAttack3Occult Philosophy
VivisectionForbiddenAttack3Occult Philosophy
Spectacular ExpulsionForbiddenAttack4Occult Philosophy
Unspeakable GraftForbiddenUtility4Occult Philosophy
Bestow CorruptionForbiddenAttack5Occult Philosophy
Hook the SoulForbiddenAttack5Occult Philosophy
Effluvial BogForbiddenAttack6Occult Philosophy
Part Soul from FleshForbiddenAttack6Occult Philosophy
DesecrateForbiddenUtility7Occult Philosophy
PolutionForbiddenAttack8Occult Philosophy
Utter RuinForbiddenAttack9Occult Philosophy
ExtinctionForbiddenAttack10Occult Philosophy
Conceal ObjectIllusionUtility0Occult Philosophy
Obscuring CloudIllusionUtility0Occult Philosophy
BefuddleIllusionAttack1Occult Philosophy
DelusionIllusionAttack1Occult Philosophy
False HearingIllusionUtility2Occult Philosophy
Lasting ImageIllusionUtility2Occult Philosophy
SeemingIllusionUtility3Occult Philosophy
Tormenting HallucinationsIllusionAttack3Occult Philosophy
DisplaceIllusionUtility4Occult Philosophy
SendingIllusionUtility4Occult Philosophy
False InjuringIllusionAttack5Occult Philosophy
Waking NightmareIllusionAttack5Occult Philosophy
Improvised CastingIllusionUtility6Occult Philosophy
Mass ConcealmentIllusionUtility6Occult Philosophy
Accursed DoubleIllusionUtility7Occult Philosophy
Illusory LandscapeIllusionUtility8Occult Philosophy
Army of OneIllusionUtility9Occult Philosophy
Shape RealityIllusionUtility10Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the MessengerInvocationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the WatcherInvocationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Dwarf LordInvocationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Goblin KingInvocationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Storm QueenInvocationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Grand DruidInvocationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Robin PrinceInvocationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Laughing ScoundrelInvocationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the One-Eyed GodInvocationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Winter KingInvocationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Summer QueenInvocationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Death AngelInvocationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the DivinerInvocationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Dark LadyInvocationAttack6Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Witch-KingInvocationAttack6Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the ArchmageInvocationAttack7Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Great DragonInvocationAttack8Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the Ascended OneInvocationAttack9Occult Philosophy
Investiture of the DevilInvocationAttack10Occult Philosophy
Death WardLifeUtility0Occult Philosophy
Destroy DeathLifeAttack0Occult Philosophy
Bountiful VitalityLifeUtility1Occult Philosophy
Life SurgeLifeUtility1Occult Philosophy
Augmented VitalityLifeUtility2Occult Philosophy
Seed of LifeLifeUtility2Occult Philosophy
Eradicate the UncleanLifeUtility3Occult Philosophy
Fleeting LifeLifeUtility3Occult Philosophy
Restore BodyLifeUtility4Occult Philosophy
Mass HealingLifeUtility4Occult Philosophy
End SufferingLifeUtility5Occult Philosophy
InvigorateLifeUtility5Occult Philosophy
Heal AllLifeUtility6Occult Philosophy
Heal SoulLifeUtility6Occult Philosophy
House of HealingLifeUtility7Occult Philosophy
Raise the DeadLifeUtility8Occult Philosophy
Ashes to AshesLifeAttack9Occult Philosophy
Second LifeLifeUtility10Occult Philosophy
Reveal the Unspeakable TruthMadnessAttack0Occult Philosophy
SerenityMadnessUtility0Occult Philosophy
Aid from the Outer GodsMadnessUtility1Occult Philosophy
Black BreathMadnessAttack1Occult Philosophy
Dream WormMadnessAttack1Occult Philosophy
Forbidden KnowledgeMadnessUtility1Occult Philosophy
Dimensional TravelMadnessUtility2Occult Philosophy
Hoary TentacleMadnessAttack2Occult Philosophy
UnlightMadnessUtility2Occult Philosophy
Bedeviling ColorsMadnessAttack3Occult Philosophy
Eye of the Outer GodMadnessUtility3Occult Philosophy
Mind ShatterMadnessAttack3Occult Philosophy
Dark StarMadnessAttack4Occult Philosophy
Worms from the Ninth DimensionMadnessAttack4Occult Philosophy
Mad Piping of the Outer DarkMadnessAttack5Occult Philosophy
Lay Bare the Cosmic MysteriesMadnessUtility5Occult Philosophy
Chant of the LostMadnessAttack6Occult Philosophy
Night TerrorsMadnessAttack6Occult Philosophy
Cosmic SporesMadnessAttack7Occult Philosophy
Dimensional BanishmentMadnessAttack8Occult Philosophy
Mental FeastMadnessAttack9Occult Philosophy
The Old Ones AwakenMadnessAttack10Occult Philosophy
Fault in SteelMetalAttack0Occult Philosophy
Steel SkinMetalUtility0Occult Philosophy
Draw IronMetalUtility1Occult Philosophy
Pinning SpikeMetalUtility1Occult Philosophy
Memory of the ForgeMetalAttack2Occult Philosophy
Warding BucklerMetalUtility2Occult Philosophy
Iron CloudMetalAttack3Occult Philosophy
Riddle of SteelMetalUtility3Occult Philosophy
Animate MetalMetalAttack4Occult Philosophy
Spike BurstMetalAttack4Occult Philosophy
Adamantine ChainsMetalAttack5Occult Philosophy
Invincible PanoplyMetalUtility5Occult Philosophy
Iron BulwarkMetalUtility6Occult Philosophy
Ore ThrallsMetalUtility6Occult Philosophy
Destroy MetalMetalAttack7Occult Philosophy
ImperviousMetalUtility8Occult Philosophy
Iron GuardianMetalUtility9Occult Philosophy
River of Molten MetalMetalAttack10Occult Philosophy
Falling LeavesNatureUtility0Occult Philosophy
Grasping GrowthNatureAttack0Occult Philosophy
Green TongueNatureUtility1Occult Philosophy
Pollen BurstNatureAttack1Occult Philosophy
Poison IvyNatureAttack2Occult Philosophy
Thorny SkinNatureAttack2Occult Philosophy
Tumnescent PuffballsNatureUtility3Occult Philosophy
Plant AllyNatureUtility3Occult Philosophy
Toxic GrowthNatureUtility4Occult Philosophy
Sacred GroveNatureUtility4Occult Philosophy
Bramble HedgeNatureUtility5Occult Philosophy
ReincarnationNatureUtility5Occult Philosophy
Seasons PassageNatureUtility6Occult Philosophy
Call Nature's ProtectorNatureUtility6Occult Philosophy
AbundanceNatureUtility7Occult Philosophy
Rouse the WoodsNatureUtility8Occult Philosophy
Incarnate NatureNatureUtility9Occult Philosophy
Heal the LandNatureUtility10Occult Philosophy
Mark of the NecromancerNecromancyAttack0Occult Philosophy
Steal FaceNecromancyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Bone ArmorNecromancyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Charnel StenchNecromancyAttack1Occult Philosophy
Funeral ShroudNecromancyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Necromantic PowerNecromancyUtility2Occult Philosophy
KeeningNecromancyAttack3Occult Philosophy
Spectral ScytheNecromancyAttack3Occult Philosophy
Drown in MaggotsNecromancyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Soul BlightNecromancyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Animate Huge CorpseNecromancyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Call of the GraveNecromancyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Awaken GraveyardNecromancyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Embodiment of DeathNecromancyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Shed the Mortal CoilNecromancyUtility7Occult Philosophy
Unleash Bone MachineNecromancyUtility8Occult Philosophy
Undead LegionNecromancyUtility9Occult Philosophy
Undead PlagueNecromancyUtility10Occult Philosophy
Choose OutcomeOrderUtility0Occult Philosophy
Ordered StrikeOrderUtility0Occult Philosophy
Logic PrisonOrderAttack1Occult Philosophy
Ordered DefenseOrderUtility1Occult Philosophy
DemandOrderAttack2Occult Philosophy
Forbidden ZoneOrderUtility2Occult Philosophy
Command TruthOrderAttack3Occult Philosophy
SafeguardOrderUtility3Occult Philosophy
DepowerOrderAttack4Occult Philosophy
Mental StabilityOrderUtility4Occult Philosophy
Forceful SummonsOrderAttack5Occult Philosophy
Ordered SpaceOrderUtility5Occult Philosophy
Eradicate InfestationOrderAttack6Occult Philosophy
Strength from OrderOrderUtility6Occult Philosophy
Purge ChaosOrderUtility7Occult Philosophy
Imprisoned by Flawless LogicOrderAttack8Occult Philosophy
Voice of Ultimate AuthorityOrderUtility9Occult Philosophy
Restore RealityOrderAttack10Occult Philosophy
Lick your WoundsPrimalUtility0Occult Philosophy
Primal MightPrimalUtility0Occult Philosophy
Primal ScreamPrimalAttack1Occult Philosophy
Venomous FangsPrimalUtility1Occult Philosophy
Darting ClawPrimalAttack2Occult Philosophy
Swarmning AnimalsPrimalUtility2Occult Philosophy
Rabid BeastPrimalUtility3Occult Philosophy
Resilient BeastPrimalUtility3Occult Philosophy
Eagle's WingsPrimalUtility4Occult Philosophy
Legendary BeastPrimalUtility4Occult Philosophy
Primal BeastPrimalUtility5Occult Philosophy
SavageryPrimalAttack5Occult Philosophy
Call Arion ChargerPrimalUtility6Occult Philosophy
Call Primal ChampionPrimalUtility6Occult Philosophy
StampedePrimalAttack7Occult Philosophy
Primal RegentPrimalUtility8Occult Philosophy
Favor of the Horned LordPrimalUtility9Occult Philosophy
Create LifePrimalUtility10Occult Philosophy
Untouchable ObjectProtectionUtility0Occult Philosophy
Danger SenseProtectionUtility0Occult Philosophy
Binding ShacklesProtectionAttack1Occult Philosophy
Perfect TargetProtectionAttack1Occult Philosophy
ElectrifyProtectionUtility2Occult Philosophy
ScreenProtectionUtility2Occult Philosophy
Forceful RebukeProtectionAttack3Occult Philosophy
Magic TrapProtectionUtility3Occult Philosophy
Energy WardProtectionUtility4Occult Philosophy
Force ShieldProtectionUtility4Occult Philosophy
Entrapping GlobeProtectionAttack5Occult Philosophy
Protection from CorruptionProtectionUtility5Occult Philosophy
DenialProtectionUtility6Occult Philosophy
Stalwart DefenderProtectionUtility6Occult Philosophy
Reflective CubeProtectionUtility7Occult Philosophy
Ultimate SecurityProtectionUtility8Occult Philosophy
RefugeProtectionUtility9Occult Philosophy
True ProtectionProtectionUtility10Occult Philosophy
Rune of InvisibilityRuneUtility0Occult Philosophy
Rune of ProtectionRuneUtility0Occult Philosophy
Rune of ForceRuneUtility1Occult Philosophy
Rune of SufferingRuneUtility1Occult Philosophy
Detonating RuneRuneUtility2Occult Philosophy
Sickening RuneRuneUtility2Occult Philosophy
Rune of Calling RuneUtility3Occult Philosophy
Wall of RunesRuneUtility3Occult Philosophy
Pulsing GlyphRuneUtility4Occult Philosophy
Rune of ThunderRuneUtility4Occult Philosophy
Rune of SpeedRuneUtility5Occult Philosophy
Rune of the GiantRuneUtility5Occult Philosophy
Impregnable RuneRuneUtility6Occult Philosophy
Rune of WardingRuneUtility6Occult Philosophy
Rune of MadnessRuneAttack7Occult Philosophy
Runic InscriptionRuneUtility8Occult Philosophy
Rune of Damning LightRuneUtility9Occult Philosophy
Rune of AnnihilationRuneAttack10Occult Philosophy
Darkling's RaimentShadowUtility0Occult Philosophy
Steal ShadowShadowAttack0Occult Philosophy
Blinding BoltShadowAttack1Occult Philosophy
Darkening BladesShadowAttack1Occult Philosophy
Penumbral BladeShadowUtility2Occult Philosophy
Shadow SnakesShadowAttack2Occult Philosophy
Strangling TwinShadowAttack3Occult Philosophy
Things in the DarkShadowAttack3Occult Philosophy
Chilling DarknessShadowAttack4Occult Philosophy
Void TentaclesShadowAttack4Occult Philosophy
Enervating GloomShadowAttack5Occult Philosophy
Shadow HorrorShadowUtility5Occult Philosophy
NightfallShadowUtility6Occult Philosophy
Obsidian SerpentsShadowAttack6Occult Philosophy
Shadow GateShadowUtility7Occult Philosophy
ShadeShadowUtility8Occult Philosophy
EclipseShadowUtility9Occult Philosophy
Ravenous BlotShadowAttack10Occult Philosophy
Fllthy LimerickSongAttack0Occult Philosophy
Uplifting MelodySongUtility0Occult Philosophy
Cacophonous UtteranceSongAttack1Occult Philosophy
Stirring RefrainSongUtility1Occult Philosophy
Battle ChantSongUtility2Occult Philosophy
Rousing BalladSongUtility2Occult Philosophy
Infectious GrooveSongAttack3Occult Philosophy
Sorrowful DirgeSongAttack3Occult Philosophy
Maddening DroneSongAttack4Occult Philosophy
Swords to PlowsharesSongAttack4Occult Philosophy
Song of DiscordSongAttack5Occult Philosophy
Song of SeductionSongAttack5Occult Philosophy
Hymn of RebirthSongUtility6Occult Philosophy
Siren SongSongAttack6Occult Philosophy
Voice of ThunderSongAttack7Occult Philosophy
Heavenly ChoirSongUtility8Occult Philosophy
Blow your HornSongUtility9Occult Philosophy
Music of the SpheresSongUtility10Occult Philosophy
Feat of WillSoulUtility0Occult Philosophy
Focused StrikeSoulUtility0Occult Philosophy
Guarded SoulSoulUtility1Occult Philosophy
Leaf on the WindSoulUtility1Occult Philosophy
Soul to SoulSoulUtility2Occult Philosophy
Topple the MountainSoulUtility2Occult Philosophy
Introspective TranceSoulUtility3Occult Philosophy
Soul ShiversSoulAttack3Occult Philosophy
Quiet the SoulSoulUtility4Occult Philosophy
Trance of ExcellenceSoulUtility4Occult Philosophy
Confound the SoulSoulUtility5Occult Philosophy
Soul DissonanceSoulAttack5Occult Philosophy
Become the SoulSoulUtility6Occult Philosophy
Recall Former LivesSoulUtility6Occult Philosophy
Displace SoulSoulAttack7Occult Philosophy
Astral ProjectionSoulUtility8Occult Philosophy
TranscendenceSoulUtility9Occult Philosophy
EnlightenmentSoulUtility10Occult Philosophy
Frightful SpiritSpiritualismUtility0Occult Philosophy
Peer into the Spirit WorldSpiritualismUtility0Occult Philosophy
Call PoltergeistSpiritualismUtility1Occult Philosophy
Vexing SpiritSpiritualismAttack1Occult Philosophy
Lion SpiritSpiritualismUtility2Occult Philosophy
Spirit ThrallSpiritualismUtility2Occult Philosophy
Call PhantomSpiritualismUtility3Occult Philosophy
Horrifying SpiritsSpiritualismAttack3Occult Philosophy
Host of SpiritsSpiritualismUtility4Occult Philosophy
Horror of the Spirit WorldSpiritualismAttack4Occult Philosophy
Call SpecterSpiritualismUtility5Occult Philosophy
Tormenting SpiritSpiritualismAttack5Occult Philosophy
Spirit BindSpiritualismAttack6Occult Philosophy
Guiding SpiritsSpiritualismUtility6Occult Philosophy
Hero SpiritSpiritualismUtility7Occult Philosophy
Vision of the UnderworldSpiritualismAttack8Occult Philosophy
Dragon SpiritSpiritualismUtility9Occult Philosophy
Open the Underworld's GatesSpiritualismAttack10Occult Philosophy
DrenchStormUtility0Occult Philosophy
Electric Eel SkinStormUtility0Occult Philosophy
JoltStormAttack1Occult Philosophy
SleetStormUtility1Occult Philosophy
Ride the LightningStormAttack2Occult Philosophy
Storm BlessingStormUtility2Occult Philosophy
DelugeStormUtility3Occult Philosophy
ThunderboltStormAttack3Occult Philosophy
Cloud ChariotStormUtility4Occult Philosophy
SmogStormAttack4Occult Philosophy
Dancing LightningStormAttack5Occult Philosophy
Bind Storm GenieStormAttack5Occult Philosophy
Summon StormStormUtility6Occult Philosophy
Power of the StormStormUtility6Occult Philosophy
Lightning StormStormAttack7Occult Philosophy
Heart of WinterStormAttack8Occult Philosophy
Name of the StormStormUtility9Occult Philosophy
HurricaneStormUtility10Occult Philosophy
GatecrasherTechnomancyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Unfailing TrackerTechnomancyAttack0Occult Philosophy
Electrified ChainTechnomancyAttack1Occult Philosophy
Incandescent BombTechnomancyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Detonation MarblesTechnomancyAttack2Occult Philosophy
MinesTechnomancyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Dark HelmetTechnomancyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Watchful EyesTechnomancyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Artillery TurretsTechnomancyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Iron BootsTechnomancyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Bladed WhirligigTechnomancyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Gatkling GunTechnomancyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Wall of GearsTechnomancyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Stonebreaker BombTechnomancyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Steel TitansTechnomancyUtility7Occult Philosophy
Mobile FortressTechnomancyUtility8Occult Philosophy
DirigibleTechnomancyUtility9Occult Philosophy
World-Breaker BombTechnomancyUtility10Occult Philosophy
Block StrikesTelekinesisUtility0Occult Philosophy
Dragon SpiritTelekinesisAttack0Occult Philosophy
Deflecting ShieldTelekinesisUtility1Occult Philosophy
SeizeTelekinesisAttack1Occult Philosophy
SmashTelekinesisAttack2Occult Philosophy
Telekinetic LeapTelekinesisUtility2Occult Philosophy
Force MissleTelekinesisAttack3Occult Philosophy
Catch ProjectilesTelekinesisAttack3Occult Philosophy
HoverTelekinesisUtility4Occult Philosophy
Sweep AsideTelekinesisAttack4Occult Philosophy
Enemy to WeaponTelekinesisAttack5Occult Philosophy
Mind FistTelekinesisAttack5Occult Philosophy
ExplodeTelekinesisAttack6Occult Philosophy
Telekinetic MightTelekinesisAttack6Occult Philosophy
Mental ArmorTelekinesisUtility7Occult Philosophy
StopTelekinesisAttack8Occult Philosophy
ImplodeTelekinesisAttack9Occult Philosophy
Catastrophic OutburstTelekinesisAttack10Occult Philosophy
Empty MindTelepathyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Eyes of my EnemyTelepathyAttack0Occult Philosophy
AnticipationTelepathyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Gird MindTelepathyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Intellectual DefenseTelepathyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Rend MindTelepathyAttack2Occult Philosophy
FugueTelepathyAttack3Occult Philosophy
Shielded MindsTelepathyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Sever the SensesTelepathyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Unhinge the MindTelepathyAttack4Occult Philosophy
Cranial BurstTelepathyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Unassailable MindTelepathyUtility5Occult Philosophy
Restore MindTelepathyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Wipe the MindTelepathyAttack6Occult Philosophy
Brain DamageTelepathyAttack7Occult Philosophy
Mind ControlTelepathyAttack8Occult Philosophy
DominationTelepathyAttack9Occult Philosophy
Brain FireTelepathyAttack10Occult Philosophy
BlinkTeleportationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Short HopTeleportationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Bend SpaceTeleportationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Bury the HatchetTeleportationAttack1Occult Philosophy
Close the GapTeleportationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Relocate ObjectTeleportationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Phase OutTeleportationAttack3Occult Philosophy
SequesterTeleportationUtility3Occult Philosophy
DismemberTeleportationAttack4Occult Philosophy
Portable PortalTeleportationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Dimensional StabilityTeleportationUtility5Occult Philosophy
ExileTeleportationAttack5Occult Philosophy
Sigil RingTeleportationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Remove ObstacleTeleportationUtility6Occult Philosophy
DismantleTeleportationAttack7Occult Philosophy
CallingTeleportationAttack8Occult Philosophy
GatewayTeleportationUtility9Occult Philosophy
Reality ShiftTeleportationUtility10Occult Philosophy
Righteous SmiteTheurgyAttack0Occult Philosophy
Triumph of FaithTheurgyUtility0Occult Philosophy
Mantle of HolinessTheurgyUtility1Occult Philosophy
CensureTheurgyAttack1Occult Philosophy
OmenTheurgyUtility1Occult Philosophy
Divine ShieldTheurgyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Holy ArmamentsTheurgyUtility2Occult Philosophy
Angelic AidTheurgyUtility3Occult Philosophy
SalvationTheurgyUtility3Occult Philosophy
Altar of FaithTheurgyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Anoint the FaithfulTheurgyUtility4Occult Philosophy
Divine JusticeTheurgyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Forceful ConversionTheurgyAttack5Occult Philosophy
Paragon of FaithTheurgyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Holy GroundTheurgyUtility6Occult Philosophy
Purge the UncleanTheurgyAttack7Occult Philosophy
Heavenly HostTheurgyAttack8Occult Philosophy
MiracleTheurgyUtility9Occult Philosophy
ApocalypesTheurgyUtility10Occult Philosophy
ComsequenceTimeUtility0Occult Philosophy
RetryTimeUtility0Occult Philosophy
Borrowed TimeTimeUtility1Occult Philosophy
Time LoopTimeAttack1Occult Philosophy
Time SkipTimeUtility2Occult Philosophy
Timely WarningTimeUtility2Occult Philosophy
Halt TimeTimeUtility3Occult Philosophy
Major ParadoxTimeAttack3Occult Philosophy
Excellent AdventureTimeUtility4Occult Philosophy
Stolen MomentsTimeAttack4Occult Philosophy
Alter FortunesTimeUtility5Occult Philosophy
Time DisruptionTimeUtility5Occult Philosophy
Sever TimelineTimeAttack6Occult Philosophy
Time DilationTimeUtility6Occult Philosophy
Temporal BubbleTimeUtility7Occult Philosophy
Erase from ExistenceTimeAttack8Occult Philosophy
Stop TimeTimeUtility9Occult Philosophy
Time GateTimeUtility10Occult Philosophy
ChameleonTransformationUtility0Occult Philosophy
Weapon AppendageTransformationAttack0Occult Philosophy
DevolveTransformationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Venomous ShapeTransformationUtility1Occult Philosophy
Plant FormTransformationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Slime FormTransformationUtility2Occult Philosophy
Bear FormTransformationUtility3Occult Philosophy
Great Cat FormTransformationUtility3Occult Philosophy
HulkTransformationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Abundant AnimalsTransformationUtility4Occult Philosophy
Griffon FormTransformationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Monstrous FormTransformationUtility5Occult Philosophy
Giant FormTransformationUtility6Occult Philosophy
ShapeshifterTransformationUtility6Occult Philosophy
Wyvern FormTransformationUtility7Occult Philosophy
Basilisk FormTransformationUtility8Occult Philosophy
Dragon FormTransformationUtility9Occult Philosophy
BecomingTransformationUtility10Occult Philosophy
IcicleWaterAttack0Occult Philosophy
RimeWaterUtility0Occult Philosophy
CloudburstWaterUtility1Occult Philosophy
Water BurstWaterAttack1Occult Philosophy
Swirling MistWaterUtility2Occult Philosophy
Watery SerpentWaterAttack2Occult Philosophy
FloodWaterAttack3Occult Philosophy
Restorative WatersWaterUtility3Occult Philosophy
Wall of IceWaterUtility4Occult Philosophy
Watery FormWaterUtility4Occult Philosophy
Caustic WatersWaterAttack5Occult Philosophy
ParchWaterAttack5Occult Philosophy
Control WaterWaterUtility6Occult Philosophy
Seething SeaWaterAttack6Occult Philosophy
Elemental IceWaterUtility7Occult Philosophy
Become the SeaWaterUtility8Occult Philosophy
Name of WaterWaterUtility9Occult Philosophy
TsunamiWaterAttack10Occult Philosophy