The Great Mother's Brood | Victims of the Demon Lord

The Great Mother’s Brood expands on the information introduced in that sourcebook to give you everything you need to play a molekin adventurer. Grab your skin of mole milk and sharpen your claws. It’s time for the new age of the mole people!

Scions of Nature

Scions of Nature covers origins, communities, and options for Hamadryad characters to face off against the imminent darkness.

In Plain Sight | Victims of the Demon Lord

In Plain Sight reintroduces the ferren ancestry by building on the information found in the Demon Lord’s Companion.

Heavens Sent | Victims of the Demon Lord for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Heaven’s Sent explores the sylphs, offering new options for character creation, clarification of the ancestry rules, and new paths.