The Great Mother’s Brood

Victims of the Demon Lord for
Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Great Mother's Brood | Victims of the Demon Lord

Everyone knows of the dwarfs, cursed by the gods and doomed to scour the subterranean realms for gold and jewels, but what of the other creatures dwelling below? Although a recent quake has forced gnomes to crawl out of the dirt, coming into the light to deal with the mortal folks on the surface, the depths still hold troglodytes, goblins, and all sorts of weird things. But mole people? Madness. Right?

Wrong. Demon Lord’s Companion 2 drew back the curtain to reveal one of the most secretive peoples in the known world. The molekin carve out kingdoms in the deepest dark in societies where the strong hold all the power and the weak live as wretches. The Great Mother’s Brood expands on the information introduced in that sourcebook to give you everything you need to play a molekin adventurer. Grab your skin of mole milk and sharpen your claws. It’s time for the new age of the mole people!