Northern Reach Part 4: Lands in Shadow

Northern Reach, Part 4 continues the tour through the Empire’s last province by revealing details about Sixton. In this gazetteer, you’ll find an overview of the city, its history, key figures, and a look at developments that could shape the city’s future. Whether you intend to use this product for a single adventure or as the backdrop for an entire campaign, this detailed look at the Northern Reach is sure to breathe new life into the stories you tell on the edge of the Empire.

Paths of Honour: A supplement for WtWC RPG

Paths of Honour presents new options for players who believe in the Viking maxim: “It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you’ll only die tired”. Here the focus is on mad, bad and dangerous-to-know: driven heroes for whom living a long, prosperous life is pointless if they don’t build a reputation in the process.

The Great Mother's Brood | Victims of the Demon Lord

The Great Mother’s Brood expands on the information introduced in that sourcebook to give you everything you need to play a molekin adventurer. Grab your skin of mole milk and sharpen your claws. It’s time for the new age of the mole people!