Horror of Fangstone Mine

Horror of Fangstone Mine is an adventure for expert characters, the fifth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard: Q&A with Rob Schwalb

Why should you check out Weird Wizard? Is it different from Shadow of the Demon Lord? What does the future hold for the game beyond the Kickstarter? Who does Rob hold in most high esteem?

Get the answers to these questions and more!

When the Wolf Comes RPG

I recently announced that author & creator Ian Stuart Sharpe was bringing When the Wolf Comes to Schwalb Entertainment, a fresh sci-fi spin on the Shadow of the Demon Lord rules. I took the time out of Weird Wizard editing this week to sit down with Ian and dig into his what-if-the-Vikings-had-conquered-the-world setting: the Vikingverse.

When the Wolf Comes RPG
Shadow of the Weird Wizard enemies

From the start, I wanted to make it easy to use enemies in combat, while providing interesting options to make battle scenes more memorable. Some enemies might be fought in numbers, such as the green gorger, or fought alone, such as the dragon that appears after.