Falling Tears

An Adventure for Starting Characters
Return of the Witch King Campaign

Falling Tears: Starting Adventure for Return of the Witch King Campaign

Falling Tears unveils the long-awaited Return of the Witch-King campaign, an epic saga spanning eleven adventures. This narrative resurrects the most formidable adversary the mortal realm has ever faced: Ashrakal, the Witch-King. A sworn enemy of immortals, gods, faeries, fiends, and all who seek to subjugate mortals for their own immortal ends, Ashrakal will not rest until he has torn open the gates of the Underworld, unleashing chaos and destruction upon the world. In this perilous adventure, players will embark on a quest for survival amidst the ravages of a devastating war engulfing their homeland. Falling Tears plays best with a group of three to five starting characters.