Paths of Shame

Paths of Shame presents new options for players of When the Wolf Comes RPG

Paths of Shame: A supplement for WtWC RPG

Paths of Shame Lets You Play the Vikingverse’s Most Despised Outlaws

Paths of Shame presents new options for players who want to carve out a life of notoriety, without a care for what society thinks. Here the focus is on the despised: cowards, tricksters, brutes and ne’er do wells, from malcontents who have turned their back on the gods to simple criminals who seek shortcuts to wealth. Be warned, in the Vikingverse, the life of an outlaw is a grim one. Forcibly ejected from your home, you will be thrust into the frigid wilderness to live or die at the mercy of the Norn, and branded with one of the Marks of the Wolf presented here. Just like the Outlaw Expert Path in the main rulebook, none of the options presented here incur Shame automatically. However, they are likely to lead the players who chose them toward dark deeds and dubious decisions…


  • Apostate: Renegades who defy the divine order.
  • Forester: Exiles, forced to become master survivalists.
  • Mold Dweller: Grave robbers attuned to the dead.
  • Shadow Stalker: Insatiable grendelkin.
  • Slaver: Traffickers in thralls.
  • Spellbearer: Advocates of abundance and fecundity.


  • Court Rider: Necromancers, protected by shades.
  • Peaceless: Ruthless revolutionaries.
  • Siren: Enthralling denizens of the deep.
  • Wolf Skin: Geneticists who tamper with nature.