Northern Reach Part IV

Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Northern Reach Part 4: Lands in Shadow

Unveiling Sixton, Capital of the Northern Reach

On a high hill, just north of the Shield Mountains, stands the capital of the Northern Reach. The hill climbs from the relatively flat land in the northeast to a peak at the southwest, where the ground drops away to form a sheer cliff hundreds of feet tall. The towers of the wealthy crown the summit while the rest of the city’s population make do on the slopes, with the poor huddled in a press of slipshod buildings that cover the hillside. Once six separate communities, they’ve since unified, now boasting a population of some 60,000, with numbers growing each day as refugees flee the chaos of the Empire.

Northern Reach, Part 4 continues the tour through the Empire’s last province by revealing details about Sixton. In this gazetteer, you’ll find an overview of the city, its history, key figures, and a look at developments that could shape the city’s future. Whether you intend to use this product for a single adventure or as the backdrop for an entire campaign, this detailed look at the Northern Reach is sure to breathe new life into the stories you tell on the edge of the Empire.

To use this product, you need a copy of Shadow of the Demon Lord, available here!