Paths of Honour

Paths of Honour presents new options for players of When the Wolf Comes RPG

Paths of Honour: A supplement for WtWC RPG
“Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set, and no one can escape it”.
– Völsunga Saga
Paths of Honour presents new options for players who believe in the Viking maxim: “It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you’ll only die tired”. Here the focus is on mad, bad and dangerous-to-know: driven heroes for whom living a long, prosperous life is pointless if they don’t build a reputation in the process.
The paths described in this supplement represent the pinnacle of Norse might and mayhem. Each offers a fast track to renown and acclaim—and a high likelihood of an early grave. They include veterans who laugh in the face of certain death, athletes who risk life and limb in brutal gladiatorial sports, and traditionalists who hew to the old ways in defiance of modernity. Rather than pick up a rifle, these stalwarts rely on sticks, kicks, flags, explosives, cavalry charges and even harsh words to make their mark. As long as they remain true to their calling, they can expect to be fêted and idolized wherever they roam. More importantly, their deeds will be talked about long after they are gone, immortalised on runestones and in sagas.

To use these rules, you need a copy of When the Wolf Comes RPG, available here.

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