Shadow of the Weird Wizard Roleplaying Game

The Players’ Sourcebook

Shadow of the Weird Wizard: The Players' Sourcebook

Shadow of the Weird Wizard is a fantasy roleplaying game in which you and your friends assume the roles of characters who explore the borderlands and make them safe for the refugees escaping the doom that has befallen the old country. Unsafe are these lands: the Weird Wizard released monsters to roam the countryside, cruel faeries haunt the shadows, undead drag themselves free from their tombs, and ancient evils stir once more. If the displaced people would rebuild their lives, they need heroes to protect them. Shadow of the Weird Wizard provides everything players need to make characters and play the game, using an evolved version of Shadow of the Demon Lord. With this book, you can create a bold defender, champion of innocents, a cunning mage armed with eldritch secrets, a traveling bard, seeking knowledge of the world, and so much more. Shadow of the Weird Wizard, when paired with Secrets of the Weird Wizard, gives you a complete roleplaying game experience!