Find out the latest news and releases for Shadow of the Demon Lord and Godless from Schwalb Entertainment.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard: The Players' Sourcebook

In Shadow of the Weird Wizard, battle monsters, cruel faeries, and ancient evils with friends as you protect refugees escaping a doomed land in this roleplaying game based on an advanced ruleset of Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG.

Mother's Night: WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

Fleeing the destruction of Mímisbrunnr, the players must battle a weaver sent to repair the timelines— only to crash land in a distant era. Stranded in the heart of this heroic age, they must come to the aid of the legendary King Beowulf and spare his people the ravages of a terrifying dragon.

The Well of Fate | A WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

The Well of Fate is an adventure for Mythic Characters, the ninth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga for When the Wolf Comes RPG

Dungeon of the Damned-Looted Vaults

Descend into the abyss with Dungeon of the Damned, a chilling new campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Eleven levels of claustrophobic darkness await, teeming with unspeakable horrors, ingenious traps, and the promise of a bone-chilling truth at the bottom. This first chapter unveils the dungeon’s ominous entrance, its shadowed history, and the secrets lurking within the first level.

Falling Tears: Starting Adventure for Return of the Witch King Campaign

Falling Tears unveils the long-awaited Return of the Witch-King campaign, an epic saga spanning eleven adventures. This narrative resurrects the most formidable adversary the mortal realm has ever faced: Ashrakal, the Witch-King.