Northern Reach Part 4: Lands in Shadow

Northern Reach, Part 4 continues the tour through the Empire’s last province by revealing details about Sixton. In this gazetteer, you’ll find an overview of the city, its history, key figures, and a look at developments that could shape the city’s future. Whether you intend to use this product for a single adventure or as the backdrop for an entire campaign, this detailed look at the Northern Reach is sure to breathe new life into the stories you tell on the edge of the Empire.

Northern Reach Part III: Lands in Shadow

The importance of the Fall and how it divides the east from the west makes it an obvious stop on the tour through the Northern Reach, making part 3 of the Northern Reach series a great supplement to for a mini-setting or as part of the greater exploration of the area.

Northern Reach Part 2 | Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Northern Reach Part 2 takes a closer look, revealing strange places, characters of dubious quality, and myriad other awful things suited for a game of such unflinching brutality.

Northern Reach part 1 - Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Shadow of the Demon Lord uses the Northern Reach as the primary setting for adventures set in the game and offers a broad overview of the lands and its peoples.

March Lands | Lands in Shadow

March Lands details the militarized province in the southern Empire, offering insights into its history, its geography, and its people.