A Land of Dreams and Darkness

Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Land of Dreams and Darkness | Lands in Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

A Land of Dreams and Darkness: Lands in Shadow

Balgrendia offers mystery and terror to all who find themselves there, infested as it is with wicked faeries, horrific demons loosed from the Void, and other twisted monstrosities that defy description. The noisome swamps making up its coastlines, along with the dense, foreboding forests covering almost all the region, present natural obstacles few armies have been able to overcome. Thus, Balgrendia remains almost as it has since its first settlement: mostly wild and unsettled, free from outside influence, and subject to the crumbling Empire in name only.

This supplement pulls back the veil that shrouds Balgrendia, offering a detailed look at its history, lands, people, and secrets, making it the perfect backdrop for adventures and campaigns. Like other entries in the Lands of Shadow series, A Land of Dreams and Darkness provides you with the information to help bring the region to life, as well as providing players with the details they need to craft characters with backgrounds and connections rooted within the forsaken land.

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