Weight of the Underworld: Lands in Shadow

Weight of the Underworld: Lands in ShadowMortals with souls stained with corruption go to Hell. Most other souls sink down to the Underworld, a place of different horrors, of quiet misery, protracted grief. Here the torment is not punishment but erasure, as everything you are is eaten away by the coruscating wind. Should you awaken to see its grey deserts, rejoice, for you are not in Hell. Then despair, for other agonies await.

Weight of the Underworld joins the other installments of the Lands in Shadow series, each zooming in on one part of the world and providing you with the lore you need to realize the place in play. While most Lands in Shadow deal with places characters can easily reach, this entry examines a place no one wants to go but one where almost everyone winds up. Read on to discover the cold dread of the Underworld.

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City of Death: Lands in Shadow

City of Death: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGOn a peninsula that juts out into the Crescent Bay stands the northernmost member of the Confederacy of Nine Cities, Azūl, the City of Death. Steeped in dark tales, Azūl is a place few dare seek out let alone explore and earned its sinister reputation from its founder, the Witch-King Ashrakal, and from the Black Hand, an insidious guild of assassins who ascended to power in the city by bending the decadent and corrupt Guild Council to their will. Now, Azūl’s people live in terror of the assassins, who have infiltrated every level of society, their blades sharp and smeared with poison to dispatch anyone they deem traitor to the Mistress who rules.

In this entry in the Lands in Shadow series, City of Death examines one of the most sinister and frightening members of the Confederacy of Nine Cities. As with other installments, the information presented should serve as a starting point for bringing the city to life in your game. The details provided about the city and its inhabitants serve to spark your imagination for further developing the city to your liking. You should change anything you need to make this city yours.

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Freeholds of Nar: Lands in Shadow

Freeholds of Nar: Lands in ShadowOn the Empire’s northeastern edge, perched on the giant rocks that tumbled down into the swirling waters of the Auroral Ocean can be found the Freeholds of Nar. Once a string of fortresses belonging to the doughty dwarfs who mined, prying gold and jewel from the stone’s tight grip. The wealth unearthed and the skill of the artisans established the holds as a place of wonder and riches, a reputation that lasted until, one day, the ring of hammering went silent, the light of torches guttered out, and the dwarfs who had made the place their home disappeared.

Today, the Freeholds of Nar is a stark place of stubborn people. Founded by the desperate on the bones of the dead, each generation fears this year will be the year the Empire comes to bring them back under the lash. That fear has made them strong, but has also eaten at their minds and hearts. The Lands in Shadow series takes a closer look at the most important places on the continent of Rûl to give you what you need to explore these fantastical and often terrifying locations.

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