For Gold and Glory: Victims of the Demon Lord

For Gold and Glory: Victims of the Demon Lord

Since ancient times, those who dwell under hill and mountain have mystified the world. A people living apart from the other ancestries, fiercely independent, they dig into the bones of the earth to pry gold and gems from the unyielding stone. Called dwarfs for their short stature, their relationship with others in the world are oft marked by tumult and violence, frequently clashing with their neighbors over disputes both real and imagined. When not fighting the faerie or greedy men, the dwarfs fix their attention upon their work, carving out tunnels, hammering ore into weapons and armor of unsurpassed quality, and polishing gems until their brilliance rivals that of the sun.

But in these uncertain times, with the shadow spreading across the world, the dwarfs face new trials that beset them, new enemies boiling up from the darkness below and from the lands all around. One by one their mighty fortresses fall, forcing those who flee the destruction to seek haven as refugees in the realms of mankind until the day they can return to claim what is rightfully theirs.

For Gold and Glory examines dwarfs living in Rûl, revealing the secrets of their origins and how they fit into the tapestry of people who share these lands, providing those who want to play a dwarf character with the lore the need to flesh them out in detail. In addition, this supplement also offers character creation rules that, when used in place of those presented in the main rulebook, will help players develop a rich and interesting background to better ground their dwarf characters in the setting.

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Freeholds of Nar: Lands in Shadow

Freeholds of Nar: Lands in ShadowOn the Empire’s northeastern edge, perched on the giant rocks that tumbled down into the swirling waters of the Auroral Ocean can be found the Freeholds of Nar. Once a string of fortresses belonging to the doughty dwarfs who mined, prying gold and jewel from the stone’s tight grip. The wealth unearthed and the skill of the artisans established the holds as a place of wonder and riches, a reputation that lasted until, one day, the ring of hammering went silent, the light of torches guttered out, and the dwarfs who had made the place their home disappeared.

Today, the Freeholds of Nar is a stark place of stubborn people. Founded by the desperate on the bones of the dead, each generation fears this year will be the year the Empire comes to bring them back under the lash. That fear has made them strong, but has also eaten at their minds and hearts. The Lands in Shadow series takes a closer look at the most important places on the continent of Rûl to give you what you need to explore these fantastical and often terrifying locations.

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