Mother's Night: WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

Fleeing the destruction of Mímisbrunnr, the players must battle a weaver sent to repair the timelines— only to crash land in a distant era. Stranded in the heart of this heroic age, they must come to the aid of the legendary King Beowulf and spare his people the ravages of a terrifying dragon.

The Well of Fate | A WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

The Well of Fate is an adventure for Mythic Characters, the ninth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga for When the Wolf Comes RPG

Scar on the Sky: An adventure for Mythic Characters in When the Wolf Comes RPG

Lawspeaker Krapti Thorfridson has obtained vital information about the mysterious crimson cross, but to ensure his silence, the Sons of Ivaldi have kidnapped him and taken him to a secure facility. The player characters must attempt a daring rescue and, if they can evade the enemy fleet, prepare for a journey on the hel-roads.

Space Vikings: A Supplement for When the Wolf Comes RPG

Armed with the Space Vikings expanded rules, you can drengiliga go where no Norseman has gone before!