Space Vikings

A Supplement for When the Wolf Comes RPG

Space Vikings: A Supplement for When the Wolf Comes RPG

Space Vikings is a Supplement for When the Wolf Comes RPG

The Ginnungagap of When the Wolf Comes is sacred space, a primordial darkness lighted only by sparks and glowing masses of dying suns. The Space Vikings sourcebook takes you on a Viking voyage into this Yawning Void, where only master mariners and desperate outlaws steer their ships.

This book contains:

  • All Hands on Deck: Eight new paths to take to the stars including the dread Void King and the stout Shipwright.
  • Flying the Unfriendly Skies: New Viking warships to sail between the stars!
  • Stairway to Valhalla: New rules for fleet battles in the Gaping Abyss, boarding actions in microgravity and other ways to die a glorious death.
  • How to Train Your Drakkar: guidelines on owning your very own Viking vessel.Armed with the Space Vikings expanded rules, you can drengiliga go where no Norseman has gone before!

To use this adventure, you need a copy of When the Wolf Comes RPG, available here.

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