Frayed Ends offers a new way to show the cost of gaining Insanity in Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Between Life and Death: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Between Life and Death | Poisoned Pages | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGDeath comes for everyone eventually. Nothing else in life is certain but that it ends. In the lands of Rûl, however, circumstances can sometimes extend existence beyond death, allowing something of the person to remain. Liberated from the flesh, the spirit lingers, anchored to the world by strong emotion, a sense of duty, or some crucial task left unfinished. Such spirits become ghosts.

Between Life and Death presents new options for player characters who have met an untimely death in an adventure. When the cause is just, the responsibility too great to set aside, the character’s spirit can emerge from the remains and continue the struggle to right wrongs, dispense justice, and see the quest to its conclusion.

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Oddities, Artifacts, and Esoterica: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGOddities, Artifacts, and Esoterica: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Every interesting thing aims to provide your character with an object, experience, or situation to help make him or her unique. When you would gain an interesting thing, you can use the tables presented in Oddities, Artifacts, and Esoterica in place of those found in Shadow of the Demon Lord. If so, first roll a d20 to determine the type of interesting thing, which then directs you to the table or tables you use to determine the form your interesting thing takes.

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The Price of Evil: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Price of Evil: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGWith the world crumbling into ruin and chaos, and reality itself teetering on the brink of utter oblivion, there are those who find the temptation to embrace the darkness almost irresistible. After all, they will argue, if everything is hurtling toward annihilation, why shouldn’t we all indulge every desire and engage in whatever acts we choose, no matter how wrong or evil, without fear or care of what might come?

The Price of Evil explores the costs and consequences of characters’ evil actions by expanding on the Corruption rules as presented in Shadow of the Demon Lord. Using the variant rules in this supplement will strengthen the effect of Corruption in the game, building upon the horror of transformation and subversion by demonic influence until the characters become the very monstrosities they fight against.

This supplement joins other installments in the Poisoned Pages series by offering optional rules groups can use to enrich their play experience. Like the variant insanity and madness rules found in Unhinge the Mind, and the lasting scars and injuries in Battle Scars, the rules in this supplement are optional and should only be used if all the players and the GM are in agreement to incorporate them. Utilizing these variant rules brings the story element of the Demon Lord’s shadow even more forward as an active and terrifying force that can both aid and hinder the story’s protagonists.

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Do We Not Die?
Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Do We Not Die: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThere’s nothing noble about using poison. A weapon of the weak and powerless, it requires no skill at arms, no mastery of magic to use. With a vial of poison, anyone can end a line of kings or snuff out the ambitions of the most powerful wizard, or eliminate a key figure to bring a cult to its knees or disrupt trade across an entire region. Unsurprisingly, poison is feared throughout the Empire and beyond, and its use is forbidden in almost all civilized lands. To deal in poisons, to brew them, or to deploy them risks death, often by the most painful means.

Despite their deserved reputation, though, poison experts remain in high demand in the very same places where the trade has been forbidden. There’s always someone in need of killing, and alchemists, assassins, poisoners, and other practitioners of dangerous arts command high fees for their invaluable aid. Few people in the trade deal with their clients directly lest they be exposed, which would endanger their work, other customers, and most likely, their lives. Thus, they work through intermediaries who handle transactions or vet clients’ identities to ensure no intent toward the employer.

Do We Not Die? explores the sordid trade in poison in the black markets and seedy underworld of the Empire, offering an assortment of diabolical substances of mundane and magical origin, along with new spells that create and employ poison. Whether you are looking for an edge against a powerful enemy or for new options for your alchemist, assassin, or poisoner, this installment of Poisoned Pages makes the world of the Demon Lord a much more dangerous place.

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