Unhing the Mind: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Unhinge the Mind expands the existing Insanity and madness rules so they become a considerable part of the game, with far-reaching consequences for those who would confront the monstrous and grotesque.

Vine and Willow: Poisoned Pages

Vine and Willow have lost track of just how old they are; their creator built them during the Empire’s heyday and set them to work in Rûl’s forests, cutting timber and clearing land for settlement.

Flesh of the Fallen: Poisoned Pages

Flesh of the Fallen: Poisoned PagesFlesh of the Fallen: Poisoned Pages

Despite cultural objections, despite the prohibition by the old gods, despite the tugs of conscience one might feel in eating another person, there have always been those who indulge in this terrible taboo. This Poisoned Pages installment reveals the risks one faces by indulging in cannibalism in the ghoul ancestry. Supporting this horrid choice are two expert paths. While well suited to ghouls, any character with an interest in stealing the strength of the creatures they slay might benefit from becoming a consumer or collector.

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