Children of the Restless Earth: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Children of the Restless Earth: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon LordCreating the universe drove the genies mad. From the vaulted heights as makers of all things they fell, becoming less than their creations, slaves to those with the knowledge and power to compel them. Their collapse left their children to fend for themselves. The salamanders retreated to the volcanic Firepeaks, the undines fled to the depths of the Auroral Ocean, and the sylphs took to their palaces in the sky. The gnomes buried themselves under the mountains and remained in the caves and grottos for thousands of years.

The spread of the Demon Lord’s shadow has triggered calamities and catastrophes that have upset the natural order of things, such that havens have become tombs, cities are awash with blood, and monsters run loose in the countryside. No longer can people huddle in the dark; the time for hiding has come to an end, for the Demon Lord will devour all as it destroys the world. So, as the salamanders have begun to descend from their fiery peaks, so have the gnomes been dislodged from their cavernous homes to emerge blinking into the world they abandoned long ago.

This entry in the Poisoned Pages series, Children of the Restless Earth, reveals second of the elemental ancestries–gnomes– for play in Shadow of the Demon Lord.

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Tooth and Claw: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Tooth and Claw: Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGWe all wear masks. We wear them to conceal our true selves, to become what others expect us to be, navigating the murky waters of social interaction to forge relationships, find love, and avoid enemies.

For most of us, masks conceal uncertainties and doubts, ambitions and desires, and all the little secrets that make up what we think of as our true selves. For a few, masks conceal darkness, a dangerous beast just barely restrained by the chains of self-control. Sometimes, the chains break, the mask slips, and the horror begins.

Skinchangers in Shadow of the Demon Lord encompass a variety of shapeshifting creatures,from werewolves to ratmen and everything in between. The animal form a skinchanger adopts can be anything you need it to be without having to alter anything other than how it’s described.

For Game Masters, this approach provides a great deal of freedom, but from the perspective of players, especially those who contract the Skinchanger Curse, a bit more information can be helpful. This entry into the Poisoned Pages series takes a closer look at skinchangers, revealing their secret origins, how they spread their curse, and everything else you need to know to play a skinchanger character. Unleash the beast inside you and bark at the moon!

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