Of Monstrous Mien: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Of Monstrous Mien: Monstrous PagesThe misbegotten hybrids of strange unions, the results of bizarre conjurations, creatures warped through experimentation, alchemical effluvia, or the corrupting taint of the Void, monsters are often unique beings. Few monsters are members of entirely new species though some species have their origins in such beasts. Usually prone to fits of violent rage, monsters are driven by hunger, brutal instinct, and all-too-commonly pain wrought by their unnatural creation or existence. Whether found in the forsaken wilds, hidden laboratories, or areas polluted by alchemical toxins, most are thankfully solitary. Only in rare instances are several identical monsters created, those capable of fighting as a pack most likely to cooperate with each other.

Of Monstrous Mien builds on the information presented in Shadow of the Demon Lord by presenting a set of tools for customizing and building your own monsters. You will find all the basic monsters and tables to support their customization, which let you randomly determine the form and appearance of monsters, customizing the basic entries, though you can always choose results to suit your taste and needs for the story.

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Get Ready for Horrific Parasites!

Horrific Parasites: Monstrous PagesLurking in dark alleyways or hiding in plain sight on bustling streets, the enigmatic and damned creatures known as harvesters stalk and murder the innocent to fulfill peculiar needs. Named for their acts of killing and surgically removing organs, bones, and skin from their victims, harvesters have been horrific parasites on civilization for millennia.

Harvester bodies are literal patchworks of organs, limbs, and bones, none of which are their original parts. When an organ begins to fail, a harvester removes the damaged, diseased, or aged one, replacing it with one from a healthy “donor.” This grotesque practice grants them near immortality as they do not appear to age in any traditional sense—some harvesters are hundreds, even a thousand, years old—dying off only when they are caught and killed or when they are unable to replace a critical, failed organ.

Because harvesters never venture away from cities and towns, there is always ready supply of fresh organs from the unwitting populace. This entry in the Monstrous Pages series examines the harvesters and lays bare their secrets, revealing their origins, practices, and place in the lands of Rûl. Using the lore and rules in Horrific Parasites helps you make harvesters even more dangerous and terrifying!

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Forgeborn and Magicmade: New Monstrous Pages

Forgeborn and Magicmade: Monstrous Pages

From animated brooms zipping through the air to menacing suits of armor, lurching forward to bash intruders, from mechanical steeds to dancing statues, slithering rugs and aggressive wardrobes—all these, and so many more, represent constructs, a creature made by imbuing an ordinary object with magic to grant it locomotion and purpose, creating the semblance of life from unliving materials.

Constructs can be found through the lands of Rûl, as laborers toiling in fields or hauling cargo from ships, or as guardians, set to protect priceless treasures. Some act as steeds, companions, and entertainers, or serve in myriad other roles and capacities. The reasons for their creation are as varied as the often-eccentric individuals who create them, and thus constructs come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

Forgeborn and Magicmade explores constructs as they are found in Shadow of the Demon Lord, offering you a set of tools for creating and customizing them, as well as expanding the options for the forms they might take and the methods for their creation.

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Noisome Beasts: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

There are monsters everywhere. From the hideous lash crawlers creeping in the darkest places deep beneath the earth to the rampaging boggarts, driven by insatiable hunger and lust to terrorize the lands around them, there seems to be no end to the variation in form and intent when it comes to monstrous creatures. While most monsters tend to be unique beings, spawned from pools of stagnant magic or demonic influence, a few have emerged as true species, able to reproduce despite their unnatural origins.

Noisome Beasts explores some of the more famous breeds of monster to infest the world, specifically those that are noxious and toxic to creatures around them. In the following pages, you’ll find lore and customization options for the amphisbaena, basilisk, catoblepas, cockatrice, and the dreaded manticore.

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Odd Monsters: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Odd Monsters: Monstrous PagesMonsters abound in the lands of Rûl, from horrid, spiderlike lash crawlers to ferocious dragons, and everything and anything in between. Monsters encompass a wide range of creatures, but their inability to fit within the natural order and their strange capabilities unite them as a single kind. Most monsters are unique creatures, strange in form and erratic and aggressive in behavior.

Although some kinds, through frantic breeding, have established themselves as a species or, more rarely, as a people. Odd Monsters examines the boggarts, one of the most violent and rapacious peoples to trouble the Empire and whose incessant raids threaten to destabilize the crumbling nation’s frontiers. In these Monstrous Pages, you’ll find lore about their origins, behavior, and tactics, rules for customizing boggarts, and several variant boggarts such as the brag and magic-using buggane.

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