Foulest Reptiles: Monstrous Pages

Foulest Reptiles: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Foulest Reptiles: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGFoulest Reptiles reveals the secrets of the lizardmen, a degenerate race of reptilian humanoids that live on the edges of settled lands, and lays bare the true origins of these cruel and vicious people. Like other installments of the Monstrous Pages series, this supplement offers extensive lore about the creatures and expands on their abilities to provide you with even more customization options and variants.

In addition, Foulest Reptiles gives you rules for making unique lizardmen characters. Whether you intend to feature lizardmen as the principle villains in your adventure or you want to learn more about the world of Urth, this supplement is loaded with information for your Shadow of the Demon Lord games.

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