Lords of the Barrows: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Lords of the Barrows: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThough the First People have vanished from the face of Rûl, their monuments remain. From the Northern Reach to the tangled woodlands of Balgrendia, one can find weathered monoliths scrawled with runes, standing stones arranged in circles, and other ancient markers that hint at the societies that once thrived in these lands. But the darkest and most sinister of these edifices are undoubtedly the barrows, for under these grassy hills sleep the dead. Although these tombs promise riches and relics, they also threaten death, for the dead lie in restless slumber and any intrusion can call their souls back from the Underworld to vex the living in bodies rotted and wrecked. And once roused, these barrow wights remain, eager to punish the living for the crimes of their ancestors.

Lords of the Barrows joins other installments of the Monstrous Pages series and examines the undead most often associated with the First People: the barrow wights and their many horrid minions. In the following pages, you’ll find details on these creatures, their legions, and their lairs. Armed with this resource, Game Masters have everything they need to bring ancient evils to the fore in their games.

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False Lives: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

False Lives: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon LordIn the years leading up to the orc uprising, the Empire saw incredible innovation, as constructs and other mechanical beings emerged. Although their creation was prohibitively expensive for large-scale manufacturing, wealthy individuals could commission such wondrous devices to toil in mines, haul cargo off and onto ships, and perform whatever other labors they commanded. In Lij, clockworks joined the ranks of other mechanical beings, but rather than be powered by magic or engineering, they derived mobility from souls anchored to their unliving components.

Although some believe these marvels to be recent developments, the methods of their creation can be traced back to antiquity, to the time of the Edene and older, lesser-known peoples before them. The dreaded prometheans and the unstoppable golems embody such ancient artifice. And though the means to produce such entities lies far beyond the abilities of most magicians, the mighty spells remain hidden in old tomes and in the notes of the legendary scholars of magic who pioneered their creation.

False Lives joins the other entries in the Monstrous Pages series, examining beings created by magic and imbued with sentience. Here you’ll find new lore and variants for clockworks, golems, prometheans, and other constructs for use in Shadow of the Demon Lord.

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Wee Folk: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Wee Folk: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon LordFaeries come in all shapes and sizes, with dispositions that cover the spectrum from friendly to malicious. Best known are the dreaded hags nursing their spite and bitterness in seclusion, the magnificent lords and ladies of the hidden kingdoms, and cruel harpies and dreaded sirens who lure people to their dooms, but their ranks also include a raft of lesser beings of wildly varied form and capability. These minor faeries, sometimes called wee folk, might lend aid to mortals, performing chores and easing suffering in exchange for small gifts and favors. Others are as cruel and malicious as the wickedest devil, and take special pleasure in tormenting the hated mortals on the edges of settled lands. Who can know the minds of these immortals and the whys and hows behind what they do?

Wee Folk examines an assortment of minor faeries found in the hidden kingdoms and the mortal world to shed light on their strangeness, danger, and unpredictability. This supplement also revisits several faeries described in Shadow and other sourcebooks.

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Wretched and Unclean: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Wretched and Unclean: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGThey come in the night, the wretched and unclean, an unholy mob intent on murder and plunder. Their white bodies, eyes dark with hate, appear human, but they surrendered their humanity long ago and now are little more than monsters. The troglodytes steal supplies, carry off victims, and butcher everything they leave behind, smearing their bodies with the blood of their kill and lifting their voices into hooting cries to mock the wails of those they make suffer. Time and again, the peoples of the world above have tried to dig out these subterranean dwellers, but no expedition, no matter how well funded or supplied, has ever managed to clear them all away. The troglodytes always return.

Wretched and Unclean examines the lost and inbred descendants of the Men of Gog, called troglodytes by the people they harm. Inside these pages, you’ll find the secrets of this lost race of mankind, their motivations and their habits, along with a bevvy of new variations to bring them to the forefront of your campaigns!

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Forces of Nature: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Forces of Nature: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon LordUnthinking and uncaring, giants are more forces of nature than villains. Birthed long ago in the time of the Troll King, the consensus among the learned is that giants were enslaved, bred, created, or otherwise spawned to serve as war machines during the Troll Wars. Untouched by the degradations of their former masters, they trudge on, indulging in their base desires.

In this installment of Monstrous Pages, Forces of Nature examines giants in all their menace. From their uncertain origins to an overview of their strange beliefs and behaviors, in these pages you will find everything you need to let loose these brutes to stomp across your campaign. This entry also expands on giants by providing customization options and abhorrent new breeds. Read on and create nasty, brutish, and gigantic encounters your players will soon not forget.

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