Odd Monsters: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Odd Monsters: Monstrous PagesMonsters abound in the lands of Rûl, from horrid, spiderlike lash crawlers to ferocious dragons, and everything and anything in between. Monsters encompass a wide range of creatures, but their inability to fit within the natural order and their strange capabilities unite them as a single kind. Most monsters are unique creatures, strange in form and erratic and aggressive in behavior.

Although some kinds, through frantic breeding, have established themselves as a species or, more rarely, as a people. Odd Monsters examines the boggarts, one of the most violent and rapacious peoples to trouble the Empire and whose incessant raids threaten to destabilize the crumbling nation’s frontiers. In these Monstrous Pages, you’ll find lore about their origins, behavior, and tactics, rules for customizing boggarts, and several variant boggarts such as the brag and magic-using buggane.

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Slaves in Death: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Slaves in Death: Monstrous PagesOne of the most feared and hated traditions of magic is Necromancy, for it exists in flagrant opposition to the wheel of life, allowing the living to refuse Father Death’s call and remain in the world long after the body has failed. The undead of Urth trace their origins to this sordid art, many standing as examples of misguided and botched experiments to bind the soul to the world. In many cases, the efforts simply failed, and the magic used functioned instead as an animating force, power that imbued cold flesh with mobility and made these rotting puppets subject to their caster’s will. While more powerful magic came of these initial efforts, many necromancers still rely on these crude spells to create servants, soldiers, or even disturbingly, lovers.

Slaves in Death, an entry in the Monstrous Pages series, sheds light on the secrets of animated corpses, the basest foot soldiers in the armies of the dead. Not only is there more information on how they come into being and the role they play, several variations are included to expand their presence and utility in the game. As well, an assortment of Necromancy spells supplements those in the main rulebook so players can take full advantage of the information contained herein.

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