Doomcraft presents new crafts and a variety of Paths of Mystery for players of When the Wolf Comes RPG

Doomcraft: A supplement for When the Wolf Comes

Doomcraft Expands the VikingVerse’s Magic Content

This Doomcraft supplement introduces two new crafts, twenty eight spells and five new artifacts to When the Wolf Comes, presenting new options for players to build characters. Here, the focus is on philosophers and zealots, starting with the Seeker path: a new novice path allowing players to pursue a vocation full of apocalyptic hype and Armageddon fever. This expansion also offers a variety of Paths of Mystery that cater for a variety of evangelists and doomsayers, supplicants and scaremongers.


  • Seeker: Mystics hoping to communicate with the divine.


  • Boon Caller: Ritualists who perform magic by the book.
  • Year Walker: Occultists who peer into alien realms.


  • Charmer: Creators of talismans and trinkets.
  • Dayspring: Guardians of renewal and rebirth.
  • Dearling: Miracle workers, called by the Kristinn God.
  • Fiend: Dread binders of the ineffable.
  • Gold Mouth: Smooth-tongued sorcerers.
  • Juggler: Monstrous geometrists.
  • Moon Snatcher: Merciless hunters.
  • Solar: Astromancers, who wield the power of light.
  • Star Gazer: Astronomers who aim to understand creation.
  • Trembler: Dvergar who dance to divine music.