Of Monstrous Mien: Monstrous Pages

Of Monstrous Mien: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Of Monstrous Mien: Monstrous PagesThe misbegotten hybrids of strange unions, the results of bizarre conjurations, creatures warped through experimentation, alchemical effluvia, or the corrupting taint of the Void, monsters are often unique beings. Few monsters are members of entirely new species though some species have their origins in such beasts. Usually prone to fits of violent rage, monsters are driven by hunger, brutal instinct, and all-too-commonly pain wrought by their unnatural creation or existence. Whether found in the forsaken wilds, hidden laboratories, or areas polluted by alchemical toxins, most are thankfully solitary. Only in rare instances are several identical monsters created, those capable of fighting as a pack most likely to cooperate with each other.

Of Monstrous Mien builds on the information presented in Shadow of the Demon Lord by presenting a set of tools for customizing and building your own monsters. You will find all the basic monsters and tables to support their customization, which let you randomly determine the form and appearance of monsters, customizing the basic entries, though you can always choose results to suit your taste and needs for the story.

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