Latest releases from Schwalb Entertainment!

SDL2307_Crawling Sea

 The Crawling Sea introduces an entirely new and awful threat of such potency that it can draw the Shadow onto itself and blight the world.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard $230k Pledged

The Shadow of the Weird Wizard Kickstarter is live! Enter a magical realm darkened by the Shadow of the Weird Wizard using an evolution of the rules from Shadow of the Demon Lord!

Northern Reach Part III: Lands in Shadow

The importance of the Fall and how it divides the east from the west makes it an obvious stop on the tour through the Northern Reach, making part 3 of the Northern Reach series a great supplement to for a mini-setting or as part of the greater exploration of the area.

Burning Sensation | An Expert Mission for PunkApocalyptic RPG

Burning Sensation is a mission for Expert Mercs in the Tales of Murder and Mayhem campaign for PunkApocalyptic: The RPG.