Latest releases from Schwalb Entertainment!

Let's Drop Acid: An Expert Merc Adventure

Let’s Drop Acid is the fourth mission in the Tales of Mayhem and Blood campaign for PunkApocalyptic: The RPG. Designed for a team of three-to-five mercs, the characters find themselves hot on the heels of a renegade Reichsmarshal planning a desperate action to turn the Wasteland against all mutants. Remember, you need PunkApocalyptic: The RPG to use this, and it’s intended for an audience old enough to curse but not so old to be offended.

Mother's Night: WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

Fleeing the destruction of Mímisbrunnr, the players must battle a weaver sent to repair the timelines— only to crash land in a distant era. Stranded in the heart of this heroic age, they must come to the aid of the legendary King Beowulf and spare his people the ravages of a terrifying dragon.

The Well of Fate | A WtWC Adventure for Mythic Characters

The Well of Fate is an adventure for Mythic Characters, the ninth chapter in the Thought & Memory Saga for When the Wolf Comes RPG