Forbidden Fruits: A Shadow of the Demon Lord Adventure for Expert Characters

Forbidden Fruits: Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon LordTrouble has come to the door of Bleak’s Faste, a stronghold built to protect the common peoples living in and around the Dark Forest. Beastmen have stepped up their attacks, raiding the trails and roads in a relentless assault that has kept the stronghold’s soldiers on the defensive. To make matters worse, the expected supplies from a nearby commune have yet to arrive; unless they come soon, the soldiers will become too hungry to keep the howling, cackling hordes at bay.

Forbidden Fruits explores the mortal peril that the growing darkness poses to even the most virtuous of people. Anyone can be warped into debauchery and madness when they dwell in lands on which the shadow falls. The group completes this adventure by stopping the corrupted communers, preventing further infestation, and delivering the needed goods to Bleak’s Faste.

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Feast of the Father: An Adventure for Expert Characters

Feast of the Father: An Adventure for Expert CharactersSmall towns and settlements dot the coasts and wilds of the Empire, and the people living in them have learned to eke out a meager existence in what is often a harsh and unforgiving environment. Some people turn to local traditions and faiths to keep them safe, others invent them to suit their needs. One such place is the town of Argron’s Dock, where the locals have taken to worshipping a small god they call The Father. Today is a holy day, a time of great celebration, when the people can give thanks to the Father’s bounty and receive his gifts as they have since they first embraced him as their lord and savior.

Feast of the Father is an adventure for expert characters who happen upon Argron’s Dock during their travels. By interacting with the locals, the group learns festivities are to take place, and the townsfolk invite them to participate. Exploring the town and interacting with the unhinged people living there should provide ample warning of the danger lying in wait. The characters complete the adventure when they discover what is truly going on and unmask the horror lurking behind the god’s mask.

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The Gorgon’s Tears: An Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Gorgon's Tears | Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon LordAshrakal the Witch-King had many brides when he ruled in ages past, queens whose beauty and cruelty surpassed any in his kingdom. For their vanity, the Witch-King cursed them to become gorgons, binding them to his will and service through bonds of dark magic. Of these queens, Lachrymosa was regarded as the most cunning, a reputation she secured when she slipped away to the north as the Witch-King succumbed to the swords and spells of the Kalasans. She fortified a place for herself among the petty kingdoms she found there. Over the centuries, she stayed in the shadows, preferring to move her own pawns in the games she plays with her sister-brides across the face of Rûl.

The unrest created by the emperor’s apparent death offers opportunities for even greater power for those with the will and strength to seize it. Lachrymosa, hoping to exploit this time of chaos, has begun the process to undo the curse that weighs heavily upon her, to free her from the darkness in which she lives to stake her claim on the north as a new and terrible Witch-Queen.

The Gorgon’s Tears is an adventure for expert characters that might either introduce a major player back into the politics of the world under the Shadow of the Demon Lord, or strike a blow against the darkness by eliminating her. It makes for an ideal bridge between expert and master levels of play. The characters complete the adventure when they confront Lachrymosa in her lair and either defeat her or join her in conquering the city under which she lives.

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Beware the Tides of Karshoon: A Shadow of the Demon Lord Adventure for Expert Characters

Beware the Tides of KarshoonIn Gateway, the oldest city in the Northern Reach, a dead pirate’s vengeful curse has seized a poor neighborhood in a fearful grip. The people of Bilgewater have been beset by many ills, including mysterious thefts and unexplained occurrences. The recent destruction of a school by a rogue wave, including the loss of its students and teacher, was a devastating blow to the neighborhood. Worse still, folk have been torn apart in broad daylight before screaming witnesses, their bodies devoured in bloody chunks by invisible demons.

Beware the Tides of Karshoon is an adventure for expert characters called on to deal with the curse. The characters must uncover the source of the troubles plaguing Gateway and put a stop to them—but all is not as it seems…

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Next month, if the stars are right, Tales of the Demon Lord will creep forth from its dank cave and slither into inboxes everywhere. A full campaign and setting in a 48-page PDF, with an option to POD, Tales provides you with everything you need to take a group of characters from their common origins to the highest level in play and, with luck and sacrifice, those characters might just be able to avert the annihilation that threatens to devour the world. From encounters with hideous pig thieves, gigantic machine men with arm cannon, cultists, and demons loosed from the Void, the characters, if they would survive, must be hardy of body and firm of mind. Interested? Well, read on and I’ll tell you more about it.


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