Let's Drop Acid: An Expert Merc Adventure

Let’s Drop Acid is the fourth mission in the Tales of Mayhem and Blood campaign for PunkApocalyptic: The RPG. Designed for a team of three-to-five mercs, the characters find themselves hot on the heels of a renegade Reichsmarshal planning a desperate action to turn the Wasteland against all mutants. Remember, you need PunkApocalyptic: The RPG to use this, and it’s intended for an audience old enough to curse but not so old to be offended.

White Out: An Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

White Out presents a challenging adventure for a group of expert characters trapped in a dangerous place where they must wait out a blizzard. The adventure ends when the storm abates, preferably with the various mysteries solved and the threat hidden among them and the other survivors neutralized. Although set in the Blasted Lands, you can adapt this adventure for any setting during a harsh winter season.

Suffer None to Live | Expert Adventure

In this short adventure, the group must act quickly if they would save innocent lives from torture, mutilation, and far worse.

Little Horror House on the Prairie | Schwalb Entertainment

Join Grandpa for a short Shadow of the Demon Lord adventure for a group of expert characters.