City of Thieves: Lands in Shadow

City of Thieves: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

City of Thieves: Lands in Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGAlong the southernmost reach of the Crescent Bay, a jumbled city covers a narrow, jagged peninsula, like a scab that just won’t heal right. The city of Pruul was once a shining jewel with great wealth, power, and influence that equaled or even exceeded the other cities of the Confederacy of the Nine, of which it is a member. But the city’s relentless greed and avarice caused it to tear itself apart, as a tiny minority of rich got richer, and the massive majority of the poor got poorer. In the aftermath of bloody riots that brought down the city’s ruling elite, criminals and other unsavory elements filled the power vacuum as the only form of stability and order. Although a hollow shell of its former glory, Pruul, now known as the City of Thieves, serves as a hub for rogues, pirates, brigands, escaped slaves, debtors fleeing their debts, and a variety of other misfits and miscreants.

This installment of the Lands in Shadow series provides a lawless place with its own dangerous and obscure rules—a city where anyone with sharp wits and a sharper knife can carve out their own destiny. As with the other installments in this series, the information presented here serves as a starting point for bringing the city to life in your game. The details provided are intended to spark your imagination for customizing the setting to your liking, and you should certainly change anything you see fit in order to make it your own.

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