Uncommon Courage: Victims of the Demon Lord

Uncommon Courage: Victims of the Demon LordIn a world beset in deepening shadow, with the constant threat of rampaging beastmen, ravenous ogres gorging themselves on whatever they can catch, and weird monsters creeping in the gloaming searching for prey, the gentle and bucolic halflings seem almost out of place. A people famous for their good-natured manners and peace-loving ways, as well as their uncanny luck, halflings have done their best to avoid the troubles in the world, keeping fast to the idyllic lands in which they have settled.

But in these troubled times, such isolation is becoming increasingly impossible. If any people would hold onto their customs, their ways of living, and, indeed, their very families, they must stand up and be counted, and take up arms in the struggle against the evil unfurling its wings across the world. Despite the fortune that has blessed them, the halflings are no longer an exception to this.

Building upon the information found in Demon Lord’s Companion, Uncommon Courage provides new details about halflings by describing them as a people, giving details about their lifestyles and homes, and discussing how they fit into the wider world, so that players and GMs can make the most of this interesting and compelling ancestry.

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Between Two Worlds: Victims of the Demon Lord

Between Two Worlds: Victims of the Demon LordThe faeries surrendered their lands to the mortals when they withdrew to their hidden kingdoms, but they left behind much of themselves. From the graceful white spires found across the northern lands to oddly carved stones, elf hills, and unpredictable crossroads, fingerprints of the immortals can be found all across Rûl and beyond. More than their monuments, though, the faeries left behind people. Many who remained did so by choice, being unwilling to give up all they knew to unworthy heirs. A few, such as the goblins, were cast out. Some, though, were victims of their heritage, living between the two worlds and not quite belonging to either one. These people became the fauns, mortals who lived too long among the faeries or who were sired by them. Their unusual appearance and reclusive natures have led others to shun them, to drive them to the edges of the settled lands, and, sadly, to persecute them for no reason other than their unusual heritage.

Between Two Worlds takes a closer look at the fauns introduced in the Demon Lord’s Companion, revealing new lore about their origins, details on how they fit into the world, and extensive character creation rules to help you develop intricate backgrounds for your faun characters.

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Born to Kill: Victims of the Demon Lord

For many centuries, orcs were the backbone of the Empire’s military might. They were also possibly its greatest liability, with resentment constantly brewing within the orc ranks at being treated as slaves and expendable pawns, commanded by leaders for whom they had little respect:  weak and cowardly magicians, contemptuous and cruel generals, and effete and capricious nobility. Many warned that one day the orcs would break their chains and shackles, and rise up in fury to seek bloody vengeance against their tormentors.

But the Empire did not heed these warnings. There was always a new threat to fight: beastmen invading across the borderlands, insurrection in the Nine Cities, and the ever-present undead threat from the north. At the very least, the Empire should have prepared for the possibility of an orc uprising, or begun to make some kind of amends for the evils it perpetrated upon the orcs for the sake of its prosperity and security.

Because the terrible day all feared has come, and now the Empire burns.

Born to Kill joins the other installments of the Victims of the Demon Lord by presenting orcs in all their blood-soaked glory. In its pages, you’ll find more information about the orcs’ origins, their place in their world, and how they won their liberation. Furthermore, Born to Kill offers variant character creation rules to produce highly detailed orc characters, as well as a brutal new expert path: the ravager!

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Snot and Stitches: Victims of the Demon Lord

Snot and Stitches: Victims of the Demon LordStrange in habit, bizarre in appearance, notorious thieves, liars, and even murderers, goblins live on the tattered edges of civilization. Since being driven out from the hidden kingdoms, they have made their way in the mortal world. As exiles and freaks, goblins are tolerated—but only just. They make their homes wherever they can, whether in the forests and hills of the countryside or in the sewers and rubbish heaps of the cities.

Still, no matter how hard their lives or how filthy or foul their homes, goblins hold their heads high, knowing they are more than they appear. Goblins have the will and ingenuity to turn a bad situation to their advantage. They might be a wretched people, but they embrace their wretchedness. They seem to revel in squalor, never bothered by the muck and grime, nor do they shirk from foul acts to gather food, clothing, and shelter.

Snot and Stitches peers into the stinking and strange world of the goblins, revealing their origins and how they fit into the world. This supplement also offers detailed character creation rules to help you develop intricate backgrounds for your goblin characters.

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For Gold and Glory: Victims of the Demon Lord

For Gold and Glory: Victims of the Demon Lord

Since ancient times, those who dwell under hill and mountain have mystified the world. A people living apart from the other ancestries, fiercely independent, they dig into the bones of the earth to pry gold and gems from the unyielding stone. Called dwarfs for their short stature, their relationship with others in the world are oft marked by tumult and violence, frequently clashing with their neighbors over disputes both real and imagined. When not fighting the faerie or greedy men, the dwarfs fix their attention upon their work, carving out tunnels, hammering ore into weapons and armor of unsurpassed quality, and polishing gems until their brilliance rivals that of the sun.

But in these uncertain times, with the shadow spreading across the world, the dwarfs face new trials that beset them, new enemies boiling up from the darkness below and from the lands all around. One by one their mighty fortresses fall, forcing those who flee the destruction to seek haven as refugees in the realms of mankind until the day they can return to claim what is rightfully theirs.

For Gold and Glory examines dwarfs living in Rûl, revealing the secrets of their origins and how they fit into the tapestry of people who share these lands, providing those who want to play a dwarf character with the lore the need to flesh them out in detail. In addition, this supplement also offers character creation rules that, when used in place of those presented in the main rulebook, will help players develop a rich and interesting background to better ground their dwarf characters in the setting.

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