Weight of the Underworld: Lands in Shadow

Weight of the Underworld: Lands in ShadowMortals with souls stained with corruption go to Hell. Most other souls sink down to the Underworld, a place of different horrors, of quiet misery, protracted grief. Here the torment is not punishment but erasure, as everything you are is eaten away by the coruscating wind. Should you awaken to see its grey deserts, rejoice, for you are not in Hell. Then despair, for other agonies await.

Weight of the Underworld joins the other installments of the Lands in Shadow series, each zooming in on one part of the world and providing you with the lore you need to realize the place in play. While most Lands in Shadow deal with places characters can easily reach, this entry examines a place no one wants to go but one where almost everyone winds up. Read on to discover the cold dread of the Underworld.

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Blood Will Run: An Adventure for Novice Characters

Blood will Run: An Adventure for Novice CharactersThe devils watch the mortal world from their infernal realm, always scheming to sink their claws into mortal souls, to turn people from the path of light and virtue to one of darkness and corruption. They tempt, deceive, offer unrivaled treasures and delights, and whisper terrible truths no mortal is meant to know, all to foster the evil they require to gain ownership over the souls, dragging them down into Hell’s depths where the souls face an exquisite agony only the devils can create.

Darkness has come to Cheqwood, a mere speck of a town on the edges of an enchanted wood, a place steeped in the old magic of the fey folk that now stands on the precipice of annihilation thanks to the attentions of the devils and their cruel machinations. With beastmen stalking the countryside, ghosts loosed from the Underworld to haunt the lands of the living, children mysteriously vanishing, and a curious stranger named the Bonesmith, the rising tensions might very well cause the hard-won peace of this frontier community to unravel into violence and death.

Blood Will Run is an adventure for novice characters. In it, the group becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the disappearance of twin boys and the theft of a valuable blade. The deeper the characters investigate, the more horror they uncover until they can drag the true villain into the light.

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