Murder by Numbers

Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Despite outward appearances, the Correct harbor something foul and murderous

In a world awash with magic—both beneficial and foul—and seemingly ruled by the whims of powers beyond the pale, some cults defy these explanations of the universe. Some believe that people, be they mortals, gods, or even demons, are subject to an even greater truth. Known by many names—the Samaian Cult, the White and Silent Monks, or the Strangers—the followers of the philosopher Sama call themselves the Correct. Often they are mistaken as some wandering monastic order devoted to the New God with interest in unlocking holy truths through mathematical mysticism and astrology, but this is not the case.

Murder by Numbers details the Correct, their beliefs, their practices, and their true motivations, as well as various ways you can weave them into your Shadow of the Demon Lord games.

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