I’ve talked a bit about making characters and the nuts and bolts of the game system. Today, I want to talk a bit about missions and advancement. In PunkApocalyptic: The RPG,your team goes on missions. You might help fortify a settlement against a murderous biker gang, root around in the ruins of an old town for a critical piece of salvage while contending with mutant bastards that want nothing more than to make a meal of your friends. You could tangle with weird cultists dedicated to the god, Tex’co, or go to war against a cell of V Reich fuckers in the ruins of an old shopping mall.

When you complete a mission, you get something for your trouble. At certain mission numbers, you get to make a path choice. You choose a novice path when you finish your first mission, an expert path after your third, and a master path after your seventh. Each choice lets you develop your character in new and different ways, such that you might become a builder after your first mission, then become a wastelander after your third, and go all out road hog when you finish your seventh. Paths have no requirements, so you can develop your character in whatever makes sense in your story.

To give you a taste of the supreme hotness lurking inside this game, here are a few pieces of the builder path. The text hasn’t been edited yet, so be kind!

Paths of Battle: Paths of Shadows for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Paths of Battle for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Paths of Battle continues the Paths of Shadows series, which was launched to examine and expand on the expert paths presented in Shadow of the Demon Lord. This supplement focuses on paths allowing characters to develop their martial skills, and presents again the berserker, fighter, paladin, and ranger, each gaining new background options to help players better fit them into the game. Several paths also gain new benefits to make them even more appealing as potential character options.

Finally, Paths of Battle introduces the knight, a brand new path for characters devoted to protecting the innocent and championing noble causes as the Shadow looms ever larger. Do you have what it takes to fight the Demon Lord with cold steel and gritty determination?

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Paths of Power: Magical Paths for Shadow of the Demon Lord Role Playing Game

Paths of Power: Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGA field of magical energy envelops Urth and spreads out across the cosmos. A residual force left from the act of creation that brought this reality into being, this energy is the cause of nearly all the strangeness found in the world: from the bizarre monsters spawned within the foul slicks pooling in caves deep under Blötland to the hidden kingdoms of the faeries; it is responsible for the floating lands above the Desolation and countless other oddities one encounters when traveling the lands of Rûl and beyond.

This energy has even been harnessed and channeled into the creation of artifacts and relics of wondrous and terrible power. More common, however, than all of these supernatural phenomena and wonders are spells: magical effects discovered, codified, and devised by those people who make a study of magic in its many forms. From the destruction of the fireball spell to the awful glory of hateful defecation, spells offer staggering power to those individuals with the patience, cunning, and will to learn them.

The Paths of Shadows series expands and updates certain paths from Shadow of the Demon Lord to create new variations and possibilities. Paths of Power deals with the sorcerer, spellbinder, warlock, and wizard, and in most cases offers upgrades and enhancements to make them even more exciting to play. In addition, this supplement introduces a new path: the occultist, a dreaded devotee of dark magic, who peers into places others fear to look.

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