Forces of Nature: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Forces of Nature: Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon LordUnthinking and uncaring, giants are more forces of nature than villains. Birthed long ago in the time of the Troll King, the consensus among the learned is that giants were enslaved, bred, created, or otherwise spawned to serve as war machines during the Troll Wars. Untouched by the degradations of their former masters, they trudge on, indulging in their base desires.

In this installment of Monstrous Pages, Forces of Nature examines giants in all their menace. From their uncertain origins to an overview of their strange beliefs and behaviors, in these pages you will find everything you need to let loose these brutes to stomp across your campaign. This entry also expands on giants by providing customization options and abhorrent new breeds. Read on and create nasty, brutish, and gigantic encounters your players will soon not forget.

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Born to Kill: Victims of the Demon Lord

For many centuries, orcs were the backbone of the Empire’s military might. They were also possibly its greatest liability, with resentment constantly brewing within the orc ranks at being treated as slaves and expendable pawns, commanded by leaders for whom they had little respect:  weak and cowardly magicians, contemptuous and cruel generals, and effete and capricious nobility. Many warned that one day the orcs would break their chains and shackles, and rise up in fury to seek bloody vengeance against their tormentors.

But the Empire did not heed these warnings. There was always a new threat to fight: beastmen invading across the borderlands, insurrection in the Nine Cities, and the ever-present undead threat from the north. At the very least, the Empire should have prepared for the possibility of an orc uprising, or begun to make some kind of amends for the evils it perpetrated upon the orcs for the sake of its prosperity and security.

Because the terrible day all feared has come, and now the Empire burns.

Born to Kill joins the other installments of the Victims of the Demon Lord by presenting orcs in all their blood-soaked glory. In its pages, you’ll find more information about the orcs’ origins, their place in their world, and how they won their liberation. Furthermore, Born to Kill offers variant character creation rules to produce highly detailed orc characters, as well as a brutal new expert path: the ravager!

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A Glorious Death: A Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

A Glorious Death: Sourcebook for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPGFor centuries, jotun raiders sailed up and down the Empire’s coastlines in their longships, sacking towns and villages as far away as the eastern shores of the Northern Reach. Each raid carried off gold and plunder, slaves and magic to fill the vaults of the jarls, while turning the lands they struck into blackened ruins, the dead left for the crows. As history records, the Empire assembled a great and terrible host to lay waste to the lands of the giants and rid the world of its threat. The imperial hordes spilled south into the frozen wastes, shattered the jotun’s defenses, scattered their enemies, and took prisoners back in chains to serve as the Empire’s slaves.

The conflict cost the jotun dearly. Nearly three-quarters of their population died in the fighting or were dragged off to be warped into orcs. Although starvation, exposure, and disease further winnowed their numbers, the survivors vowed vengeance. They endured during the first terrible years following the devastation and eventually rebuilt their holdfasts and longhouses, crafted new ships, forged weapons and armor, and increased their numbers over the following generations in preparation for renewing their war against humankind.

Like other supplements for Shadow of the Demon Lord, A Glorious Death zooms in on one region of the continent and lays bare its secrets. This book explores a stretch of cold, inhospitable land known as the frozen wastes. Like the Desolation, many in the Empire deem it uninhabitable by all but the hardiest people, and thus the most powerful nation on Rûl has made little effort to tame any of this territory. Other obstacles to civilization are the indigenous jotun, people with the blood of giants flowing through their veins; strange monsters birthed in the cloying darkness under the mountains; and the sense that dark, strange gods watch over all that happens here.

Everything described in this book is optional and might not be appropriate for all campaigns. If you’re a player, discuss using this material with your Game Master. If you’re a GM, you can drop the setting information into any world you use, adapting the content to suit your needs.

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