In Plain Sight | Victims of the Demon Lord

In Plain Sight reintroduces the ferren ancestry by building on the information found in the Demon Lord’s Companion.

That Will Do: Unspeakable Things

Demon Pigs have overrun the Folded Lands

Scumbag's Guide to Scrapbridge: Punkapocalyptic RPG

A perfect expansion to one of the downright dirtiest, ugliest post-apocalyptic tabletop RPGs, The Scumbag’s Guide to Scrapbridge is filled with charming writing and evocative art.

Mother of Destruction | Unspeakable Things for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

The monster a manifestation of masculine desire and the ruin that loneliness, alienation, and unanswered appetite can bring

Paths of Conflict | Paths of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Paths of Conflict presents a selection of weapon-focused expert paths that will help you achieve glory in Shadow of the Demon Lord.