You Will Feel a Slight Pinch | Villains of the Demon Lord for Shadow of the Demon Lord

You Will Feel a Slight Pinch introduces a new and sinister villain to the world of Demon Lord, one who poses incredible danger to the good people of Gateway and, perhaps, the lands beyond: Doctor Touch.

Paths of Iron | Paths of Shadow | Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Paths of Iron introduces a set of expert and master paths that focus on iron and steel. The bulwark masters forging armor and bestowing on it special properties, while the fae scourge seizes upon faeries’ innate aversion to the metal and develops combat techniques to exploit iron’s influence on them. With the options presented in this supplement, your character can take the steps along the iron road.

White Out: An Expert Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord

White Out presents a challenging adventure for a group of expert characters trapped in a dangerous place where they must wait out a blizzard. The adventure ends when the storm abates, preferably with the various mysteries solved and the threat hidden among them and the other survivors neutralized. Although set in the Blasted Lands, you can adapt this adventure for any setting during a harsh winter season.

The Amok for Punkapocalyptic RPG

The Amok presents a new faction of foes for your teams to fight in the Wasteland in Punkapocalyptic the RPG.

In Plain Sight | Victims of the Demon Lord

In Plain Sight reintroduces the ferren ancestry by building on the information found in the Demon Lord’s Companion.