An Accursed Trio

Vault of the Demon Lord

An Accursed Trio | Vault of the Demon Lord

An Accursed Trio

Vault of the Demon Lord for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

Venturing deeper into the Demon Lord’s vault, we find a trio of accursed relics, items of eldritch power that beset those who seek to possess them. Such items would be best lost and forgotten, such is their capacity for ruin. Yet for all the dangers they pose, each relic described below has a sinister appeal to those who crave power at any cost.

The first relic is the dreaded Endblade, a sword forged by the trolls to lay waste to their immortal foes. Although it has been lost for thousands of years, its legacy lives on and has led many treasure hunters to their deaths while seeking its final resting place.

The devilish dagger known as Fate Stealer comes next. An item of recent vintage, it could be blamed for the collapse of the Empire, if the stories can be believed.

Finally, the Jester’s Cap makes practically anything possible, at the price of the wearer’s sanity, and perhaps the survival of the world.

An Accursed Trio reveals new relics for Shadow of the Demon Lord that serve as rewards for groups exploring the lands of Rûl and also shed light on the world and its secrets. Whether used as treasure or threats, these relics are a perfect addition to any Demon Lord campaign.

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