Hell on the Homestead: Mission 3

A PunkApocalyptic: The RPG Mission for Expert Mercs

Hell on the Homestead: Mission 3 for Punkapocalyptic the RPG

Paradise is what you make it…or how you burn it.

You don’t need me to tell you that everything falls apart. In cracked old books and half-corrupted vid pods, old white-hairs called it “entropy” and then babbled on about laws of thermal-something-or-other.

We just call it “everything’s going to shit.”

This is one of those going-to-shit stories. Or, instead, it’s the setup and payoff for you to create your flavor of going-to-shit-story.

Hell on the Homestead starts with Nowhere. This aptly named settlement is nestled away amid some craggy bit of land, just enough off the beaten path to evade notice—at least at first. Nowhere makes a perfect base of operations or occasional sanctuary for a group of mercs. Sure, it has its challenges, but for the most part, the folk are relatively good-natured, usually willing to barter and cooperate with others in wary good faith. Even better, it hides a mini greenstrip garden. Well-watered, full of turnips, beets, and their associated greens, and a steady supply of root vegetables it’s what passes for paradise these days.

But all paradises risk being burned.

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