A Matter of Taste: Mission 2

A PunkApocalyptic: The RPG Mission for Expert Mercs

A Matter of Taste: Mission 2 for Punkapocalyptic the RPG

Revenge is a dish best served on a sesame-seed bun, with a side of fries

Actually, nobody but “Crimson” Carl Culver says that, but since he’s the driver behind this mission, his shitty opinion gets top billing. This one is for expert-level characters, which is kind of a joke, ’cause the only things “expert-level” characters are expert at in PunkApocalyptic are taking dumps, killing things, and presumably avoiding dirt-naps—at least so far, that is. We’re gonna throw some nasty gribblies at your PCs, ones that’d otherwise make paste outta lower-level pukes, lest they didn’t just drop dead first from sheer fucking fright.

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