Downright Nasty: Mission 1

A PunkApocalyptic: The RPG Mission for Novice Mercs

Downright Nasty: Mission 1 for Punkapocalyptic the RPG

Get ready to bust up the protestors, take out the organizers, and settle things down

Life for the poor bastards dragging nets through the stinking waters of Lower Septic Tank is hard. Sucks dead donkey balls. Sure, those fuckers voluntarily signed up for sifting through the shit-stinking bog for the ever-elusive but always-in-high-demand megatroutasses, but the nasty work is backbreaking, thankless, and doesn’t pay a whole lot since the assholes in Upper Septic Tank control the means of production in this charming community east of Scrapbridge. What this hellhole does offer is job security, a place to live, and enough commodities for people to scrape by. And, you know what? If some snooty fisher decides they don’t want to go trawling anymore, they can go find work elsewhere. Right? Right.

Well, this ain’t how the Low Tankers see it, these days at least.

Downright Nasty sees the team sent into Lower Septic Tank to restore some semblance of order to the pissed-off mobs that just want their lives to be a little less shitty. While down in the reeking depths, the mercs discover there’s a bit more going on. The mission ends when the mercs manage to put Septic Tank’s “house” in order or die trying.

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