Heart of the Machine God

Legacy of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG

A god, made not born. The Machine God.

There seems to be no shortage of trouble in the lands of Rûl, but the latest blight that has everyone talking involves a creeping madness that has spread across the Empire and beyond. At first it was dismissed as yet another malady of the mind afflicting an isolated few, but as the number of victims grows, concern has spread and now even the House of Healing has taken steps to isolate this new and terrible catastrophe. The victims, having mutilated themselves or their loved ones, speak of an entity in alternating tones of horrific revulsion and beatific desire. They say it snatches souls from the afterlife and lashes them to yokes of ticking gears and spinning cogs. They say its so-called children revere and revile it, hate and adore it. They call it a god. A new god. Not born, but made. Made like them. The Machine God.

Heart of the Machine God reveals a sinister new threat to the Empire’s ruins, one that infects clockworks and others alike, making them willing thralls to a monstrous entity that creeps across the land.

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